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I woke up this afternoon thinking that perhaps I had been too harsh or forward about God and His words.  I remembered chiding a young man in a Christian chat room for coming on to the women.  His response was a series of question marks.  Apparently, he didn’t see what was wrong.  What are we doing?  And who are we becoming?  If we remark that a man’s behavior in a Christian chat isn’t godly and we receive a raised eyebrow, what are we as a people of God?  And why should I feel a twinge of guilt for standing up for what is right? 

What amazes me most lately is how I feel bad for talking about God all the time.  What are we doing, that we have become a people who are shamed for speaking about the One who made us for just that very purpose?  If this is the state of affairs today (and the prospects of improving toward God are blazingly bleak), what will tomorrow become?  Indeed, what are we becoming?

By His Grace


Written by buttermilk80

September 29, 2010 at 7:37 am

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