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Dear World

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Dear World:

I see that you are becoming upset at the current state of your ways.  You witness happenings around you that you consider negative toward your desires.  One might even say that you are pondering your current plight with perplexity.  You want your way with all things as you have always wanted them.  And you have been duped by the witness of your ancestors.  They have handed down to you a testimony of greed, corruption, idolatry, immorality, drunkenness, lies, murder, and a seeking after every form of pleasure.  I know you’re worried about being able to continue this legacy.  And I know that in your heart you have a deep desire to pass this “freedom” down to your great grand children.

I have bad news for you.  What you are witnessing is real.  Slowly, your ways (as itemized above) are stripping your future from your hands.  You will lose everything you have sought to gain and keep.  And you will shed great tears as your desires are taken from you.  Yet, not all is lost.

I have good news for you.  Jesus stands ready to receive your repentant and contrite heart as you lose your precious sin.  He offers you eternally good things to replace the toys you have invented for yourself.  You will lose all those toys.  But what He offers you will never lose, if you take Him up on His offer.

You are the creation of God.  He has given you a body and soul.  He provided a place for you to live that you might seek Him and find Him and return worship to His Holy Name.  But you chose to desire the work of your own hand.  The door is closing on you now.  I know you can hear the squeek of massive hinges as the Wind of God slowly closes your world around you.  Turn and be healed.   Continue to rebel and die.

By His Grace.


The Deer

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I watched helpless yesterday, as three dogs killed a deer on the other side of  the rushing water.  No sticks to throw.  No voice loud enough to drive them off.  No stones on the muddy bank to throw.  No gun.  And, in the end, there was no hope for the deer as she thrashed bellowing like a bear.  In a short time she would be no more.  And by the time I had arrived her legs had become useless.  Nothing I could have done would change her situation.   I ponder her fate.  How horrible to end her graceful life at the teeth of such ravaging. 

Now I ponder my own future when I too will encounter my last moments.  As all men will do.  Will I have lived for the Glory of He who never dies again?  What pain He endured at the hands of hateful men.  And He did it for us all.  Will I embrace my certain time as He? 

This Deer might have been food on the table of a hunter.  If the circumstances of her death were different.  And yet, look.  How has her death become a testimony for all of us.  Without her terror, this post would never had become.  Now we are left with a ponderous task.  Shall we pitty her and forget her in a moment as we go about our day’s tasks?   Or will we allow that her death impact us toward God’s throne.  May the Lord allow that her testimony of life entering death become a reminder to us that we too are bound for the same place.  And yet we are man, we are not animal.  We make choices.  She could not but obey.  And what is there in your life which the Lord might use to wake you from slumber?  Surely there are more testimonies regarding death.  This whole world yells out the message of God: “I made you that you might seek My face.  Look around you and listen to what is before you.  You will soon come to Me and receive the reward of your life.  What do you say regarding My Son?”

Lord, give me strength to see Your way.  I wish to do Your Holy will for the sake of Your Holy name.  Glorify Yourself in this man.  My time is surely coming.  And I, like all men, have never been to that place.  We are like grass in our way.  And You have determined the end of our days here.  This is a place of testing.  May I move through this place with the power of Your Glorious hand.  May Your Will be done forever.

By His Grace.

Written by buttermilk80

March 7, 2011 at 4:43 am

Earthly Trials We Deserve.

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There is a place a man purchases.  For most these places are many.  We forsake the Lord’s commands and reap the situations such forsaking spawn.  A thief, for instance, might well have forsaken the Lord’s command regarding stealing.  When he is caught and punished, it is not likely the Lord will remove the punishment.  Each of us must encounter the results of what we have done in this world.  If we lie to someone and are caught later, we will need to endure the fruit of that sin.

Shall we say that the Lord has forsaken me because I forsook His commands?  No.  Though we are standing trial for treason, we may still have Him by our side.  He will never leave us.  Isn’t that the promise?  Yet He made no promise that everything we do wrong will find good and favorable things at the accomplishment of their end.  He has promised help to do what is right.  But sometimes we must encounter the results of our wrong doing.

What shall we think, then , if we are about to enter a period of troubles of our own making?  Face them.  Enter as a Child of the King.  Humble yourself under the hand of justice and accept what is coming.  It was you who built it.  It will be you who endures the punishment.  He will not leave you during these trials.  But He warned you before you committed the act for which you now pay.

Above all, remember, the Lord of Life is perfect.  Perfectly merciful, perfectly just, perfectly powerful, yet He demands an accounting.  It is no good mark in your favor for receiving the punishment you are encountering.  After all it’s the result of your wrong doing.  But there is a blessing which will help you encounter this punishment with humility and wisdom.  Take what is offered by your God during these times and bear the punishment as a willing participant.  If anything can be redeemed, it is that you will accept God’s will in regard to sin.

By His Grace.


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I read many blogs from people who are depressed.  Some are considered clinical in their depression.  To all who suffer with depression I have a note:

I too suffered a great period of depression.  Death and self torture were part of my every waking moment.  So why am I able to cope without all that now?  I often read their blogs and consider what made the difference.  I know it was Jesus who lifted me out of that sink hole.  But if I tell that to you, you think to yourself, “He just doesn’t understand.  He’s just another one of those questionably helpful sort”. 

If telling you what Jesus has done for me would help, I’d spend all my time writing.   But I know it won’t help many who are still in it.  I can’t help you.  The medication won’t take it away, it only reduces the symptoms.  Jesus is the answer you’re looking for.  But I can’t make you believe that.   And certainly, the doctors and even the entire world won’t tell you Jesus is the answer.  So why believe me?  Because I testify that He does help the helpless! 

“You will seek me and find me when you look for me with all your heart, and I will be found by you”.  Right now you have nothing.  What have you got to lose by seeking for His help with all your heart?

By His Grace.

Who is This Jesus?

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Who is this Jesus?  He was made heir of all things by the Living God.  He was given the status of Son by the Living God.  He was taught by the Father how to create all that is created.  He has loved righteousness and hated wickedness.  And so He was elevated to the status of God Most High.  He is the radiance of God’s Glory; the exact representation of God.  He is the spoken and speaking Word of God.  Who is this Jesus?

The world thinks of Jesus as a little baby.  And in that form He is conveniently small and insignificant.  Yet that is not the Jesus of God’s understanding.  He is a prophet to some, yet that is not the Jesus of God’s understanding.  He has been with the Father from the beginning and will remain with Him forever.  He is the redeemer of men; causing them to become holy as the Father is Holy.  Yet the world sees Him as a nuisance. 

We will see Him as the One who endured GREAT pain for the sake of His Father’s will.  When we see Him, He will be dressed in absolute Glory.  For now many see Jesus as an irritation.  On the Day of God’s Wrath, we will see Him as He is.  No longer will men doubt.  No longer will they rail against righteousness.  No longer will they kill, maim, chide, and relegate God’s people to obscurity. 

The wicked will perish like a ball of cotton in an intense flame.  They will scream with terror at the prospect of their fate.  And they will hate Jesus with an eternal hatred.  I do not wish anyone to endure what is coming for the wicked.  Please consider what He is.  Consider with a great trembling.  You are about to meet your maker.  His name is Jesus.

By His Grace.

The Next “New”

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The whole world strains after a brand of peace and joy.  It’s as though they peer over the edge of a railing.  Wide eyed and full of anticipation, they look forward to the next “new”.  Yet when it comes is their heart satisfied?  Let’s say the next new gadget comes out on the market, or the next sequel of their favorite movie.  Is there a deep satisfaction when they get to spend time with their next “new”? 

Let’s be clear here, I was once part of that straining.  I too sought for that peace and joy in the things I could experience.  I too complained about the laws of God.  It seemed to me that the only thing God wanted was to destroy my straining for peace and joy.  And that “seeming” proved to be right.  God did, and still does, want to destroy that temporary peace and joy I so longed for.  And in it’s place He gave me a peace and joy that lasts.  This peace He gives is the very essence of joy.

How I long to share that joyful peace with those who still strain over the railing.  I know they won’t understand what I’m talking about.  Just as I hated even the mention of God and Jesus, they hate Them too.  How do I plead that they will respond?  What words or actions can I say or do that they will consider the lasting peace of God?

Billy Graham has spoken millions of words about that peace.  The whole world has heard of his name.  But where is the great throng which turned from sin to embrace God’s ways?  Sadly, there are few who truly embraced his message.  So words won’t change the world.  Those beautiful words did change thousands of lives.  But there remains millions who still strain.

Mother Teresa did many things in the name of her God, my God.  And her name is known by the world in a powerful way.  But I’ve heard my fellow drunks speak of her name with reverence and contempt.  She worked tirelessly to provide for the poor.  She did what she could to show the message of peace and joy which comes from God.   But where it the great throng which turned from sin to embrace God’s ways?  Sadly, there are few who truly embrace her message.  So actions won’t change the world.  Those beautiful deeds did change thousands of lives.  But there remains millions who still strain.

All God’s children hunger for you.  They have something precious to share.  Please give the message of the Cross a serious consideration.  I testify as one who has been transformed from worldly to godly by the power of that Cross.  You can too.  And I tell you a truth; the peace I found in Jesus is absolutely marvelous!

 By His Grace.

Written by buttermilk80

February 1, 2011 at 7:08 am

Holy Fire.

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Fire, meant to purify

All that my works just cannot buy.

If it’s gold I seek, I testify,

Through heat of trials my faith He’ll try.

He is the fire; that consuming Flame.

And Glory to His Holy Name!

Before His Throne we all will stand.

Shall He accept from a filthy hand?

I need His burning hand anew.

I pray you let Him burn you too.

By His Grace.

Written by buttermilk80

January 31, 2011 at 3:08 pm