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The “Ex-Christian”

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To all you who think you were once a christian and have thought yourself to have walked away from the faith.  I give you a happy thumbs up.  Congratulations!  You’ve succeeded in doing the impossible.    Point is, if you were really a part of the body of Christ, you would never walk away. 

Now this offers you both depression and hope.  Depression because you defame the name of Christ and offer injury to the body of Christ by your confession of failure.  You will certainly answer for such remarks just as any enemy of God will do.  If this doesn’t depress you, don’t worry.  It will when you stand before Him on that day.   And, besides, why should we think any injury to Christ would worry a non-christian?

And this offers hope to you (that if you think you left christianity, you were never a part of it) because you have not turned from Christ Jesus.  You likely never turned to Him in the first place.  Open to you is all of heaven if you will humble yourself and learn from Him.  It’s up to you.  He offers. 

One more tiny word regarding this “ex-christian” idea.  It seems to me that this trend is becoming fashionable.  Much like some kind of third rate movie star proclaiming some supposed great philosophical or political point.  How useless can a person’s lips become?  They mouth great things they have no knowledge about and thereby make themselves apparent as fools.  Isn’t it bad enough that we are fools compared to the wisdom of God?  Do we gotta tell everyone?

Additional post:  I had a comment regarding this post in which the author  mentioned my ignorance.  It is very true that I am ignorant of 60 billion things (and possibly a whole lot more).  I rarely post the scriptures I get my information from.  And I often get people responding by posting that scripture that applies to what I am saying.  I think it is good for people to hunt in the Bible to support or nullify what I’ve posted. 

To call me ignorant because of this post, however, shows again how correct this post was.  Not only does the one who calls me ignorant offend because we are not to accuse anyone of being a fool, but they also offend because they show their lack of Biblical knowledge.    There is a clear text or two which pointedly addresses this topic.  Hunt and you will find it.  And perhaps when you do find that text, you will understand the possibilities of those who say they are “Ex-Christians”.  I encourage you to test what I’ve said here.  And if, in the course of things, I am proven wrong I will step down from what I’ve posted.  Will you do the same if I’m proved right?

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

September 29, 2010 at 7:39 am

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