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Vain Superstitions

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We are not called to frolic in the guestimations of the world regarding the Holiness of God.  We are called to join with Him in implementing His will among men.  While men make guesses regarding end times, the “Way”, the nature of Jesus’ salvation and glorification, God remains steady and sure.  He does not shift or change according to the limited understanding of man’s wicked contrivings regarding Holy.  God is.  And it is enough for us to live by the faith He gives each one of us.

Cease your constant wandering and rest.  It is God who works His will in His people.  Do not be swayed by all kinds of foolish words with which man builds his kingdoms.  They speculate about what is true.  It is God’s domain to KNOW what is true.  The one who follows Jesus will lay aside all this foolishness and pick up what is absolute.  God is willing to share wisdom to anyone who will ask.  And He will share this vast resource without judgment of any man’s history or bend toward wickedness.  Only, let us not give in to believing all the short sighted superstitions the world begs us to endure.  Hold firmly to Jesus and the truth He reveals.

Let those who will chase after vain knowledge; knowledge that is puffed up by the mind and wicked heart of man.  It is not the lot of Christians to cave to the foolish of the world around them who do not know the Lord of Glory.

By His Grace.


Dear World

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Dear World:

I see that you are becoming upset at the current state of your ways.  You witness happenings around you that you consider negative toward your desires.  One might even say that you are pondering your current plight with perplexity.  You want your way with all things as you have always wanted them.  And you have been duped by the witness of your ancestors.  They have handed down to you a testimony of greed, corruption, idolatry, immorality, drunkenness, lies, murder, and a seeking after every form of pleasure.  I know you’re worried about being able to continue this legacy.  And I know that in your heart you have a deep desire to pass this “freedom” down to your great grand children.

I have bad news for you.  What you are witnessing is real.  Slowly, your ways (as itemized above) are stripping your future from your hands.  You will lose everything you have sought to gain and keep.  And you will shed great tears as your desires are taken from you.  Yet, not all is lost.

I have good news for you.  Jesus stands ready to receive your repentant and contrite heart as you lose your precious sin.  He offers you eternally good things to replace the toys you have invented for yourself.  You will lose all those toys.  But what He offers you will never lose, if you take Him up on His offer.

You are the creation of God.  He has given you a body and soul.  He provided a place for you to live that you might seek Him and find Him and return worship to His Holy Name.  But you chose to desire the work of your own hand.  The door is closing on you now.  I know you can hear the squeek of massive hinges as the Wind of God slowly closes your world around you.  Turn and be healed.   Continue to rebel and die.

By His Grace.

Needless Death, Yours.

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For those who harbor hatred and an unforgiving spirit toward anyone.  We are told that if we don’t forgive we will not be forgiven.  And in the way of hatred toward others, God has demanded that everyone lay down hatred as if it were a branding iron in an unshielded hand.   But you might say, “You don’t know what was done to me”.   I would respond, “You don’t know what you’ve done to God”.  In God’s eyes, there is no such thing as an innocent victim.  We might have been victimized by someone else.  But we’ve done our own brand of damage to what is Holy and eternal.

Since our eternal home is dependent on these two terms, wouldn’t it be wise to consider the outcome of selfishness?   Jesus will offer forgiveness till your last breath.  After that you will be held accountable for your own actions.  Accepting His gift now will avoid a needless death; yours.

By His Grace.

Earthly Trials We Deserve.

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There is a place a man purchases.  For most these places are many.  We forsake the Lord’s commands and reap the situations such forsaking spawn.  A thief, for instance, might well have forsaken the Lord’s command regarding stealing.  When he is caught and punished, it is not likely the Lord will remove the punishment.  Each of us must encounter the results of what we have done in this world.  If we lie to someone and are caught later, we will need to endure the fruit of that sin.

Shall we say that the Lord has forsaken me because I forsook His commands?  No.  Though we are standing trial for treason, we may still have Him by our side.  He will never leave us.  Isn’t that the promise?  Yet He made no promise that everything we do wrong will find good and favorable things at the accomplishment of their end.  He has promised help to do what is right.  But sometimes we must encounter the results of our wrong doing.

What shall we think, then , if we are about to enter a period of troubles of our own making?  Face them.  Enter as a Child of the King.  Humble yourself under the hand of justice and accept what is coming.  It was you who built it.  It will be you who endures the punishment.  He will not leave you during these trials.  But He warned you before you committed the act for which you now pay.

Above all, remember, the Lord of Life is perfect.  Perfectly merciful, perfectly just, perfectly powerful, yet He demands an accounting.  It is no good mark in your favor for receiving the punishment you are encountering.  After all it’s the result of your wrong doing.  But there is a blessing which will help you encounter this punishment with humility and wisdom.  Take what is offered by your God during these times and bear the punishment as a willing participant.  If anything can be redeemed, it is that you will accept God’s will in regard to sin.

By His Grace.

Man is Not Animal.

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A dog does what a dog does.  A rabbit, likewise, does what a rabbit does.  Fish do what they were meant to do.  And so it goes through out all God’s creation.  Oh, we can train them to do a few tricks.  But in the end, they are just a dog, rabbit, and a fish.  They obey what God has made them to do.  But what of man?

From the fall of Adam till now, and till God does away with everything wicked, man has hated his Creator.  There have been very few who earnestly desired to please Him.  The vast population of earth has openly hated their God.  I look around me and marvel at how openly man hates God’s name and ways.  And I am perplexed even at the sinful nature in myself which wishes to live without God.

What shall be said regarding man?  Hasn’t it already been said?  The verdict of guilty has ben rendered on all men.  The only way out is the forgiveness of Jesus.  Man is not animal.  God demands that all men turn back to their Creator.  There’s no room for debate about this.  You might debate what I just said, but God doesn’t. 

By His Grace.

You Can’t Get There From Here.

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If we walk across a field, we do so by taking one step at a time.  Once we have taken one step, it’s impossible to take it back.  Even if we put our foot back in the same print we came from, we’re not there where we were.  Time has moved on.  We’ve taken a few breaths.  Our eyes have seen things differently.  And we’ve heard that bird chirp while our foot was in it’s new spot.  We have become that new step.  And going back is only going to make us become the one who went back one step. 

This is true of our walk with the Lord also.  When He has shown us a better way, we become one who has been shown.  Doesn’t this sound simple?  And isn’t it like us to think we can go back a little while “serving” the Lord?  But we can never go back.

Many have looked into the Gospel enough to learn that it is going to be a very hard road to follow.  They decided they would just go back as though they had never known about the Truth of God.  But in their going back, they never go back.  They live a lie.  They saw something new.  They tasted the Lord’s way.  They are no longer blind to the Truth.  This is why we are warned so often about falling away.  There is a harsh penalty to pay for those who taste the goodness of God and still chose to live in sin. 

I present this for careful consideration.  If you still read this, you’re still here.  You might have tasted a few things about God.  But you haven’t yet seen His Face.  This is what makes us different from satan.  He was with the Lord of Life, and stood in His very presence.  Yet he chose to rebel.  What was his condemnation is in our favor.  Turn to Him that you might learn to walk in His ways.  Humble yourself before the Lord and seek His forgiveness. 

By His Grace.

Written by buttermilk80

February 23, 2011 at 10:39 pm

Walking as Dead

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You have strayed from what is right and run after all kinds of evil.  Your body is wrapped in addictions.  Your mouth is full of cursings and wicked words.  And you think there is no longer any hope for you.

Yet there is hope.  There is no need for you to wander in this darkness any longer.  I testify that I too was encased in all these things.  I too was a fool.  I did things, said things, thought things, and chased after every manner of evil.  But it was Jesus who set me free to stand before The Father with confidence and a clean mind and heart. 

People speak of forgiveness as though it were a “pie in the sky” dream.  I tell you it is real!  When you come to Jesus there is a true transformation which takes place.  Though it’s not an over night experience, you will find evil slip away from you. If you will remain with Him, He will transform you into His desire.  No longer will you chase after evil.  You will begin to desire what is good.  He will teach you what you should do. 

There is absolutely no lie in what I’ve just said.  I testify as one who has been set free of evil.  Though I am still a man and stumble around a bit, it is His leading that will bring me into God’s presence clean and justified.  God is the Judge.  God is the One who forgives through Jesus.  It is God who will lift you up from death to life.  All men and women walk as dead in this world until they are set into The Life by Jesus. 

By His Grace.