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Allowing Time for Change.

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We all have someone in our life who we would love to see grow in maturity, or experience the freedom found in Christ Jesus, or take responsibility for their own actions, or even forgive an offence.    This desire to see positive growth in that loved one is a good thing.  No doubt, in that desire is found everything “good”.  There are even places in each one of us which might draw that same desire for ourselves.  “Oh, I so wish I could just…………….”. 

Will you permit me to ask a really hard question?   What serious change, or radical change, has ever come upon anyone over night?  Oh, there might be realizations that change our direction.  But the really concrete change (so as to never go back) happens slowly.  First we realize we have a problem.  Then we try on different fixes like a child tries on daddy’s shoes.  And finally we find what we know will solve the problem.  But it’s at the last point where we realize how absolutely huge and difficult change is going to be.

Even coming to Jesus with a problem we find the same three increments: realize, try variations, come to grip with the real fix.  Our lives are slow, yet hopefully sure, steps toward what we know is “good”.  I post this because I see a whole lot of people kind of stuck in a mire of doubt and inability.  I absolutely know that Jesus is the answer to any problem you might have going on.  But there’s an element of natural progress that must be embraced.

When we see someone we want to change toward what is “good”, what are we expecting?  If we expect them to just “Get with the program”, we’re bound to be disappointed.  Look at yourself.  What are you expecting?  Since even we can’t change over night, why do we expect it from others?  And what might the first signs of change look like?  The person we are focusing on, whether someone else or ourselves, is already dysfunctional in some manner.  Do we expect the first signs of wellness to appear void of this dysfunctional behavior?

This is what forgiveness is all about.  Openning the door to the sickness. so that when we see change we are willing to embrace it.   And this is why it is said that Jesus offers the fix to our problem.  His forgiveness and teaching are sure, real, and effective.  Let yourself receive forgiveness from Him.  Let yourself receive forgiveness from yourself.  Offer that same forgiveness to others.  This is the beginning of healing for everyone, even YOU.  Put on patience and love as if you were going to a stately dinner.  Wear patience for yourself.  Love without regard to who needs it.  This is the key to healing from wounds too deep to touch.

By His Grace.


Concrete Man

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My feet plod along through this withering wind.

And my body is perched top them both.

There is stealth to my way which few comprehend.

But I promise you now with an oath.

If you’ve met this new that I’ve come to be,

Then you’ve stood near the One who is true.

Though my skin and my words are how you see me, 

The One who gives rest is near you.

I carry His word and His promises strong.

Though the wind around me shoves hard.

He has given me power to move forward headlong.

He has made much more than a card.

By His Grace.

Written by buttermilk80

March 7, 2011 at 10:32 am

God’s Voice

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The Sovereign God of Glory,

if He spoke one word to you.

You would wither and die.

So He remains at a distance for your sake.

No man can bear the weight of guilt he has.

How’s that for patience.

When He spoke, the entire universe came to be.

How’s that for eloquence.

When He spoke to the Israelites, the mountain shook.

And fire consumed the top.

How’s that for power.

Yet see how much He loves you;

For He now speaks a barely audible whisper to His children.

How’s that for Grace.

Yet, when He speaks next in His normal voice to all which is created,

The entire creation will burn with a heat enough to melt the elements.

How’s that for finality.

Got ears on your head?

Got eyes in your head?

Got common sense about you?

Choose Jesus before the Father speaks, “Go”.

Thunder, lightning, smoke, and immediacy will ensue.

By His Grace.

Written by buttermilk80

March 6, 2011 at 4:04 am

What Have We Learned?

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What have we learned?  Jesus, even Jesus desired that the cup of trial might be taken from Him.  Yet what did He say?  “Yet, not my will but Yours be done”.  What have we learned?  Even Paul the Apostle said that he had learned to give thanks, praise, and glory to God during every situation.  And that he had even learned to be content in times of trouble.  And we read that Paul had encountered many seriously threatening situations for the name of Jesus.  What have we learned?

Are you floundering in troubles that you can’t fix and do not understand?  Get up and get on your knees before the Most High God.  What have we learned?  What was Job’s response to terror and loss?   He praised God as the One who had every right to take what He had given.  What have we learned?

Have we learned to do these things?  Or are we still only going to nod yes to the words we read.   Many read about the appropriate response to troubles.  But when it comes their turn, they revert to selfish sorrow.  We are not called to be victims.  We are called to be warriors in God’s army.  When a soldier goes in to battle he doesn’t consider himself a victim.  Nor should God’s people consider themselves slaughtered.  That soldier will swing his sword till there is no strength left, for that is what he is called and trained to do.  God’s people also should perform as a Holy family when they are called upon to lift their heads in suffering.

To have learned something is to be able and willing to do it.  Reading about it and looking back over the history of others will do you no good if you can’t find that same strength now.  Look, if you are having troubles praising God in your plight, at least give God the Glory He deserves.  Soon you will find the strength to stand in this battle you’ve been sent to encounter.  His promise is that He will lift you up.  Look to Him and give Him praise.

By His Grace.

Written by buttermilk80

March 2, 2011 at 5:48 am

Earthly Trials We Deserve.

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There is a place a man purchases.  For most these places are many.  We forsake the Lord’s commands and reap the situations such forsaking spawn.  A thief, for instance, might well have forsaken the Lord’s command regarding stealing.  When he is caught and punished, it is not likely the Lord will remove the punishment.  Each of us must encounter the results of what we have done in this world.  If we lie to someone and are caught later, we will need to endure the fruit of that sin.

Shall we say that the Lord has forsaken me because I forsook His commands?  No.  Though we are standing trial for treason, we may still have Him by our side.  He will never leave us.  Isn’t that the promise?  Yet He made no promise that everything we do wrong will find good and favorable things at the accomplishment of their end.  He has promised help to do what is right.  But sometimes we must encounter the results of our wrong doing.

What shall we think, then , if we are about to enter a period of troubles of our own making?  Face them.  Enter as a Child of the King.  Humble yourself under the hand of justice and accept what is coming.  It was you who built it.  It will be you who endures the punishment.  He will not leave you during these trials.  But He warned you before you committed the act for which you now pay.

Above all, remember, the Lord of Life is perfect.  Perfectly merciful, perfectly just, perfectly powerful, yet He demands an accounting.  It is no good mark in your favor for receiving the punishment you are encountering.  After all it’s the result of your wrong doing.  But there is a blessing which will help you encounter this punishment with humility and wisdom.  Take what is offered by your God during these times and bear the punishment as a willing participant.  If anything can be redeemed, it is that you will accept God’s will in regard to sin.

By His Grace.

Can God Murder?

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Many consider God at fault because they were hurt by the death of a loved one.   “It’s God’s fault he’s dead”.  “I hate Him”.  “I’m angry at God for taking . . . . . .”   And so on.  I don’t want to make fun of the tragedy of losing a loved one.  But there needs to be said that God is good.

How do we balance the loss of our love with a Good God?  Consider what our life is.  He gave us life in this place of testing.  And when He decides to finish our test where do we go?   We go into eternity.  We perceive life here as the end of things.  “I’m alive and I don’t want to die”.  Ok.  But your very life here was a gift from God the Father of Life.  And when He is ready, He brings you into His presence. 

By His Grace.

Written by buttermilk80

February 28, 2011 at 10:57 am

The Banquet is Served.

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Come on in.  Welcome!  I’ve been waiting for you.  I mean YOU!  The one who’s reading this right now.  Welcome!

Sit here.  You look tired.  How is your life of late?  Are you alright?

Allow me to serve please.  It is my great honor.

Here before you are the delicacies of heaven.  Some things will taste a bit strange at first.  But after you get the hang of the taste, you’ll never want the old stuff again. 

Here’s a bowl of forgiveness.  I know, you’ve rarely had much of this.  But don’t worry, it’s a marvelous dish.  What’s that?  Is it made of artificial ingredients?  OH NO!  Never!  This was prepared by the Master Chef.  Everything He used to make it came directly from the Father’s garden.  That’s the pattern of all His food here.

Would you like some guidance?  Ha ha ha.  No, I’ve got no useful advice.  I mean would you like a dish of His guidance.  It’s pure and fresh.  You’ll find it refreshing.

And may I offer you a glass of water?  It’s from the Spring of God.  You’ve never tasted anything like this.  It will well up with in you.  Just a sip and you’ll be more useful than you’ve ever imagined.

I’ll leave you for a moment to enjoy your bounty.  I only ask that you remember it was “He who cannot lie” who has provided everything here.  You are blessed by His Grace as you eat.  Enjoy.  I’ll be back in a little while to see if you need anything more.

By His Grace.

Written by buttermilk80

February 28, 2011 at 9:36 am