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The Easter Basket

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There was a family of 6 children. On Easter morning the parents had the children sit on the floor of the living room. One by one, from the oldest to the youngest, they brought out each basket and gave it to the children. When they got to the little one, who was 3 years old, they acted as though they had delivered them all. The little one’s face told the story of suprise mixed with building anxiety. Then dad, not wanting to cause tears, said he thought there was something else left. Mom replied that she didn’t think so. But she would go check. When she brought out the little one’s basket he screamed loud and long with such joy that it couldn’t be contained. I was there to witness this and am still amazed at the joy I witnessed.

This beauty of joy is remarkable in a child. And all would smile and nod with approval. “It is appropriate and good that a child should act this way.” But I have seen such a thing happen to an adult, many adults. To my shame I remember meeting such people who were so in love with Jesus that they couldn’t contain their words. I remember how irritated I would become as they let go the flood of their experiences and joy. Though I sensed that they meant well, I reserved my acceptance because they were not able to control their tongue.

And now, I find I am one of them. Regardless how I try I can no longer see any value to the things men speak so highly about. Among the baubles of desire the world holds out is a thing called social restraint. The term refers to knowing what and when to speak in such a manner as to not offend the hearer. Offend? Yes, offend Paul.

Now I know that those who trust Jesus as their Lord would gladly put up with such a clamor of joy when it is delivered from the pulpit, or constrained to an hour or so of religious meeting. But to receive this from a man on a continual basis? The world would call such behavior an obsession. And they treat such a man with a certain lovely contempt that defys definition. “We simply don’t talk about such things in another man.” After all, it’s not his fault that he’s not stable.

I saw this in myself as it developed. And, knowing how I treated such people, I knew I was being talked about. But I kept coming to the same conclusion: When the dawn breaks and God’s people move from the day of judgment into the peace of eternity, what will be the topic of the moment, every moment? I will leave it to the reader to judge what is right. Should we not leap with abandon at our salvation? And should we let the world tell us how much leaping is acceptable? Thank the Lord you serve that such people don’t act like David 24/7. Leaping, dancing, and yelling praise in the public square while dressed in nothing but underwear. And what would be the power of the Church today if all His people acted thus?


Written by buttermilk80

September 29, 2010 at 8:40 am

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