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Vain Superstitions

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We are not called to frolic in the guestimations of the world regarding the Holiness of God.  We are called to join with Him in implementing His will among men.  While men make guesses regarding end times, the “Way”, the nature of Jesus’ salvation and glorification, God remains steady and sure.  He does not shift or change according to the limited understanding of man’s wicked contrivings regarding Holy.  God is.  And it is enough for us to live by the faith He gives each one of us.

Cease your constant wandering and rest.  It is God who works His will in His people.  Do not be swayed by all kinds of foolish words with which man builds his kingdoms.  They speculate about what is true.  It is God’s domain to KNOW what is true.  The one who follows Jesus will lay aside all this foolishness and pick up what is absolute.  God is willing to share wisdom to anyone who will ask.  And He will share this vast resource without judgment of any man’s history or bend toward wickedness.  Only, let us not give in to believing all the short sighted superstitions the world begs us to endure.  Hold firmly to Jesus and the truth He reveals.

Let those who will chase after vain knowledge; knowledge that is puffed up by the mind and wicked heart of man.  It is not the lot of Christians to cave to the foolish of the world around them who do not know the Lord of Glory.

By His Grace.


Needless Death, Yours.

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For those who harbor hatred and an unforgiving spirit toward anyone.  We are told that if we don’t forgive we will not be forgiven.  And in the way of hatred toward others, God has demanded that everyone lay down hatred as if it were a branding iron in an unshielded hand.   But you might say, “You don’t know what was done to me”.   I would respond, “You don’t know what you’ve done to God”.  In God’s eyes, there is no such thing as an innocent victim.  We might have been victimized by someone else.  But we’ve done our own brand of damage to what is Holy and eternal.

Since our eternal home is dependent on these two terms, wouldn’t it be wise to consider the outcome of selfishness?   Jesus will offer forgiveness till your last breath.  After that you will be held accountable for your own actions.  Accepting His gift now will avoid a needless death; yours.

By His Grace.

The Appeal

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I appeal to all men to seek the One who made you.  By the moments I live in His Grace I am becoming more aware of how important it is to learn of Him.  Please consider your days before they fade away from memory.  He has opened His invitation for all men to come to Him.  Jesus has become your entrance into the Holiness of God.  Receive His invitation.  Read of God’s testimony regarding man, The Bible.  Pray for wisdom to know His will.  This Place of Testing is of His design.  You are here and reading this because He has ordained that you live.  And He demands that all men seek His Holy Face while they walk as blind men in this place.

Please.  Please consider your life and His calling.  The judgment is sure and the verdict has already been rendered against all men who do not call on His name by the sacrifice of Jesus.  This is all I have in my hand to do; to make an appeal to you.  It is in your hand to turn to Him or not.  It is your choice.  He will direct anyone who truly desires to serve Him.  “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.  For they shall be filled”.  But woe to those who deny what is rightfully His; obedience.

By His Grace.

Written by buttermilk80

March 7, 2011 at 5:03 am

It’s a New Day For You!

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When Jesus makes you into a new man or woman, it is a true transformation.  No religion can do what He does with just the touch of  His hand.  “Behold.”, He says softly, “All things are become new”.  Slowly, we realize something has changed.  And step by step He leads us into true righteousness and holiness.  Though we are able to stifle His work, the promise remains for all who receive His gift of eternal life.

What men see in you will not be what you see.  To them, you’re just a fool who thinks he’s better than everyone else.  You’ll begin to speak of heaven far more than your friends.  You’ll begin to revere the name of Jesus, which they take as a curse word.  Those who knew the old you will hide from you.  They will cast you away as if you were yesterday’s garbage.  But you know better.  See, the Kingdom of Heaven has come upon you.

Now, if this is your case, why do you doubt?   Don’t let the blind tell you that you can’t see.  You know better than that.  They will accuse, for that is what your old father (and their present daddy) has done from eternity.  Don’t be dismayed.  You are a new creation. 

By His Grace.

“The Way”

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What shall be said of “The Way”?  The Way is a term God uses to describe how a man must live his life if he is to please his Maker. 

Some say They Way is too hard.  That’s because they don’t want to let go of their self interests.  They are considering their selfish desires as more important than God’s ways.  To them, it is a hard thing to ask them to forgive others.  It is too hard to ask them to be merciful to their enemies.  It is too much to ask them to pray without ceasing.  And it is over their heads to ask them to worship God in Spirit and Truth.  The fact is, such people cannot worship God in Spirit.  For their selfish nature blocks the Spirit’s prompting.  And as for worshiping in truth, they are still living in the Great Lie.  What is truth to such people?

But the one who humbles themself before the Lord will know The Way is easy.  It is not man’s accomplishments that will cause a him to be acceptable before the Lord.  We begin by admitting that we are fools about what is true.  We ask God to show us what Truth is.  And when He shows us, we gladly lay down our foolish ways and spend a great amount of energy adopting that to our mind. 

The Christian is one who has admitted they are not able to please the Lord.  And it must be said that it is the work of Jesus that makes us acceptable.  I’m not talking about the righteousness He brings us to that makes us acceptable.  It is faith in what Jesus did for us when He hung on that “tree” and became our perfect sacrifice.  It is Jesus who has been raised to Godship.  And He alone can make you acceptable before His Father. 

If you’re one of those who think “The Way” is too hard, then you have my pity.  But it doesn’t have to remain like it is for you.  Summon every strength you have to become feeble before the Lord of Life.  This is the beginning of “The Way”.

By His Grace.

Written by buttermilk80

February 23, 2011 at 11:00 pm

Come on in. The Water’s Wonderful.

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To all men, saved and unsaved:

The will of God is being accomplished in heaven and on earth.  All around you, men and women are being transformed into creatures of eternity.  His will is that all who He accepts as “sons” will receive discipline, that they might become “sons” of the Most High God.  And He encourages all men to take from His hand this generous offer. 

Believing in God is not enough.  It is a believing which provokes a willingness to serve Him that God is looking for.  If we believe with a determined leaning toward obedience we begin to learn from Him.  And it is through patient endurance that we learn to obey Him completely. 

The finished work of God in Jesus’ death, and subsequent resurrection, is the entry point to His favor.  In Jesus we find both forgiveness of sins and the power to begin living under God’s will.  You will not find power to please God through religious activity.  

Please consider what God offers.  Count the cost, for it is high.  You will be required to die to all your selfish expectations.  And let us not forget that every one who accepts His gift of forgiveness and leading will be tested.  It is through trials that our faith is proven to be true or false.  There is forgiveness of sins in Jesus’ work for His Father.  And there is leading into the holiness that God requires of all His people.  But it in the testing of our faith that many fall away.  Seek God.  Remain seeking God.  Enter the war as a loyal servant of the Most High God.

By His Grace.

Written by buttermilk80

February 20, 2011 at 11:05 pm

Jesus Stuff.

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I have posted a note to those who flail around in this world caught in all manner of wicked evils.  But there is also a note to be said to all who believe they are righteous folk.  For you, it will be more difficult to humble yourself before God Most High.   For you believe you are acceptable.

To all you who believe you are righteous and have no need of this “Jesus Stuff”.  I ask you a simple question.  Have you ever seen the Glory of God?  Right now, you walk among men and do so by the rules made by men.  You might have even read a “religious” book and learned to do things properly before the eyes of your fellow humans.  You maintain a “good” civil tongue.  And all your actions are to be admired by all men.  But have you ever seen the Glory of the God who made you?

You will stand before Him who cannot lie some day.  And that day is fast approaching.  When you see Him your obedience to society will be NOTHING.   You have done everything man knows to do.  But did you pursue God’s knowledge and will?  Jesus is God’s spoken word.  He knows who His Father is.  And He is able to teach you far more than any written word on earth.   Though even the Bible speaks about Him, it is the Spirit of God you need.  No man will stand on his own before the Most High God. 

Consider, you’ve spoken a lie.  You’ve not done something you know you should have.  You even did something you know you shouldn’t have.  In short, you have sinned.  What will you exchange for what you’ve done?  What do you have that doesn’t already belong to God?  I tell you a truth:  Without Jesus you will not stand at all.  There is not one man or woman who will be able to stand before the Most High God and be accepted by what they have done on their own.

By His Grace.

Written by buttermilk80

February 19, 2011 at 7:43 am