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Jesus is changing me. How about you?

Woe to me! I am not yet broken!

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Take me to a place where the Lord is Glorified!  Push my face through darkness, that I might find a glimmer of light.  Pierce my eardrum through that all I hear is Your voice O’ Lord of Life!  Your words, alone, are truth and life.  Mangle my hands with the beautiful works of God.  For these fingers have touched the tools of cross building.  Break my legs for they cause my feet to stray.  Fill my belly with emptiness while my soul feeds well.  And lock my mind away in the tower of God.  How beautiful it is to suffer loss for the sake of the One who made me.  Peace to You, O’ Jesus!  May Your throne see the peace before sin once again.  God is Great and Greatly to be praised.

What has been done by this pittiful man with a pittiful body should never be spoken in the Great assembly.  But what God has done in this body of His creating, should be spoken for eternity.  You alone are righteous, Soverign Father!  There is none like You.  Yet I waste away in my private war.  Glory to You for the touch of your Mercy!  Ah!  Open these blind eyes, for they see men as sticks! 

Glorious is the Lord, Most High!  The consuming fire that makes His throne, no man has seen.  Oh how Your children long to see!

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

November 16, 2010 at 10:23 am

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