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Jesus is changing me. How about you?


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This is a compilation of many observations I’ve had in my walk with Jesus.  Some are from me and some are from the Lord of Glory Himself.  I can tell you which ones are His, they’re not bland or violent toward my brother humans.  But you can figure it out, if you wish, on your own.


It is my custom to sign all my entries with “By His Grace”.  Though I forget once in a while, I did not forget in this compilation.  Yet, it is of great importance that the reader know none of these entries in my journal are without His Grace.   The simple fact that I have hands to write with proves His Mercy to me.  


You will also find that some grammar has been side stepped.  This is often by design.  Not that I’m a great scholar, but a seriously lousy one.  For instance, satan’s name is only capped when he finds it fortuitous to start a sentence.  Otherwise, he gets no glory at all from me.  In retrospect, I’m upset at myself for using him as a “for instance” here.


I Pray, Father, that every entry entreats the eye employing endividual (shrug shrug  poetic license) to seek You.  And that in that seeking You inspire us all to share our sense of salvation with everyone we know. You are a beautiful God.  And it is a great unspeakable privilege to be called your son.  To the glory of Jesus for the sacrifice extended.  To the glory of the Father for His great love.   By Your Great and Wondrous Grace.


Most High God. All things are yours to own. Eternity belongs to you. You live in peace, righteousness and absolute power. Sin will never tempt you. Nor do you tempt anyone. You ARE perfection. All this is yours. Mine is destruction, both against me and from my hand. One day is mine, then the grave. May I dare to ask you to share your wealth with your enemy. May I too taste eternal peace and righteousness. As for your power, may I too learn to share with my enemies. May I love you. May the blood of your son drench me that you may not see my sin.



Various thoughts:


On the “binding of satan

“. Be careful where you bind him. Do not bind him in your Christian way. Bind him out of your life. Do not use him to justify your sins. The devil cannot force a child of God to do anything.

Digest what you ingest.

To share it with others before it has a chance to change you is to puke up your dinner before it has a chance to give you strength. There is plenty enough of God’s ways to go around. No one starves for lack of meal. As spiritual voyeurs, we sometimes give our meal to others that we may eat vicariously.

Jesus’ death:

His body and his blood were crushed in the winepress of man’s sinful hatred for God’s perfect goodness.

To do a task: 

Each project is diminished as we take the first step toward the end. You have a task too large? Just begin. Soon the end of it will appear. Then it will be as though it never existed.



You cannot kill time without doing injury to eternity.


You cannot out give God. He owns a larger shovel. (Herman Wilson)


The musings of angels are still but the echos of a direct confrontation with the Most High God. Seek farther.

The Judgment to come:

When your time on earth is done your moment of judgment will be at hand. All your days will be gone. No hope of change will remain. What you were at death is sealed forever. In light of this immovable truth, is it too much to ask to strive toward holiness today? Be kind to the person you will be when you stand before the MOST HIGH GOD. Now is the acceptable day of salvation. Now is the time of redemption. Wait and you may perish.


When something bitter must be swallowed, the only way is to force it down.

Your witness: 

“If they cannot see Christ in your work, where can they see HIM? (Spurgeon)


We will be judged for every idle word we speak (Matt. 12: 36). May my tongue reflect an eternal heart.


It is convient to expect that God will throw us away when we fail to live up to His codes of moral authority. This will bring Him down to our level. We tend to abandon what we assume cannot be changed by us. We are limited in both time and resources. God is limited neither by time or resources. He will not quit trying to bring us in line with his High Goals for us.


We say, “were I to have lived in the days of Jesus, I would have followed him.” But we resist his ways because we have not seen them? Have you not seen in your heart? Have you not conceived in your mind? Through hearing the word, have you not seen what the way of the Lord is? So then, “Chose you this day whom you shall serve”.


has admiration for the one who peruses his work with half a heart.


Seeking a title in the church of God? Consider this: Power comes from title, either given or assumed. But God’s people have ONE God, ONE spirit, ONE Baptism. For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. We are all children in His sight. And we have ONE teacher, ONE priest, ONE Father, ONE Creator, ONE Master, ONE Judge. We are different in that God’s creation is “richly colored” (as a rainbow has many colors, it is still one rainbow). Can Red say to blue, I am above you?

Something worth Notice:

God has not allowed that any artifact of Jesus’ life remain after his death. Follow His example: watch that nothing you use becomes more important than Christ to you.


When confronted regarding your sin, do not say, “no one has shown me the way”. The truth is open before you all your days. Truth has nothing to hide.

Something to think on: 

Go looking for pc games and you’ll find quite a few war games. Destruction is the joy of the ages. Look now, at games for children and you’ll find games of education and innocence. Seems we’re being told that when you grow up you’ll be expected to hunger for destruction. There is little doubt that the Internet and computer age is targeting the flesh. Ponderous. What does that do to what Jesus said in Revelation 18: 3-5 Then I heard another voice from heaven say:

“Come out of her, my people,
so that you will not share in her sins,
so that you will not receive any of her plagues;
for her sins are piled up to heaven,
and God has remembered her crimes”.



A thought worth having:

I woke one morning to walk. I had purposed in my heart to seek the One who made me. I sought out His beauty in the people around me. I found it not there. They were telling me of Him, but they were not Him. I took some steps aside from them and looked to the world around me. I found it not there. It told me of the wondrous one I seek. But He was not there. I sought Him in the corners of my soul and my mind. But I found Him not there. I knew of Him and heard of His greatness, but alas, He was not there.

I sat on a stone and cried aloud that I could not find the one who made me. The words and passion of this search grew together and formed a tornado of desire. As it grew it destroyed me from the inside out. All my belongings and desires were sucked from me. Till I sat on my stone with nothing. It was then that a “wee small voice” appeared in my body. ” I have been here with you all along. I have seen you, heard you, walked with you. I have felt your pain and your sorrow. I have been in the midst of your sin and still loved you. I will not leave you, though you leave me. What you seek is here.”

Oh Holy One of God! The Son of the Most High! The Blood shed for me!! The Grace of the Father in Heaven! The God who SEES!!!!!!!! He is near to me. Even in the flesh of my body. He is in the world around me. He is in those near and far from me. This is true and faultless. The question is not where is He. The question is, “Where am I to Him”.



The power of Christ to save:

Without the sacrifice of Jesus covering us, we are an abomination to the Father in Heaven. Whether you believe that or not means nothing. What is truth is truth.

Jesus did not die simply for lack of something to do. He gave His life willingly that all who call upon the Name of Jesus might be saved. Deny Him and you Deny He who sent Him.


With each step appears possibilities and a seal to the step before.


Struggling with Sin:

Do you struggle with God issues in your personal life? Do you think that the struggle proves you are saved? Consider that to struggle with something can be negative as well as a positive statement. I can struggle with as in a war against. But I can struggle with as in to fight with. It is the fruit of our struggle that will prove our salvation. Am I becoming like the One I struggle with? Or is my struggle proving me an enemy of the Cross of Christ.

When God Killed the first born of each creature in Egypt, the curse became VERY personal. Everyone was touched by this curse. Salvation and Eternal curse is a VERY personal situation. NO ONE WILL HIDE OR ESCAPE. “Today, if you will hear His voice: Do not harden your hearts, as in the rebellion, as in the day of trial in the wilderness, when your fathers tested Me . . . So I swore in My wrath, They shall not enter My rest” (Psalm 95: 7-11) “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven” (Matt. 7: 21) Do not be deceived: This is not a dress rehearsal. You will not enter into His rest if your ways are rebellious, stubborn, prideful, judgmental, destructive, or in any way wicked. Humble yourself before Him. Learn from Him lest you be destroyed. There will be no chance for escape without Him. Put on humility, accept Jesus’ guidance today. You do not know that you will live tonight.


When God came to rescue me from my sin:

 Much has happened to me in my short life. I am 55 years young this year. But in the scheme of eternity, I am only like a speck of dust landing on a planet 25 billion light years away from earth. Without Jesus in my life, I am no concern at all. But even so, that speck of dust did make some impact where it landed. To that I speak of my experience with Jesus.

I had been a “preacher” but had fallen out of His favor. He took my post from me and gave me a darkened spirit for some years. Through much turmoil and many wishes for death, He never left me. I had been the unfaithful one. He had never changed. His loved endures forever. I had went back to the sinful life I had led before I met Him the first time, and worse.

Then one day, I sat on the familiar couch I which had become my prison. I noticed I didn’t want a drink. Strange, but then, my whole life had been strange. In the process of a couple months, some lost jobs, broken dreams and many dashed promises, I became a truck driver (big rigs). Now I can’t say I understood that He had lifted me very far. But I knew He was in charge.



Elk Mountain experience:

One day in the dead of winter I came west across I-84 through Cheyenne, Wy. I came up to Elk Mountain pass (a very dangerous and fatal crossing for some). The Lord spoke to me in that tiny whisper of a voice. He told me to sit up in my seat, to tighten my seat belt, to hold the wheel with both hands. With the upcoming mountain and unknown before me, I obeyed gladly. He seemed to say He was about to take me through the pass. Happily, I gave Him my obedience. I’ve only been behind the wheel of this giant hunk of metal for a few months.

We encountered Elk Mountain with all it’s blowing gusts of wind against the trailer and tractor. The snow blowing side ways across the road so that you weren’t sure where the road was. The trailer threatening to leap off the side of the road and take you with it. Looking to the road with the shear ice covering it. Seeing a big rig against the cliff on the other side. Watching other rigs dash side to side as they slipped and were pushed by the wind. All the while, the peace of God was over me with complete calm. He and I meandered through the pass as if in the middle of summer. Down on the other side there was another 100 miles of packed snow on the road. All the way from Larime to Rock Springs we traveled.

On the other side of this chaos the tiny voice came to me again. “I brought you through the wind didn’t I”? I answered, “yes Lord”. I brought you through the drifting and blinding snow didn’t I”? I answered, “yes Lord”. “I brought you over the ice didn’t I”? I answered, “yes Lord”. “Behold, so it will be with you and I. I will take you to my paradise if you will but listen to me”.

And so it has been for me in that GREAT GOD JESUS.

And thus the reason for this web page. May God be true and every man a liar. This is my testimony of His Grace to me. In your full sight, my God, I have delivered this testimony. May you use it for your kingdom. your humble servant.


How to gain eternal life:

 There are many who will tell you various ways of ensuring your place with God for eternity. Some will talk about doing certain things, saying certain things, thinking/praying certain things. It’s easy to be confused. If you are expecting me to give you a formula now, you’ll be mistaken. There are millions who will give you a formula, a step by step procedure to follow to ensure acceptance by God. So many claiming to know the “way”. How can you really know? But let me ask you something: Who do you seek to be accepted by? Isn’t it God Himself? Then why are you looking to humans for the way? Before you begin, you turn away from God, in that you look to humans for the answers. The only way to avoid all the pitfalls laid before you is to go to the source.

Consider something: you’re seeking eternal peace, right? So why look here on earth for it? There are some simple truths. Look at the creation and think it through. Anyone seeking God, and expecting to please Him must, believe that He exists and that He is the rewarder of those who earnestly seek Him. So, humble yourself before Him and earnestly (with all your mind, heart, strength, and soul) seek Him. If you do so, He will be found by you. You’re not seeking a burger at a fast food joint, so why act like it?

God is the God who searches through out the earth seeking those who humble themselves before Him. Admit that you are full of lies, hatred, envy, strife, idolatry, and more. Look inward and consider your ways. Listen to your mind and you will see it is full of these things. If anyone says they are without sin, they lie. So, humble yourself before the Lord of Heaven and Earth. When the time is right from God’s perspective, He will lift you up.

Jesus is His Son. There is Salvation for eternity in His sacrifice. But you will find that God desires truth from His people. You will be required to lay down all sin in your life. Through the cleansing of Jesus, you will find the power to do this. But make no mistake, the way to eternal life is a VERY narrow path. There are billions of ways to hell, but ONE way to eternal life. Walk to God in Faith, Believe Him, accept and admit that your failings are fatal and eternal, then. . . prepare to meet your maker.

Pray and act as though you want His approval. Be ready to lay down your present life if you find Him. Consider what he said about that: “IF ANYONE COMES TO ME AND DOES NOT HATE HIS FATHER AND MOTHER, WIFE AND CHILDREN, BROTHERS AND SISTERS, YES AND HIS OWN LIFE ALSO, HE CANNOT BE MY DISCIPLE. AND WHOEVER DOES NOT BEAR HIS CROSS AND COME AFTER ME CANNOT BE MY DISCIPLE” (Luke 14: 26, 27).

If you want a quick, sure fire way to find God’s favor, go looking. You’ll find thousands of them. They might make you feel good. But they might lead you astray too. Want God? Seek God. “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it” (Matthew 7:13, 14).



Christ is all, we are nothing without Him:

I’ve had some trouble with a person who thought I should count my life as something more. I do not agree. It is enough that Jesus is teaching me to obey Him. The Lord wants me to call. But, I really don’t want to. I fear it will just be either a weak conversation or an argument. I don’t feel a desire for either one.


Befriend the One who, alone, can save:

Each day, the Lord shows me His patience and Love. To those who might not know, religion is nothing without creating a sincere and active friendship with Jesus. The kingdom of heaven belongs to The Father and His Son. How will you figure to enter into His rest without making friends with He who holds the keys? Provide yourselves with riches directly from the Hand of God. There is no religion on earth that will purchase your entrance into God’s Kingdom.


Thank God for my friend:

There is a lady I have been friends with for many years. She has been at my side through hundreds of battles, many of which I lost. To her I give earthly credit for being a candle in the window on a cold dark winter’s night. Thank you dear lady. May God grant you all the peace you seek. And may I spend my life repaying you for your kindness. Surely, without your witness of faithfulness, I would already be dead. After all the bad I’ve done in my life, you are a gift from God that surpasses understanding.


A prayer for you:

By your Grace, Father, may your children who read this find inspiration within to become something more. As your Son said, “When the Son of Man returns, will he find faith on earth?” For along with all the bad things we expect to be kept from entering the gates of heaven are cowards (Rev. 21: 8). Something to ponder Father. Thank you for all your warnings and encouragements.


True Strength:

There is a place, for every man, where strength is found that formerly lay dormant. There is a power that does not show until battle is entered into. That place cannot be encountered unless a man’s heart is opened to a certain need; a strength he does not possess alone.


A very close call:

I fell again last week. This one is not greatly different from most others except on two points.

: At a moment when there was a lull in my sinning I remembered that the Lord has taught me to never give up. This I learned from a video game I play while He and I draw together. When I asked His forgiveness and acknowledged my sin before Him, the next score in the game was higher than ever before. And my soul is, this morning, at peace with Him.

: I had a dream last night. I was in a building alone. A tiny square was cut through the door and light was coming in. I felt a voice tell me, “You were wise to have cut that toward the place where light comes”. Then I went through the tiny square and flew coming toward a large dark advancing throng. Coming upon them, I could feel the fear begin to well up with in me. Then a power, soft and compelling, struck out from my heart, with great boldness, to say, “Jesus is Lord and God of this place”. With that I floated softly back. There was no fear or stumbling in me.

On waking this morning and reflecting over it all I know the dark army approaching me were purposed to come against me and inhabit me for destruction and their own pleasures. They did not succeed. Light has come into my heart again.

All praise to the Father for the Glory of Salvation in Jesus Christ His Son! Above Him there is no other , and His strength and wisdom are limitless! amen


How many “me”s have there been? 

Yet why do I think of myself as a me? I believe the answer lies in the sack I call flesh/skin. There are three things I consider remarkable about humans.

. We are defensive by nature. Always trying to better our resources to protect this fragile sack we inhabit.

. We are an offense to the world we inhabit. Our defensive nature causes us to strain against the very forces of other selves.

. We are aware of a state of life where defense and offense are not. We strain to envision this place. We strive, albeit with a slothful spirit, to embody it in our waring nature. But we cannot complete this embodiment while we are so fragile.

Me, then, is the sum of these three. Personally, I find a great deal of shame regarding how much of the third I have attained. But (and thus my rightful shame) I am what I did. We are what we eat. I ate more of the first two than I munched on the third. How about you?


-21-09 Human democracy is a flawed shadow of Christ’s divine rule, no doubt.
But we are told that God raises a certain man to leadership during a
certain time to fulfill God’s certain purpose. And we know God’s
purpose on earth will be accomplished. Such a man raised to God’s
purpose may or may not recognize the full potential of God’s purpose,
but that doesn’t make him any less used by God.

It is sad to see the world divided over the accomplishments of
President Bush. But they will also be divided over the accomplishments
of President Obama. No Christian, in the tent of the body, can see
the full will of God being played out on the world with the clarity of
God. Though such a person might desire to perform toward God’s
purpose. How much less will the unsaved see God’s will. So, I am not
surprised at this division. But it does make me sad.



-27-09 Pilgrims Progress, a marvelous work of God in a relatively uneducated
man, speaks of “the way” as a road and the journey thereon. As we
breathe we are in the midst of that road. Our feet leave tracks. It
is not possible to live without leaving tracks. On the atomic level
we are told we disturb atoms. Thus we leave invisible tracks. But
there are billions of tracks left by each which are visible.

Look as you will at my tracks. You will find a great deal of sin and
turmoil. You will likely find, if you look closely enough, I am more
sinful than most. This is not as much an invitation to accuse as it
is a testimony to the power of God. That even a fool as I can find
hope and peace in the redemption power of Christ’s sacrifice.

God be forever praised by all who call upon his mercies! What man of
us can claim to be without fault? Yet, how few there will be who
readily give Him the praise of His patient love. Out of 900 billion
men and women born few there will be to gain His peace. Not that I
claim this to be the number of souls who have been or will be.
Recognition of our faults is to provoke us to seek the One who has

Peace to all who seek His mercies.


-27-09 Not once in my life has there been a more constant earthly witness to
my life as dirt. Since I did not live in a sanitary place, I would
expect to leave my remains with my best acquaintance. No friend like
him can be found on earth. When I was a child I endured baths. But
they removed my singular “best friend”. As a parent, I confess, I
kept my endearment of dirt rather secret. As I age, however, I look
forward to the moment when my earthly best friend will embrace me in a
new way.

I say to that day: “eat, my dear friend. Eat and satisfy your desire
from this sack I kept for you. I will no longer need this desire of
yours. All my life you have attached yourself to me in varying
degrees. Like moss growing on the darker side of a tree, you have
been relentless in my pursuit. Now, what you have hungered over for
those few years is yours”.

I thank dirt for reminding me how temporary I am. I thank God for
giving me a new body!!!! Dirt knows nothing of this new body. May
the peace and love of God encroach on my soul as dirt has envied my

Peace to all who seek His Grace.


-27-09 “(a misdirection of ‘school spirit’), which also crops up at other
places, in other ways;

> strangely appearing.

Agreed, hatred is a waste of energy. When so much of our time is
spent already of self protection, one would think we would have little
time to devote to the destruction of others. Yet consider what you
wrote above. Perhaps the key word in all that realm of thought is
“misdirection”. Personally I am aware of one source of misdirection
(not that it was my invention or discovery). There is no doubt that
if a hatred must exist it should have passed a test or two. Perhaps
it would suffice to hate hatred. Perhaps the end question to the
matter for each person is: “How much of your energy are you currently
burning toward love”? Love is equally difficult to master as pure
hatred, yet it is more foreign to our self.


-29-09 I was just reading a philosophy group’s discussion regarding “absolute
truth”. The question is “Is there such a thing as absolute truth”?
The Next question they seem to speak by questioning the first is: “How
can it be proved”? For, in their minds, if you can’t prove something
it has no real substance. It must be understood that philosophy seeks
to be a science. So there is nothing astonishing at their desire to
prove their points.

But a science will seek it’s answers from the human perspective. What
they are seeking is something higher than humanity’s experience. They
would not seek it if it could be found. We live in a world filled
with decay and contradictions. We are simply born to die. Yet we
have this innate awareness of something more.

So we have a “science” which appears futile and even an oxymoron.
They seek proof of something that only exists in another place. Some
place where man cannot seek by using his reason and senses. Here we
feel truth. Here we sense that it is real and not affected by

We can perceive this other place through nothing more than faith. But
we cannot prove it to others. And often, we have trouble proving it
to ourselves. I too love to think on such matters as do they. But
all thinking comes to nothing when the brain dies.

Truth is. Truth was. And truth always will be. Nothing we know of
in this universe can be spoken of in that way. If we seek truth we
are forced to peruse it where it lives.


-29-09 “Inside of me there are two dogs. One of the dogs is mean and evil.
The other dog is good. The mean dog fights the good dog, all of the
time.” When asked which dog wins, he reflected for a moment and
replied “The one I feed the most.” (a American Indian reflection)

“We are what we eat.”

“No one can serve two masters, because either he will hate one and
love the other, or be loyal to one and despise the other. . . .” (Matt
: 24)

Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “A man is what he thinks about all day

We are what we will be, eternal. Without any doubt, thus with great
conviction, I can positively say: “There is a judgment to come. And
if judgment is to begin with the house of God, what will become of the
ungodly and the sinner”?

Let us provoke one another to good works. For the time is very
short. And you do not know two things: When you will die, and when
the Lord will return.


A man responded to that saying that it was not true:


> Thank the Lord THAT’S not true!

> “O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?
> I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord.
> So then with the mind, I myself serve the Law of God; but with the flesh the Law of sin.”

> Bob
> Christ Died to Save You

I absolutely agree that there is no other salvation but that of Christ
Jesus. It is not by works but by faith. Yet we are held accountable
for our responsive works to that faith.

I make no claim on being Mr. Bible Answer Man. Perhaps I do not see
the whole truth of what I first wrote in this post. On the other
hand: It seems to me true that this accountability will have some
effect in our first meeting with God. Again, it seems to me. Whether
we purchase “Gold refined in the fire” here on earth, or whether we
endure some purification from our Lord come that day, I don’t know.
What I do know is that God is seeking a certain kind of ambition from
people. Worshipers who will worship in Spirit and truth.

Note that the post was meant to provoke a mind of accountability.


In the response I gave him, we were reconciled on the subject.


-29-09 There is a great deal of thought and discussion regarding “the last
days”. Along with all this activity comes the simple mind of man. We
can see the finger pointing in much of what is spoken (typed). Many
are searching hard for the anti Christ. I wonder if they are
searching with equal intensity for the Christ himself.

I suspect that we CAN know a tree by it’s fruit. If I read an article
on these matters and see it full of hatred, back biting, finger
pointing, and suspicions, it follows that the speaker has not yet
found the Christ. To know Him is to strain forward to become like
Him. We all make mistakes. But what we set down for others to read
is intentional. We formulate some thought and work hard to back it

Perhaps it is due to the frustration and loneliness of knowing we are
not right before God. Perhaps it like satan: he knows his time is
short and that he will never again taste the love of God. So he is
busy destroying everything lovely. He is frustrated and lonely. And,
let us not ever forget, he is also VERY angry.

Would it be wise then to enter into the same pact as the accuser
(satan)? Wouldn’t it be a better way to think carefully about what we
are about to post here? Wouldn’t it be more profitable for all,
including self, if we temper our thoughts with an eternal fire?
Speaking what we perceive as truth in the light of the judgment to
come, we would do well to restrain our evil.

But I know this entry will be of little account to those who serve
satan’s rule. They will hate and go on hating. I am sincerely sorry
for them. I was once one of them. This was presented as a simple
thought for those who are seeking a way out of their hatred and

One thing I do know. This “satan serving mind set” is not restricted
to the general masses. It also exists (and rather strongly) in the
church. And let us not lie to one another. It can be found in the
church’s ministers. I point no fingers, nor speak a lie in what I
just said. But let truth stand alone and every man a liar.


-30-09 I drive truck for a living. And that gives me a whole lot of time to
think. Not that I’m good at it. As was written in my home page, I
have had a few encounters with the God of creation while on the road.
Today was one that I wish I would embrace more and more. Yet, a
rebellious nature from within me prevents the spirit from flying.
Rebellion is a hedious thing. It comes in every form, from pride (the
worst) to willful ignorance (pure laziness). But I’m trailing away
from the experience.

We talk of heaven. We expect heaven. We desire heaven (we being
Christ’s children). But I rarely allow myself to really take a close
look at what lies ahead. Today I had a joyous hope stirred within

We know that before all worlds God was. Then He created time and
material things as we know them. He set us here and established a
people for Himself. We even read that before the foundations of the
world, Christ was crucified. Meaning that God’s reasons for creating
this place was not an evolutionary experience on His part. Obviously,
God is QUITE unlike us in all ways.

But I thought to myself: If there was a time before God created all we
experience, what will He do after all sin and rebellion is gone? And I
immediately perceived that I would some day know the answer to this.
That I would see Him design a new thing and bring it to completion.
That all His people would experience the beautiful and
incomprehensible love of God’s creative hand.

Just sharing a thought. By His Grace, I hope it has some positive


-1-09 Run over a bulgy, slimy, croakin frog with your car and what do you
get? Why, ya get a flat frog! That’s what ya get. He was doin quite
well before you came along. But since you were in your car you hardly
noticed the slight vertical jolt. Perhaps you were talking to someone
beside you. Or maybe you were admiring the lovely swamp scene. Or
(perhaps the best case scenario) maybe you squished em while avoiding
that gator.

If you’ve read my posts before, you likely think I’ve lost my
marbles. “Yep….. He’s gone and lost it.” But I do have a Christian
point to make.

How many of us are, spiritually speaking, prettier than a bulgy,
slimy, croakin frog? And how many times have we been run over by a
distracted Christian? Don’t it just flatten our hearts to be hurt by
someone who should have loved us? And don’t we go off cryin to our
Father that we don’t feel so good? Now, mind you, I’m not making fun
of taking our troubles to our Heavenly Father. I’m striving for a
certain point. Hang on with me just a bit more. Here it comes.

Notice in my story of the flattened frog I presented reasons we would
all excuse. We wouldn’t blame the driver for what happened. Not that
very many really care about frogs anyway. But just as a matter of
sincerity. Ok, we got hurt. It is possible our pain is being
misdirected. Remember His words: “Father, forgive them. For they
know not what they do.”

Point made. Point taken?

With all love and respect for the “called out ones”


-1-09 Having read your lengthy “how to” on listening to our Lord, I feel a
tiny bit unsettled about what you’ve proposed. Not that you’ve said
anything wrong or pressed the envelope of righteousness. And It’s
plain that your sincerity and love for God is present in your words.
Also, it’s evident that you desire to help others realize their
potential through communion with God on a personal moment to moment
basis. So I do thank you for your post.

I will simply put my unsettled thoughts forward and let feathers fly:

. I perceived your post as being a bit one sided. As though any man
might cause God’s voice to be heard by what I understand as
meditation. It is my understanding that the Holy Spirit speaks to
every man to convict of righteousness and of sin. So I guess we can
all hear God’s will in our hearts. And if we sit tight and
contemplate what we’re hearing it will tend to make us better or
bitter. That depends on the bend of a man’s heart.

. But to hear God’s personal will directed specifically at my heart,
He required me to accept His Son as my sacrifice. It was then that
the voice changed a bit. Then I heard a constant and rather strong
voice directing me in every righteous direction. It was not through
meditation that I found His voice.

I do not mean to correct you or add to your words. I just thought I
would present the reaction your post prompted.

With all respect and sincerity, and by His Grace:


-1-09 > St. Herman of Alaska.

> “Therefore lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, and
> receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your
> souls.” James 1:21

> Draw nigh unto God and He will draw nigh unto you.
> I understand what you’re trying to accomplish with your post Herman. And thank you for an encouraging word. I even appreciate your quote of James. I would wish you had gone a bit farther however. There is a place where an experienced Christian would find himself enabled to bask in the warm Love of Christ. But James was also talking to those who had yet reached that place. We find him speaking to those who were still toying with the world.

My response:

Let us not forget that Christ is the stumbling block. A man must
recognize his failings to fully see the need for salvation. At this
point we begin to turn to God. And, rightly quoted by you, God will
faithfully draw near to the afflicted and humble. To reach that place
of faith-led peace, however, it would be wise to finish the quoting of
James’ address to the worldly Christians:

Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you
sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded. 9 Grieve, mourn
and wail. Change your laughter to mourning and your joy to gloom. 10
Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.

Thank you, again, Herman for reminding us of our victory in Christ.
Indeed, with that shield we ward off the flaming arrows of the evil

A pastor once reprimanded a Christian for something. Later when his
wife met that Christian and asked why he was so sad, he recounted her
husband’s reprimand. She consoled him and made excuses for her
husband’s actions toward him. Later when the pastor heard of what she
had done, he asked her not to remove the daggers of righteousness
until the sin was dead. At which point a man might find true
healing. There is pain in coming to Christ. As there should be. We
are in the business of killing sin within. “That’s bound to leave a
mark”…. LOL



-1-09 Witches used to be drawn with that “ever present” wart on their nose.
Now, I don’t really think it takes a wart to worship satan. But
that’s what knowledge we inherited as we grew up. I guess our society
thought that if something was ugly we would hate it all the more. In
one sense they were right. Who would want to court Helga the witch?

In reality, however, sinful people and even satan worshipers come in
all differing shades of beauty. It’s sincerely hard to tell from the
skin what a man believes. And if we go farther, it’s even more
difficult for any man to truly know why he does what he does. That’s
why Paul said that he does not even judge himself.

The point I am rambling forward to is this: As we mature in Christ we
often can’t see the finished product coming to fruit. We sometimes
doubt that we’re being sincere with Him (Jesus) when we stumble. C.
S. Lewis was addressing this point when he mentioned that we can’t
always see the progress we’re making in many matters regarding the
maturing process.

“When the most important things in our life happen we quite often do
not know, at the moment, what is going on. A man does not always say
to himself, ‘Hullo! I’m growing up.’ It is often only when he looks
back that he realizes what has happened and recognizes it as what
people call ‘growing up.'”

We might not be able to say with certainty that we are gaining ground
against our sins. But take a reflective moment. Think on what you
were before you met Jesus. Accept what you have become as the best
you can do with what you have. Hold your drooping chin up with your
weakened hand. Your not a wart ridden corpse. You’re a child of


-1-09 Lovely, lovely. Gracious and trustworthy One. Beautiful for the soul
to gaze on. Tender and comforting. Full of mercy and patient
endurance. It is to you we send our praise Father. Through the blood
of Christ, your dear Son.

Bitter and wanting. Lost in a dark world. Hopes and dreams filtered
through sin. A whispering voice mentions love to a wounded, sin weary
soul. It is of you, Father, this strange deep desire. A whirlwind of
careless tongues plague your children. A surge of tidal wave strength
rebellion all around us. And we stagger from the blow.

We hope and hope. We long and pine. It is to you, our sweet Father,
our prayer of tears. It is to you, sweet Lord, we turn our deaf ear.
OH GOD, our DEAR GOD, help us hear! Come quickly, please come. Touch
us with heaven and Your will be done.

Peace, my family in Christ. The end is in sight.


-1-09 Truck across America as a loner Christian and you’ll notice something
striking. Church buildings are everywhere!

Most would find that a comforting fact. But it bothers me just a wee
bit. It’s not that I think there should be fewer places for Jesus’
children to gather. And it’s not that I’m jealous cause I can’t park
my big rig in their nice asphalt drive. It has to do with the splendor
and obvious expense of many of them. Some of them had to cost in the
multi million dollar range. And it’s obvious these ones can’t be run
by a single pastor. These buggers’ll need a whole army of paid
staff. This tugs at my heart just a smidgen.

Perhaps it brings back memories of a state run church with rack,
nailed coffin, and disembowelment implements hidden in the basement of
some GIAGANTIC building. Not that I’m pokin at a certain sect of
“Christianity” or anything. It, sometimes, appears the church is
trying to compete with corporate America. Sort of like they did when
they tried to out do the government. In the end, they became so like
the government that they couldn’t be told apart.

What do I think I’m hiding here? I have played the “church growth”
games before and found them lacking. I’ve been part of a corporate
church body where we plotted and schemed to win converts. Oh we had
all the bells and whistles you could manufacture. And to top off our
happy thrust into the stewing pot of sinners, we even kept track of
our efforts with computer. “Numbers, my boy, Numbers!!!”

I’m on the verge of pullin out the soap box here. So I’ll stop this
post. Let me simply take note of something eternally important. It
takes a village to raise a child. Witness the ratio there: All for
One. If you want to sincerely make a difference I would suggest being
sure of ONE complete conversion before jumpin out to rake in $5 mil
for a new building. That’s a lot of meals and single family homes.

Ok….. thanks for reading……. sorry for the ruffled feathers and

With sincerity for the God chosen children of this nasty world.


-1-09 How many times have you gotten a letter from a respected personal
friend and not opened it? If you’re of the “older” crowd, you likely
remember getting your check in the mail from time to time. Did you
refuse to open it? You are expecting a notification of some
importance. When you get it do you leave it sealed?

When you browse through these posts and feel some pull from God’s
Spirit to respond, do you? When you do respond are you verbose enough
to be real? If I were still a member of some family and got a letter
from a family friend who has been gone a long time, I might read it
for the family. After reading it, in my mind’s eye, we would sit and
discuss how much this friend has meant to us.

How many posts I’ve read that seem so complicated and long that I
begin to skip through the paragraphs hunting for something personal
and intelligently pointed. I don’t mean to offend anyone. I’m just
trying to encourage candid responses to the Love of God. Things
written in the language we would use at a coffee table.

If I read the works of people who didn’t have access to computers I
find a different tone. It’s a tone of clarity and conversational.
Perhaps their problem is that they didn’t have “cut and paste”.

With all sincerity and love by His Grace. Let’s talk Christ talk. As
a board certified cardiologist said: WDJW


-1-09 It is always useful for God’s children to be reminded to love one
another. And it is, quite possibly, not mentioned enough. After all,
who could love me? Remember the saying: “A face only a mother can
love”? I’ve a soul only God can love.

There is a quote from a boy cast about once in a while: “I need a
Jesus with skin on”. And at that point, Jesus within His children
becomes eternally important. What will become of me if only God can
love me, and I need a Jesus with skin on. Where will one such as I
turn to find the love of God while I journey to heaven? It should
come from the church (the called out ones).

But “church” has come to mean a building. People say: “I’m going to
church”. What they, evidently, mean is that they are going to go get
recharged. I guess it’s a small matter that I’m bringing this up.
Yet it seems to hold a foreboding flavor in my mind. Perhaps we would
be better put to say this a bit differently: “I’m a called out one.
And I’m going to go be with the other called out ones in that building
specifically built to house our gatherings where we worship He who
called us out.”

Ok, Ok……… that wouldn’t work very well I guess. I don’t think
it will catch on. But turning to a serious note. If the world can’t
find the love of Christ in you, either you’re hiding it from them on
purpose, or it’s not there. (I entered “you” as a general address)
Whichever the case is, it’s a troubling problem. If we’re hiding it
from people, that’s wicked. If it’s not there, we’re still wicked.
Where’s that Jesus with skin on???????


-7-09 While pondering a certain besetting sin I became aware of a word,
castigate. The word seems to mean to punish with catastrophe. The
objective of such an application is to correct a problem in a person
or society radically, quickly, and permanently. The way the word kept
coming to mind was that I do that to myself. Curious.

What can be said of self castigation? Certain things come to
immediate mind: Fasting, denial of pleasure, sack cloth and ashes,
weeping and mourning for a sense of betrayal toward God’s love. And
it is possible that I’ve not begun to clear the slate of all possible
ways a person might perform castigation. But is it good? Is it a way
a man might walk all his days? What of the joy of the Spirit, and the
joy in my salvation?

After considerable reflection on this subject I came away with a
wondrous insight. First, our salvation comes through Jesus. There
is no other way in all creation for a man to find eternal life. But
what that means is personal and holy.

Second, our soul is tied temporarily to the body (the flesh if you
will). The soul is eternal, the flesh is temporal. But who is in
charge of this bond? That seems to be where the term castigate comes
into effect.

I walk away from that insight believing that castigation of the body
for the sake of righteousness is a good thing. It is as though our
soul were riding our body. Much as a cowboy might ride a seriously
wild bull. The cowboy and the bull have only one thing in common,
presence. They are in the same place at the same time. Both want
different things. And the battle is vicious. But it is a battle.
They are both filled with purpose. And one will win.

There is joy in winning the battle. There will be joy in presenting
ourselves to Jesus as one who struggled to the death. It is a great
benefit to subdue the desires of the flesh. The flesh is desperately
wicked. And the mind is full of lies. But the spirit is eternal.
And if we are directed by the Spirit of God, we see that we must
subdue our flesh and it’s desires.

Fight on brothers and sisters. By His Grace:


-10-09 A Christian is composed of three persons: the soul, the flesh, and the
spirit. Two of them eternal, one filled to over flowing with death.
“If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed”.

The one who does not accept Jesus, and thus does not receive the Holy
Spirit, Is composed of three persons also: the soul, the flesh, and
the spirit of the evil one.

“a man is a slave of the one he serves”.



-11-09 I point with my finger at something and expect that my perspective
will be understood. I expect those, for whom I am pointing, will
understand what object I am referring to. It is very likely I will
need to add some other communication tool to help them get the
information I’m trying to send. But, unless I’m intending to indicate
a general direction, I’m likely to have to add a whole lot more
information than just a pointing finger. So I wonder why we begin
with a gesture at all. Why not say what we mean and be clear about
our intention.

I believe the pointing finger is a sign of a lazy tendency in us all.
We wish we could just communicate through gestures. And if this
laziness is given it’s full rein I suppose we would simply grunt.
This would be the end of the idea if it weren’t for those verbal
abilities we have.

It’s understood we will have to use more than words, if we are trying
to communicate with someone who does not share our language. And this
leads me to drive home the point I intended here. There are certain
times when communication isn’t possible at all. Let’s say we’re
trying to explain “pink” to a man born blind. No amount of point will
help. No words will become available. You can’t touch something pink
and understand it’s qualities. And we can’t lend him our eyes.

How is it that Christians expect unbelievers to understand the things
of God? And how is it that unbelievers expect Christians to deny the
things of God? Doesn’t this seem like a waste of energy? It’s like
asking an orange to become a grape. I suspect we can learn something
from this foolishness though.

This foolish expectation, that of wanting others to see things from
our perspective, is the very heart of the war between righteousness
and sin. We find it frustrating and often beyond our ability to
communicate with each. We’re not supposed to be able to communicate
with the enemy.

When a Christian speaks of God, he/she is speaking from the Spirit of
God. When an unbeliever speaks of God, he/she is speaking from the
spirit of the accuser. How can we expect any understanding to cross
from one to the other with this in mind? And, why then, do we find
Christians arguing with non-believers? What a waste of time. What a
profound misunderstanding of the war in which we are engaged.

God is Great! He is absolutely and eternally unlike us. He is
powerful and His abilities know no end. I wonder why we spend so much
time and energy defending Him. Could it be it’s a sign of our own
weak faith? Are we defending ourselves against a legitimate attack?
Or do these attacks exist in Christians apart from the non-believer? If
the latter is so, we are only talking to ourselves.

When we argue our faith are we proving salvation? Or is it that when
we argue with non-believers we are only wasting time. Accusations will
exist. Temptations will come and go. Non-believers will be beside us
till Christ returns. Perhaps it would be a better expense of our
energy to focus on Christ’s will in our lives. And, as far as
Christ’s will is concerned, aren’t we commanded to pray for our
enemy? Aren’t we ordered to do good to those who spitefully use us?
Let us remember how our Lord responded to attacks against him and the
things he taught. “He was led like a sheep to the slaughter, and as a
lamb before the shearer is silent, so he did not open his mouth”. An
argumentative spirit does not come from the Lord of Light. It comes
from somewhere else. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

P. S. I will be the first to admit that I have argued with
non-believers over things they can’t possibly understand. I would
chock those actions of mine up to personal pride (a sin).

By your Grace, Jesus, please confirm these things in those who read.
And help us all to focus on the things that eternally matter.


-11-09 Someone posted something to do with the rich tithing.  They wondered if the rich even can tithe.


It is a taxation question to speak of the rich tithe, as you presented
it. As for the Christian answer: The tithe is only the beginning of
our devotion to the Lord. Though we should contribute our worldly
wealth to those who need our help, He asks us to do so very much

As for taxation, that is a subject of politics. As for tithing, that
is a subject of the kingdom of God. Tithe everything. A tenth of ALL
your wealth, health, mental abilities, and devotion. Then get busy
handing everything else over to the Lord of Glory. That is the answer
I have. It might not be what you wanted to hear or what you
expected. But, as far as I understand the Lord’s desire for His
children, “woop” there ya go.

On the other hand, I’m trying to not be in the business of arguing.
Simply responding from my perspective. May the Lord of Glory bless
this post with understanding for all who read it.


-13-09 Being as sincere as I can be, I want to thank you. This post is not a
slam. I’m being as real toward you as possible. You have my thanks.
You’ve helped me a great deal. I don’t think you meant to help me in
the way you did. But none the less, thanks.

I pondered those who say there is no God for the last couple days.
And I came away with a particular understanding. An Atheist’s primary
tool of investigation into the existence of God is “reason”. And we
know that religion requires that we take the existence and demands of
God on “faith”.

Now here’s a curious twist: No one can believe anything regarding
something unprovable without using some measure of faith. And no one
can believe in the invisible God without using some measure of
reason. Where all of us can go astray is when we use too much of
either in regard to God.

God gave us emotion. God gave us physical abilities. And there seems
to be no debate regarding those. He also gave us reason and faith.
What has helped me a great deal is to remember that, though faith is a
great part of life so is reason. To live our lives in a balanced
approach, that’s the gist of it.

Last word from me on this item (for this post at least): Atheists
present misguided questions because they fail to ask questions. An
atheist will question the world and all it’s apparent features. But
when presented with the obvious inconsistances, they stop asking
questions. They assume there is nothing more than the world we
experience. A rather short sighted approach to a very complex world.
I don’t mean to throw stones at you. I simply mean to show you what
you’ve shown me. This is the place your lack of understand brought

For this I do thank you


-15-09 When I came to Jesus I was a drunk, foolish jerk, derilect in my
duties as a father and a husband, heavily addicted to porn and a WHOLE
lot more. I didn’t bring those things to the church. I came to
Jesus. I didn’t see any reason to stand up in the church and admit to
all the things I had done wrong. I found a confidant, an elderly man
I could trust to teach me the way more fully. I was searching for
Jesus. I was not trying to bring my sins into the church and have
them accepted as though I were handicapped in some way.

It seems to me that homosexuals want their sinful lifestyle accepted
as a sickness or something. That we should all excuse them for being
what they allowed themselves to become. I could just as easily say
that I was heavily addicted to porn because I had a genetic
predisposition toward it. How should that be any reason to ignore
what Jesus said about sexual immorality? If the church had looked
down their noses at my sins, I would have readily accepted it. It was
sin and it was wrong!!!!!

If someone wants Jesus, then seek Him. Why ask the church if it’s ok
to look for God? And, in case anyone is still listening, Why expect
the church to look at homosexuality any differently than any other



-15-09 I was sittin in my truck in NY one night. I’d been pondering how in
the world (or heaven) Jesus could forgive my sins. I’d done so much
damage to everyone I knew. As I sat there staring at all the trucks
coming in and out. One passed me that caught my eye. When I saw what
it said I was stunned with revelation. It simply said:



-15-09 A little kid comes into the room and confesses “I didn’t do it”.
Nobody asked about what happened or didn’t happen. But they’re sure
gonna ask now. And what answer do we think the lil kid is gonna
give? Somebody, or something else did it.

We learn pretty quick how to avoid trouble by blaming something else.
And it’s amazing how long that sticks with us. Even as adults we find
people blaming anything else to avoid trouble. They might say,
“Stupid politicians. They’re to blame for everything”. Or: “My dad
beat me too much and now I can’t do such and such”. Or you might even
hear people blame their body: “I got two left thumbs”. WHAT?? “I
had a bad hair day”. GAD!

Then we see some invent very complicated plots by people such as
Jews. Or maybe they create a UFO and place the blame on it. Hey
folks: You are to blame for your troubles. And I mean you to mean all
humanity. If life sucks, blame your own sin.


-15-09 Walking in a pasture and enjoying the beauty of a spring day, a man
nearly stepped on a pile of cow dung. “Hmmm”, he thought. “I think I
can do something about that”. So the brainy lil dude hoofed it back
to the house. He shuffled past his wife and into the laundry room.
Grabbed the bleach bottle and cruised toward the front door. “What do
you intend to do with MY bleach”? He should have known she’d notice.
He never does the laundry. “I got sumptin needs cleanin up a
smidge”. She gave him that laser beam look that only a wife can give
a husband. “Well when you’re done put it back”. He slinked through
the door.

Down the front porch and on toward the pile of dung, his pace
quickened. He knew what he wanted to do and there was that
“giterdone” set to his jaw. Standing over the pile he took the shoe
off his right foot. Uncapping the bottle, he poured some bleach on
his foot. Then with a winning champ look on his face, he slammed his
foot right into the pile. “SPLAT”!!!!!!!!

He hobbled back to the house with a great triumph in his heart.
Though crap was all over his foot, he wasn’t gettin germs from
it. ……………..

Stupid story huh? Weird and foolish ending. Think about it a
moment. Now give it that “church” twist. How weird and foolish to
think we can use Jesus to cover our body and soul with righteousness
then go “mix at will” with sin.


-15-09 Richly Variegated…………. what? vary agitated???? no no no…..
igated. That’s a word used to describe the wisdom of God. Kind of
like the colors of a rainbow, many and equally different, yet part of
the same. Kind of like those stupid bar code thingies. ||||||
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| might say “1”. Or think of a beach.
Every grain of sand is different, yet part of the same beach.

“Cool. Ok, so ya got a point”?

As a matter of fact, I was thinking of something……………

I admire really good writers. Not that I am one. But the really good
ones are easy to admire. I think it was C. S. Lewis who mentioned
that to be original simply required getting to work. Forget about
being different and possibly important. Just get to the task at
hand. As you forget about being something special, it will happen.
Crank up da ole lead marker and git ta scratchin.

We are God’s creation. Don’t you think He was able to develop
differences in His people? What’s that quirky difference you have?
We need it. You hide it because you’ve seen it. You think it’s weird
and no one will like it. Then they’ll laugh at you. Then everyone
will know. After all, you posted the dang thing on the endless
internet. Hey, look at me. Who am I? I’m a slug of a guy. I don’t
mean that to represent something macho. I might not be smart. And I
might not be right. I might not know enough background on any subject
to type three words. But I’m gonna give it a stab.


-15-09 God is Holy. God is One. God is pure and complete. He lacks nothing
in the way of truth, righteousness, eternity, and power. There is no
shadow of turning in Him. He is. He was. And He will be. No one
comes to the Father except through Jesus. And all will bow and give
Jesus glory.

This is a sure and righteous truth: the day of judgment is coming,
and it will be a terrible day. We are told there will be weeping and
gnashing of teeth. Consider who will be doing the weeping and
gnashing. Perfected beings will be those ones. It will not be bodies
of flesh who regret and curse. It will be eternal beings. Beings
such as our wildest imagination cannot conceive.

What weeping should the ear hear if it comes from eternal beings? And
what cursing and anger should we expect from those who are no longer
flesh and bones? Allow yourself fear. You should fear the ONE. For
after the death of our fleshly body, He has the power to cast the soul
into hell.

I have been told not to be so harsh on people. To be filled with love
and kindness, so that they will hear the word of salvation. Foolish
dribble from the bowels of hell!!!! There will be two crowds that
day. One will hear the love of God. The other will not.

By your Grace, my Lord Jesus. Bless these words to the very heart of
those you would call out.


-15-09 The title of this entry was worth noting here:  “The Rotary Legionares  Kiwanis Bridge Golf Club”.  

What’s with people and belonging? Why do we all strive so hard to
belong to something? “GOTTA HAVE A CLUB”!!!!! What the heck. How
about just being you?

I’ve heard people say that it’s our herd instinct that causes us to
gather. And I suppose there are thousands more ideas about why we
Gotta belong. Let me offer something of little or no value: Perhaps
it’s because there’s safety in numbers. “If I belong to the biggest
club, the most important club, I can hide better”. Adopt a couple
rules. Wear the right clothing. Do the right handshake. Spit in the
wind at just the right angle. Wiggle my butt and clack my teeth just
like them. That’s all I gotta do and they’ll think I’m one of them.
Then no one will single me out to be examined………………
hmmmmmmmmmm sounds like what we do to God.

If I could just find the biggest, most important church…………


-16-09 Catholic priests can make lies sound so wonderfully soft and inviting.  Often we hear them speaking in hushed tones with all the surface calm they can muster.   Ok that wasn’t very kind.  But I gotta say, “I don’t really care”.  One was speaking of purgatory and encouraging others to help their loved ones get out of there by doing good deeds.  GAD!!  I just had to fire back:


Offer the merit for the souls in purgatory??????? What foolish
invention of man is that??? What ever happened to offering our
service to Jesus for the sake of His righteousness? What ever
happened to giving our lives in righteous acts so that Jesus will be

You will discount my response because I’m not catholic. Thank God I’m
not if that’s what I’d have to believe.


-16-09 To object that God allows suffering in the world is a gross
misunderstanding of what God is, what we are, and what sin does.
Before creation, God’s experience was perfect union and peace. At the
very moment of the first sin (whether it was before creation or not Im
not sure. I believe it was before creation. In the being of satan’s
pride. But I can’t prove that by scripture.) God’s perfect union and
peace was broken.

All eternity was peace and love. Then came creation and the fall.
What pain must it cause the Father of Spirits to experience this
hedious rebellion in His presence? How can we say then that it is not
fair that we experience pain? Isn’t it more correct to say that it is
the duty of man to suffer? Isn’t it our rebellion that causes God
such pain? How then should we escape pain and suffering?

Even in our experience of salvation we read something pointed: “In
this world you will have tribulation. But be of good cheer, for I
have over come the world”. And again He told us, “If they hated me,
they will hate you”. And one more: “They will think they do God a
favor by killing you”. If that is true of Christians, how much more
so those who hate Him?

It is a Gross misunderstanding of God to accuse Him because we
suffer. It would be so much more in line with God’s will if we
suffer. For through our suffering we admit that rebellion against God
is wrong. And we take part in the pain of God, in some small way, by
enduring the hedious attacks of this world. It would be good for a
man to remember he is personally to blame for billions of moments of
pain. What moment in our existence do we not take something? What
moment, though God is merciful, do we not take our lives for


-16-09 HEY people: Jesus is the reason for everything. He was slain from
the foundation of the world. JESUS JESUS JESUS. Inject anything
else and you take part in the great lie. People all over the world
are searching for anything but JESUS!!!! Do not glorify man.
Glorify your God and judge JESUS!
I posted that on a web site.  A guy named Bob responded with something negative.  My response to him was:


You’ve likely been told before, Bob, that you’ll get the shock of your
life when you meet the God you don’t think exists. So I won’t say
that. Instead I’ll make a very short comment on how sad it is for
you. You’re missing out on something absolutely wonderful. I’m not
talking about religion. I’m talkin about these beautiful
conversations I often have with Jesus. Ya know, that God you say
doesn’t exist. It doesn’t matter to me that you are blind and deaf to
Him. I can’t help you in that. And I don’t get the impression from
Him that He can help you either. Even if He appeared to you directly,
you’d likely wave the experience off as gas from the pizza you had
last night.

Wouldn’t it be a better expense of your time and energy to be in a
medical forum discussing the possibility of extension of life?

One more note of completely less importance: You referred to me as
friend. I seriously doubt you meant it any more than one says to
another, “how are you”? Personally I thought it a waste of energy to
have typed those letters. Since you have no future, I wonder what
really matters to you. You’ll be dead very soon. As you’ve mentioned
you’re part of a middle aged group. I don’t mean to wish your death.
Just pointing out that 20 to 30 years of life aren’t much to crow
about if that’s all you expect to get. I’d guess you take the John
Wayne attitude. “Oh well, pilgrim”.


Then he wanted to clarify the meaning of “God”.  I just had to answer with this:


In your understanding, you think I would be your friend if I spoke the
same language as you. But you misunderstand the term friend to mean
those who see things as you do. So, I read through your use of that
word. As for being known by God, yes you are. There is nothing
within you that hides from Him. He knows everything you’ve done and
why you did it. There are even things you’ve done that you chocked up
to a certain reason. Yet, there are reasons you’ve done things you
know nothing about. We rebell because it is our nature. It’s that
rebellion against our creator that has caused our troubles. And it is
that rebellion within you that is the target of His love and caring
approach. He wants your love and is actively working on getting it.
But your free will is not going to be manipulated by Him.

You will soon know what I’m talking about. What you do about it when
you know is up to you.


-17-09 Rigor mortise is one of the recognizable signs of death (Latin mors,
mortise) that is caused by a chemical change in the muscles after
death, causing the limbs of the corpse to become stiff (Latin rigor)
and difficult to move or manipulate.[1] (From Wikipedia).

Jesus said to a young man, “Follow me”. “Lord, let me first go and
burry my father”, he replied. “Let the dead burry their own dead, you
follow me”.

Wow! That seems extremely harsh. But there must be something
extremely good in it.

Jesus referred to us who live on the earth as the ‘dead’. It’s as
though you throw a stone off a cliff. You know it will hit the earth
at the bottom. So why not say about the stone, while it’s falling,
“This stone is at the bottom of this cliff”. Or you can step into a
shower and as you reach for the faucet handle you can say about
yourself while you’re still dry, “I’m all wet”.

Without Jesus we are dead in just this same way. Though we can still
move around and do things, we’re gonna die. God refers to us in
regard to what He knows is going to happen. And what then?
well. . . . judgment. And let me complete this tiny thought with
something else. There is a second death.

Without Jesus, you are twice dead. Rigor Rigor Mortise Mortise.


-17-09 The annoying click of a clock. Each click is like an alarm announcing
the passing of another chunk of time. With that sound all
possibilities are gone. What did get accomplished and what did not
are a done deal. Sealed truth of what just happened is all that
remains. Everything in our universe is subject to time in one fashion
or another. Once a moment has passed, something was done or was not
done. And we call that normality. It’s so accepted as truth that we
often don’t even notice it. Truth for us is that time has swallowed
up the past, is pressing on us to be, and will quickly seal what we

Time, then, is like an open hole that is always right in front of us.
Or perhaps it is better to say it’s all around us. We live in the
present and we judge things from this perspective. Even our language
is filled with expressions of time: past tense, present tense, future

We put on clean clothes only to get them dirty and wash them again.
Time. We eat only to get hungry. Time. We speak only to hear the
sound we made vaporize. Time. We breathe only to have to take
another breath. Time.

There is, by faith, a place where these things are not so. And it is
to that place my desire flows. The clock is my jailer and I bend to
it’s strength. But the time is soon coming when it’s strength is

Even so, Lord Jesus, come.


-17-09 I used to be an officer in the Salvation Army. That would be a pastor
in their terms. I have a degree in pastoral ministries from Northwest
Christian College in Eugene, Oregon. I resigned because I did not
follow the way of Jesus in the obedience to His rule in my life. Now
I see myself having the gifts of encouragement, but I’m not in a
position to enter leadership again. And I don’t pine away for what
might have been. Now I submit to the rule of Christ in my life as
best I can. But you can see that He still speaks through me in the
things I post here.

It would be a great honor to me if the things I post here would be
used in the betterment of His people. I would sincerely appreciate it
if you would use these things I post to somehow encourage your
people. It’s not only permission to use them, it’s a desire that you

If I post something questionable, I trust you to interpret. I ask for
your mercy that my service to our God in me would not be broken by my
sin and isolation. And I thank you for your understanding and love.


-17-09 He is God in every way, yet He is man in every perfect way. He is our
confidant and guide in trouble and righteousness. He is the door to
eternity through which we MUST pass. He is the barrier to all who
would steal eternity. He is truth in it’s most perfect sense. He is
the mercy of our Father. He is the back end of our last breath. And
He is my Lord.

He is the scorn of all who live dead. He is the whipping post to whom
all who follow must be latched. He is the very blood of our veins
that will flow at the hands of the accuser. He is the reason why His
people are hated. He is the meekness that the world cannot understand
in His people. And He is the foolishness for which faith is blamed.

He is the eternal God, in whom is no shadow of turning. Jesus is the
same yesterday, today, and forever. To Him be all glory and praise
and honor. The day is soon coming when all will bow and confess to
His glory and majesty. Flex your legs folks, You’re about to meet
your maker.


A guy named Bob disbelieved what I entered there.  And in reply:


Yes, you appear smarter. But you are being caged. You claim to
disbelieve regarding God and Jesus. Yet you do spend a lot of time
fighting against it. A man struggles against that which binds him.
He does not struggle against that from which he is free.

It does my heart a world of good to see you continue to reply to posts
like this. It tells me God is actively working on you to understand.
It won’t be long before you begin to hear.

Jesus, this man struggles with your truth. And you know all things.
I praise you and give you glory for his struggle. Who can know how
you infiltrate the soul and redeem a man from rebellion. But I know
you do. I lift him up in the hands of my soul to your beautiful face
and ask your mercy that he might hear. As they lowered the man
through the roof, I give you this man.

By Your Grace!!!!! All honor, praise, and glory to Jesus, the
redeemer of souls.



-17-09 I live my life now almost completely alone. It’s because of my
rebellion against what is right that I’m in this boat by myself. I
don’t mention this to ask for pity. I said that because I want to
point out something far more valuable.

Jesus is able to save anyone in any place at anytime and in
any attitude. He is not necessarily limited to a building. Though His
truth and presence can certainly be accessed there. He is not limited
by human communication. Though His people can certainly help in that
regard. He is not limited by our rebellion and pigheadedness. Though
it’s certainly good to let loose of those things. If God has chosen
to save a man, it will be done. At any cost to that man, and at any
cost to God.

I’ve seen many things people point at and say (with apparent
authority) that without ‘such and such’ a man cannot come to know
God. While it’s true that with the various trappings of God’s people
(from the Bible, to good works) it’s easier to come to a saving
knowledge of Jesus. But try hard to be careful not to limit the
strength of God to those things. Respect your God’s abilities. It’s
possible, even likely, to become judgmental when we pin all our
expectations of salvation on our own understanding of the power of our

“With God, all things are possible”.


-17-09 Life would be so much simpler if there were no religion. There’s be
crime of all kinds, but we can handle that with law enforcement.
There would be subtle plots of government against all kinds of
people. But we can simply elect another idiot to fill the shoes of
those we impeach. There would be storms and death from natural
disasters. But we have sex. We can make more people. We have
animals all around us to kill and eat. And we can still plant seeds
in the ground for food and beauty.

We have cars, phones, computers, clothes, houses, stoves, refrigerators,
central heating and cooling, friends, groups, and the list can go on
for a very many words more. What do we need with religion. On the
surface I can’t answer that. Because from that point of view a man’s
objections about religion would be right.

So what’s missing from this puzzle? Why are humans so very intent on
finding the super natural? What the heck!!!!! Ya give em all this
stuff and all they do is look for more. Stupid, misguided masses

There is one particular problem that keeps causing a great amount of
turmoil in what could otherwise be a relatively orderly birth to
death experience. We all have it. It’s kind of like a hedious
disease. There’s no escaping it, and we all know it. That one
problem that causes us no end of difficulty is called life.

If everything in the universe eventually finds it’s lowest resting
point (like water tends to lay still if undisturbed), then what is all
this striving? Why don’t we just lay down and die? What is this
urgency we call life? It is the piece of the puzzle you can’t
explain. It’s the very engine that drives all of us to ask about the
“something more”.

And in it’s own way it is the proof of the existence of God that all
complete people accept. By complete people I mean those who are
rational, using the intellect; emotional, using the feelings,
faithful, recognizing that we have the ability to understand the
concept of faith.

If we segment our mind into pure rational approaches to God, we find
only questions. It’s in using our whole being when we find what we
seek. If you want to use reason only, then fine. Use it to your
little heart’s content. But you’ll never find any answer to that
missing piece of the puzzle of religion. The only thing a segmented
mind can conceive is the segment of life it is designed to handle.

Notice I didn’t bring in the spiritual side of life.


-17-09 As my day/night of driving is about to begin, I’m reminded of a
certain conclusion of importance. While driving last night I puzzled
over beliefs which some who teach Jesus add. These beliefs are not
true, but often they are encased in such a way as to portray truth.
There is no sense in my stating some of these views. Anyone led by
the Spirit of truth will know a lie when they see it. And if the
world wants to be misled, then no amount of explaining and pointing
will help them.

The litmus test of a truth about the nature of the Gospel is easy to
use. All Jesus’ people will immediately know it when they hear it.
Simply look at a statement and determine one thing: does it glorify
man over the sacrifice of Jesus? Or to put it the other way around:
Does the sacrifice and Lordship of Jesus become diminished in any way
by what’s being offered?

Oh, I can’t help it……. I gotta tell ya what prompted this. It’s
the idea that we can use our good works as money for those who are in

What does that do to the sacrifice and Lordship of Jesus? If His
salvation isn’t enough for us, then it’s no salvation at all. I

If a man is not sealed with his destiny before the Most High at the
time of his death, then what of the saying: “It is given to man once
to die then face judgment”.

And what does that do to all who still struggle with salvation? Are
we so sure of our good works that we seem to have a few left over?

And what does that do the urgency of redemption before we
die?   Above all this is the greatest part of the lie to me.
“It’s ok to sin and take Jesus as something less than important, my
lad”. “After all, when you’re in purgatory, you can count on your
friends to bail you out”.

What utter nonsense! What a fantastic lie! And what a tool to rob
souls of eternal life! There’s no way one man is gonna wipe out
hundreds of years of lies with one post on an obscure internet site.
But I just had to squawk about it.


-17-09 Someone wrote a very lengthy entry on the rediculous nature of religion.  My response:


I’ll tender a reply to you. But it will be up to God whether this
reply is of any value or not. He is the One who enlivens folks to
understand the reality of the supernatural. It isn’t up to you and I
to effect that awareness in each other. There is a fact that
Christians know and non-Christians can’t understand. Satan has blinded
the eyes of all who do not believe. You cannot see or perceive the
nature of God and His presence in your life because you are being held
back. As long as you believe the lie, you will be a slave of it.
It’s when you catch a glimmer of hope, given to you by God, that you
will call out to the invisible. And His promise is true: You will
seek me and find me when you seek for me with all your heart, says the

If what I have said to you is true, or even has the possibility of
being true, isn’t it worth investigation? If eternity is real and God
is real and you don’t pursue it. Won’t you be in sincere difficulty
when the moment of pure revelation comes? When you are transformed
into an eternal being it will be too late to decide who you wish to
serve. Then you will belong to the one you were enslaved under.
Without a pure heart no one will see God. This is a saying worthy of


-17-09 In response to a rather long entry by someone who was supposably speaking the words of God.  

I am not God. And I am a limited liar who lives in a world of lies.
But I sense something about what was posted here. Perhaps I’m using
the wrong sense. Who knows. Here’s what’s troubling about what was

It speaks of a human’s ability to overcome the limitations of the body
(material world). It says that if we overcome the temporal and shed
our addictions to it, we will receive eternity. I read something a
bit different from Jesus. This post speaks as though the simple will
of a man enlightened can attain eternity from his knowledge and
works. I read from Jesus that it takes the sacrifice of the Son of
God to bring a human into eternity. I think there’s a discrepancy
there. But, again, I might be off base.

Regardless, Jesus was God’s choice for salvation. And to Him will be
all glory, honor and praise. I will rest my soul in the power of the
Most High through the blood of Jesus.


-17-09 I’m so sorry that I can’t help others find Jesus. I’m so very
anxious to create one of these tiny works for the sake of salvation of
those who read it.  But I’m so very helpless to open the eyes of the

That’s a part of me that is human. The God part of me knows it’s His
duty. Jesus holds the keys of life and death. It’s His paradise and
eternity. And no one of us can say to Him, “Lord, this person
deserves eternal life”.

So, in one sense, I’m so sorry I’m limited like this. To know His
love and mercy and not to be able to dispense it to you. I know Him
and I love Him. There were decades where that was not true. And I
suppose many were sorry that they couldn’t open my eyes. But it’s not
for us to do. God knows the heart, man looks at the manifestation of
the heart. It takes a truly wise God to know who will make the
distance of eternity and who will not. Frankly, if I were God, I
wouldn’t have opened my eyes. Thank God for His great love!!!!!!!

People, please please take the time and earnestness to look into this
Jesus thing. When it’s all over, it’s all over. You can’t get it
from me. You have to get eternal life from Jesus. I looked in my bag
of stuff to give out to the needy and didn’t find one token to eternal
life. I can’t give you what you most need. And for that, this man is


-17-09 You’re looking for proof regarding Jesus. Personally, I think it’s
fascinating that God knows the pride of people and left us no trace of
Jesus but some of the words he spoke. One of the things he said
points straight at your response. People asked when the kingdom of
heaven would appear. They thought it would come in some political
power or something tangible. His response was that the kingdom of
heaven will appear within the believer. There will be no proof in the
sense that humanity would seek. Your objections come from your own
power. If you seriously sought Him you would soon learn what us
Christians are talking about.


-17-09 We’re so small and stupid. For the most part we’re blind to God’s
reality. And this state of affairs is as God designed it. satan’s
great sin is that though he has seen the face of God, he chose to
rebell. Our rebellion is just as real as satan’s, but because of our
blindness we can be forgiven.

Though we are blind to the presence and face of God, it doesn’t mean
He doesn’t see us. We all do, think, and say things all day long
without realizing we are doing these things in the direct sight of the
Most High God. There is no place in all of creation that isn’t in
direct line of sight for God.

This shows two things: Those who continue to rebell are doing so as
though they were at the very foot of the throne of God. And those who
are struggling to become righteous are doing so at the very foot of
the throne of God. Not only will there be no place to hide when Jesus
appears, there is now no place to hide while we are in flesh form.



-22-09 If you came into my kitchen (assuming I had one) you never see me do
one thing. I would never willingly put my hand on a red hot burner.
Somewhere along the way of my life I learned to avoid that.

If you watched me drive, you’d see that I try hard to stay to the
right of the road when there’s oncoming traffic. This I learned in my
simple quest for survival.

I might run with scissors, but I keep the point in my hand and don’t
hold them point first in front of my eye. This I learned from momma.
And somewhere in my tiny mind I agreed with her.

I walk tender-footed on ice so I don’t fall. I avoid every hungry lion
I meet. I make sure not to drink draino. And I’m very careful to
keep all plastic bags from being wrapped around my head.

One thing that puzzles me, however, is the nature of my human soul.
The very thing I need I find myself being careful to avoid. I need
God more than I need to be careful to avoid bodily injury. But I find
a reluctance to embrace Him. Curious and curious.

When those who hate God come into contact with another who tries to
love God, I find an equally curious reaction. It’s like the one who
seeks God’s favor becomes a death trap of unspeakable horror. The
energy used to humiliate “God seekers” is dimmed to abject darkness
compared with the energy now spent to avoid. I guess I’ve seen it
done like this:

A man is walking through the jungle with a guide. The guide and he
are talking about all the tedious dangers of that place. The man
openly laughs at the dangers he doesn’t see. Yelling into thin air
that he’s not afraid. Then, with the suddenness of an explosion a male
lion leaps around a tree in front of him. Poised to attack, the lion
makes no impression of being a cute little house kitty. The violent
and impulsive reaction of the man could be comical if we compare it to
his bold defiance a moment before. But there is little comedy in pure
survival mode. He’s either gonna lose his life, lose his restraint
to certain socially unacceptable bodily functions, or he’s gonna run
faster than he’s ever run.

That reaction is what we see in the appearance of those who ridicule
God and His people. When met with the reality of hope in Jesus’
children, all boldness and boasting explode into vapor. Such is the
power of Christ in His people. And such is the sure hope we hold so
very dear. Even to death, we will not abandon the Lord we have come
to love.

All praise, honor, and glory to Jesus Christ. Who, by His very
nature, becomes our life’s blood and breath.


-22-09 Moron, Iron, laid on, pressed upon, gallion, Nepolion……………
Phonetics can be fun. Are you tired of thinking about what you say?
Are you afraid you’ll say the wrong thing and be judged by others for
your lack of control? Have you experienced that “wanting to be
anywhere else” when you opened your mouth and made stupid sounds with
the words you thought you knew? Do your friends often respond “huh?”
when you speak to them?

Well, why worry about what you can’t control. We have a sure fire fix
to your perplexing inability to control your tongue. With our system
we can show you how to just give in and let the noises flow. No
longer will you be worried about that annoying dribble. You’ll be
completely satisfied when people simply walk away from you shaking
their head. And we guarantee our product!!!!!!!!!!!!

And for $65.00 in 8543 easy daily installments, we will teach you how
to have fun with your mouth. We have billions of testimonials from
satisfied clients who will gladly show you how many words they can
speak without making any sense at all.

Stupid idea huh? To spend everything to be nothing. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
What’s that got to do with Jesus? Think about it.


-22-09 It is constantly thrown at the human element of faith in God that
there is no proof of God or the power of salvation from sin. This is
an incessant dribble of doubt which cannot be stopped. For as long as
there are humans we will find doubt. I do not condemn it for I too
doubt certain issues regarding the invisible God from time to time. I
am posting this to paint a sketch of my personal experience with

In the one case, the exitance of God, I too used to doubt His very
exitance. Sure, I saw creation and all it’s wonder. Sure I noticed
the vast expanse of space and marveled at it. And I too heard about
the God Christians speak of. But I thought, “ok, so there must be a
God. But I can’t believe a God so great could bother Himself with the
likes of me”. It was in my 30’s when all that changed.

In the other case, the power of salvation from sin, where we speak of
forgiveness of sin in the name of Jesus I too doubted. Even when I
came to religion and did all the ritualistic things they asked of me I
didn’t find the proof I was seeking. Yet there was something
undeniable happening within me as the days, weeks, months, and years
ticked by. There was a transformation toward belief in Jesus that I
couldn’t explain. My reason let me down. The proof I sought wasn’t
even important anymore.

Now, I stand in a new place in my understanding. I believe in Jesus
and the power of salvation from sin. I believe it with every single
fiber of my body and soul. It is absolutely impossible for me to
explain that to anyone. This new place of understanding didn’t come
from me. It is not living in me as though it were anything I could
have guessed. And It is not something I can teach anyone else so that
they can arrive where I am in Jesus.

We can talk about Him. We can gather and do lots of things that look
like the actions of believers. We can even make all the sounds of
believers. But unless your belief has been given to you from Jesus
Himself, you have only wandered by a beautiful place and took in all
it’s beauty through your senses. It’s as though salvation from sin in
the power of Jesus were a fenced off place that the entire world is
welcome to view. But that fence is a perfect barrier to all who would
enter without His consent. No one will enter His peace without His
blessing. The gate is hidden from us, and even if we found it, it’s
lock is eternally shut to anyone’s hand but His.


-22-09 The ole CB. Turn it on and you’ll likely regret it. Just like every
other human invention, it was created and used to help. To help keep
you awake. To help you by sharing important information. But we find
this “useful” tool become nearly useless because of sin. Now, you’re
more likely to hear things you wouldn’t want to hear. You’re far more
likely to hear “god” rather than God. And then we got those people
who think it was created to share their favorite song.

There is nothing in creation that man isn’t capable of corrupting.
Don’t be shocked when you look around your church group and find it
corrupt. That’s the nature of bringing sinners into the group. And
it is at that very dynamic we find Jesus being powerful. It is our
very work to reach the lost for the glory of Christ, and the eternal
life of the dead.

Frankly speaking, when I used to counsel the homeless men, I thought
it an honorable position when they began to use their cuss words when
they spoke to me. It meant they had begun to trust that I was being
real. They stopped putting up a front and began to show me who they
really were. It was at that very point where I could begin to help


-22-09 A man has nothing. A man has no ability to provide for himself. We
have the means and decide to help him. Let’s take a look at that.

Give that man $1.00 and you give him a gift. Give that man $50.00 and
you tempt him. Give that man $1000.00 and you start an engine within
him. We will call that engine greed. Now he has something with a
little power and you’ll find him wanting more. So we will call the
result of the greater gift greed.

Now give that man $10,000.00 and you start another engine, pride. Now
he can purchase things the lowly thousand couldn’t hope for. Now he
can buy things AND people. He can appear to have gained something
others seek and desire. And now he is something special. But ten
thousand is quickly spent and his pride will soon crash all around

Give that man $3 billion and you’ve just given him his own death. For
he can do as he pleases and not regard the society around him. He has
become richer than he can spend. And the power he will feel cannot be
quenched. We have killed him. And there will be no return for him
unless he looses that money.

It is the same with salvation from Jesus. We have nothing. He gives
us what we need. It would be death for us to receive more in this
life. Be content with what He gives for He knows how to help you live.


-24-09 Why, in the world, are you surprised that the leader of a relatively
godless nation should appear godless also? In using “godless” I mean
that they don’t worship God, they worship some various version of
God. How is it that if the people of this nation have elected a man
they want you act surprised? To me, it’s the most natural outcome.
America as a whole wants a world governed by humanity. The last thing
they want is God in control. Heck, even the “church” is falling into
that routine.

-24-09 When a man sins, whether willful or not, there is a price to pay. In
Christianity, we believe Jesus paid that price. But wait. I’m not
talking about the eternal debt to be paid to the Father. How about

If you tell me you’re gonna saw off my index finger if I don’t
accomplish something, I’m likely gonna do what you wanted. Especially
if I believe you have the means and the power to do what you
threaten. But I won’t do what you want for the right reason. I’m
gonna do my task with a bitterness. There won’t be joy in it. It
will be filled with fear watching the clock.

After we’ve sinned and come to Jesus for forgiveness, we receive the
luxury of working through our regret without the fear of punishment.
It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t feel terrible over things we do wrong.
His forgiveness relieves us of that fear factor. Now we can approach
Him and ask for help in discovering just what the heck is so wrong
with us we thought we could do that…………..

Forgiveness allows that unbroken chain of communication between us
fallen and rather dense creatures and the Holy God who made us. He
knows what we need to do. And He’s made a provision in which we can
come to Him for help.



-26-09 I’ve read many posts on here which come from disillusioned folk.
There is an “auto-crap” attitude they seem to use when considering
Jesus and God in general. It’s impossible for me to take their
attempts at attack personally. Quite often they are asking for
something that doesn’t exist: proof.

I just finished reading one post where we learn a bit about one of
these people. It seems the “auto-crap” attitude began when education
entered in. Now I have absolutely nothing against education. But If
we consider education to mean an excitement and enlightening of the
reasoning only, we’ve missed the mark. I believe the old school folks
would have called that book learning. And I don’t remember them using
that term endearingly.

Educate the whole man and you’ve accomplished something. We consist
of reason, yep. We find emotion within us, yep. We find instinctual
responses to certain stimuli, yep. We are constantly working with
something called “self discipline” to bring it under our control,
yep. We work hard at learning social rules so we might be of some
assistance to the world we live in, yep. We find a creature called
faith living in us too, yep.

Educate the whole of yourself. If you don’t you’re much like a
banana boat loaded heavy to the stern. You might float well enough
on calm water, but there is a storm coming.


-22-09 Who can say they haven’t noticed the war of words and ideals being
waged in America today? In all the arguments and attacks I’ve heard
lately I notice the conspicuous absence of one thing: God’s will. We
are told that the end times will come. These end times will be the
judgment of God on all wickedness. But the end times are not a slice
of time as in the blink of an eye. There must be a lead up.

I suggest that Obama and all the other versions of godlessness being
shown are only the tip of the ice burg. There must appear a leader ,
or a group of leaders who will usher in a “man peace” on the world.
America has been a godless nation for way too long. Everything I see
points to the anger of God against social and personal wickedness. We
can fight all we want to rectify the wrongs currently growing. But
the Anger of God will be vented against all ungodliness. Fight if you
will against the current trends but Obama has been raised for this


-11-09 I’m not an activist. Usually, when something political is happening,
I try to remain calm and hold to conservative values. But now,
there’s an attack against even holding to conservatism. There will
soon come a day when even this post will land me in prison. So, why
remain silent any longer? I won’t deny my Lord Jesus. And satan’s
people in power will do their best to destroy me. So why hold back?
If the future is going to be a war against Jesus on earth. Then let
the war begin.

In the mean time. Speak up regarding the eternal qualities of God’s
righteousness. Take my head, take my freedoms, take my possessions,
so what. If it has to be, let’s get it going.  But what’s taking so
long is that satan is devising ways to hold the lost in his grip while
he singles out God’s people. If he moves too fast, he’s likely to
scare the lost in that they will rebell.

Watch and see folks. We are deeply into the last days of freedom for
God’s people in America. We are about to join the persecuted of all
the other nations around us. May God’s will be done!


-17-09 There is a woman named Donna Krupp who is said to be of power from the Lord.  Whether she has God’s blessing in all she says, I don’t know.  But one day someone wrote that she had questioned that if many are called but few are chosen, how do we know if we’re saved.  The following was my reply:

We also read how He said, “My sheep know my voice and listen to me”.
Might I suggest something? That if you’re unsure if you’re one of the
few that you give everything you can to providing yourself proof.
Seek God while it is still called today. If you’re not sure, it’s
possible you’re not. We don’t worship in doubt. We worship through
faith in full assurance of His calling. Therefore make every effort
to make sure your calling and election.

-17-09 In my life I’ve found that there are no words or religious ceremonies
which can compete with the feet of faith. If I ask God to do
something about a situation, I often find that the answer to the
prayer is my own activity. Jesus didn’t come to establish religion
(mans ways of pleasing his version of God). He came to sacrifice a
body, His. Prayer is more often perfected in the actions of faith
given by those who consider their life a living sacrifice.

-17-09 I had a dream/vision last night. A friend had received a car in
exchange for a debt. It was an old beater large car. I took her in
that car to shop for shoes. She got out and I parked the car, but the
brakes weren’t good. I ran into the back of a pickup. Two boys came
around the back of the truck and were all excited to see the damage.
I asked the boys where their father was so I could settle up with
him. They took me to a house near. I told the father about the
accident and he got his coat to go see the damage.

On the way out he nudged me and pointed to a forklift. It was lifting
a van against the side of a building. In the van were a man and woman
who were tied up. As he pulled the van away I noticed there were also
two young children and two young adults tied up in the back. He
turned the forklift away toward a body of water. I thought that if he
were going to put the van in the water I would have to help the
people. I asked for a knife and someone found me an old wooden
handled steak knife.

I ran to the waters edge a ways away from the forklift. By now a
large crowd had gathered around the van to watch. The driver of the
lift looked my way a few times. Then he talked with a helper of his.
They both swam to me. When he came up out of the water he calmly
asked me, “can I help you?’. I said I was just watching. Then he
said, “no, Can I help you?”. I drew back. He said, “I thought so”.
Then he turned his back to me and went toward his forklift again.

In reflection of this dream/vision I realize the Lord had shown me
something of myself. I am a coward. Even if I could have made it to
the family in the van after they went under the water, I couldn’t have
cut loose more than one or two. They were bound so tightly with so
much rope. And when he turned his back I had the opportunity to do
something right there to end this whole problem. I chose to let him

Ok. If that is part of me, then what do I do to work on being a
coward? How do I begin to address this problem in myself? The Lord
answered, you have opportunities to share salvation with others. But
you often are too afraid to share. And in those circumstances death
is not to be feared. But you won’t even mention my name out of

Ponderous stuff………………..


-17-09 Someone posted that Christ admitted that He was not perfect when he responded to a man that God alone was good.  Personally, I think they misread the scripture.  My response to that remark was:

could it be that Jesus answered the man’s real motive for referring to
him as good? The man wasn’t making a statement about Jesus that he
knew to be true. It was more pointed at flattery. And we know that
flattery is of the devil. We also read that Jesus, being in the very
nature God did not consider himself equal with God. But offered
himself as a servant, even to death.


In retrospect, perhaps I should have added this:  If Christ was not perfect, then His sacrifice is not enough to save.  Hmmmmm Wonder where the slander of Christ came from in the first place.


-17-09 It ocured to me a little while back that we are becoming a story. It
is as though we will find our life’s story recounted before the “great
assembly” some day. It’s much like everything we do for the Lord will
become our name. There’s no reason to think that this is a strange
idea. The name of Jesus is glorified because of what He did. His
perfect life, spent in obedience to every desire of His Father in
heaven. Even His sacrifice of His body to humiliation, torture, and
death. This has become His name. What we do on His behalf will also
become our name. Consider, then, how you live that your name might
become something to be happy about.

Got sin in your life that God is plainly telling you to get rid of?
If you don’t do it, you risk a lot. We remember He said that to him
who knows to do good and does not do it he will be beaten with many
blows. But to him who does not know to do good and fails will be
beaten with few blows. Grow your name with the deeds done in the
glorification of Jesus. Invest in eternity now.


-1-09 “We must not hate those who ignore the way of life which is good and
conforms to God’s will, and who pay no heed to the teachings that are
true and divine. Rather, we must show mercy to them as being crippled in
discrimination and blind in heart and mind. For in accepting evil as
good, they are destroyed by ignorance; and, being wretched and obtuse in
soul, they do not know God.”

St. Antony the Great.

“Better is the poor who walks in his integrity Than one who is perverse
in his lips, and is a fool.” Proverbs 19:1

Draw nigh unto God and He will draw nigh unto you.


-14-09 The Lord is true and faultless. Though He is slandered all day long
by such questions as death, suffering, inequality, and biased
actions. There is no fault in the One who created us. The fault lies
in the suppressed understanding of sinful man.

Question what you suspect is faulty, that’s fine. Ponder what you
perceive as unjust, that’s ok. It is right for a man to consider the
inconsistent ways around him. But when you begin to create your final
assumptions regarding the One who allows such things, consider this:

He is called the “Ancient of Days”. He was before us, is now over us,
and will be after we are gone. Consider that our thoughts are not
like His thoughts, simply by virtue of our limited exitance. It
would be wise to struggle to keep our slander to ourselves. For the
Ancient of Days will not hold a loose tongue guiltless.


-14-09 I worry about theft of my things if I hold them as dear and valuable.
But if everything I have and use (including my life) belongs to God,
then theft is of no account. From my thoughts to my TV; from my body
to my shoes, nothing belongs to me. My house is not my own. My car
belongs to the Lord. My money is His. My life is His. And He is
able to either guard it or take it away.

When I live like this, I find freedom. Theft and accusation cannot
become a stumbling block to me when I am not my own.


-14-09 The unforgiven cannot forgive. Guilt is less like a backpack (as in
Pilgrim’s Progress) and more like a shroud. The sun does not shine on
the guilty. And the blood of the guilty is less red and more black.

Our eyes are vacant and dark when all we see is future punishment. So
we turn to things of the senses.

But the forgiven do forgive. They have tasted that the Lord is good.
And who keeps to himself what is good? Forgiveness is like walking in
a field on the high plains in spring; free, open, and joyous. The
sunshine does not hurt our eyes, for they are open and alive. And our
blood becomes healthy and complete; so that the veins in our eyes
allow us to see the colors of the world as the Lord has made it.

Blessed, happy, contented, fearless, and bold is the one who is
forgiven. In Christ Jesus is this way. His Love, indeed, covers us
and releases us from sin.

To the pure in heart, all things are pure. But to those under
judgment, all things are as rotten flesh.


-14-09 If I were born a fool. I would be wise. What things would I consider
against me if I thought myself wise? Nothing would be withheld from
my perfect judgment. I would be king of all creation.

The problem with me was that I thought I was wise. Then, I learned
about the wisdom of God. The wisdom that frustrates the very purity
of my mind. How dare He consider me less than my own opinion. Why
wouldn’t God agree with my greatness.

But I saw my years slip by and noticed (by His Grace) that I had an
end. The darkness of dirt would soon become my home. Then what
wisdom of mine would remain? All my thoughts would vaporize like the
bugs who hit my windshield at night. I would soon enough become
nothing. And He would remain.

Praise, Honor, Glory, and peace be given to the One who is forever.
He alone can justify.

-14-09 The Red Tailed Hawk soars across the sky on his magnificent wings. He
screams to proclaim that he is free, hungry, and determined to find
food. The wise squirrel takes notice and watches the sky. The foolish
rabbit hears the scream and agrees that freedom is good, there is
plenty of food, and he is determined to eat also.

God is good and feeds them all.

There’s an application of this to those who seek to be counted as
belonging to Jesus. But I’ll leave that to you.

7-14-09 Humanity is pitiful, ragged, futile, and naked. There is nothing in
anyone which can be called beautiful. Our world speaks of a beautiful
woman or a handsome man. But these labels are attributed to those
things which will wrinkle, become frail, and return to dust by rot.

There is death, dying, and sickness all around us. I see a small
tree, healthy and vibrant; growing in a lush forest and full of good
expectations. But it grows next to a rotting log. This young tree
will grow. It will become strong and full despite the storms which
rage against it, for it’s roots have found water and good soil. The
storms will become tools designed to give it strength. It will give
harbor to all kinds of birds and the small animals will enjoy it’s
value. But even this tree will find rot begin within.

If this is so for a plant which can often live for 200 years, how more
is this true for us? God alone is beautiful. He does not die, and He
does not contain rot. I consider it pure joy to know that the One who
loves me is willing to share this beauty with me. I become beautiful
when I let Him live in me. When I humble myself to His will and allow
my thoughts to become His thoughts.


-16-09 I saw a raccoon as I was driving along. He was apparently sitting on
the side of the road. As I got closer, I noticed he was sitting like
a human might sit. I thought that’s odd. Then I noticed that his
body was smashed open from the stomach back. He had been run over and
was in shock as he looked at his intestines. The sight was so grizzly
and horrid that I can’t get it out of my mind. I’ve never seen such a
pathetic situation.

In my mind it’s easy to see a lesson from this. I will say this
knowing many will disagree. But it won’t matter. As suddenly,
shockingly, unavoidable, and inevitable as this raccoon’s problem was,
so it will be for all who deny the forgiveness and love of Christ
Jesus in this life.

The freedom you feel now to criticize and provoke will be turned into
horror and utter shame and ruin come the day you stand before the
Lord. I don’t say this to make myself feel good about my own
righteousness. I say this as a truth. These things will happen to
all who put confidence in their own understanding and “righteous”

The Lord is true and has opened this day for our salvation, not some
future date or place. This is the day of salvation and there will be
no other.


-21-09 Forty Brave Soldiers for Jesu  A song by Tom Green

years ago the pride of the Roman army the 12 legion was stationed at sebaste just south of the black sea.It was mid winter, and a harsh order had just come by messenger from the capital at Constantinople.   Reigning as emperor at this time was valerious lycinus, who’s vicious hate for Christianity had caused the death of untold thousands of martyrs.    Snow was falling as the new emperor’s orders was read to the soldiers standing at attention.   Under penalty of death, read the commander all members of the Roman army must at once offer sacrifices to the emperor and acknowledge him as the one true god.No one blinked an eye.   They were Roman soldiers, the most highly disciplined in the world.   But every mind went immediately to the 40 among their ranks who were Christian.   The same thought went through each soldiers mind.   The Christians will never sacrifice to the emperor they will never desert their God.Forty brave soldiers for Jesus.   Forty brave soldiers for Christ.   We’ll be true to our God and stare death in the face.   Though we perish on this lake of ice.   We’ll be 40 brave soldiers for Christ.As soon as the soldiers were dismissed a captain came to the commanders tent and announced that there were 40 soldiers who would not perform the sacrifice to the emperor.   They were immediately arrested and put in the custody of Aglios the chief jailer, who marched them off to military court.   The commander opened the trials formality by saying, Of all the soldiers who serve the empire, none are more loved or needed by us than you.   Do not turn our love and respect to hate and contempt.   How important can this Jesus be?   Bow down to the emperor and this will all be over.   But the leader of the 40 said firmly, The word of God says Thou shall not have any gods before me. We have made our choice.   We will not sacrifice to the emperor;   we will devote our love to the living God.Forty brave soldiers for Jesus.   Forty Brave soldiers for Christ.   We’ll be true to our God and stare death in the face.   Though we perish on this lake of ice.   We’ll be 40 brave soldiers for Christ.Because he did not have the authority to sentence the Christians to death, the commander had to wait for the arrival of the Inspector General, who would be making a visit to the 12 th legion in about a week.   The Christians were put in the custody of Aglios the jailer for that entire week.      When the General came, he agreed with the decision of the commander and gave the Christians a choice: Worship the emperor or be delivered over to torture and death.   The Christians remained firm.  You can have our armor, they said, Our names, our very lives. We have made our choice, we prefer God.      Then the soldiers heard their sentence.   They were to be bound with strong rope and lead to the shore of the near by frozen lake.   For at sundown, they were to be stripped and marched out to the middle of the ice.   At any time, they could change their minds and go through the ritual of sacrifice to the emperor in a heated bath house on the lake shore.Aglios the jailer, who had been caring for the soldiers for a week, watched as the soldiers were stripped and marched shivering onto the ice and into the darkness.   Guards were posted all around the shore to make sure they did not try to escape.   As they marched, they sang.   Forty brave soldiers for Jesus.   Forty brave soldiers for Christ.   We’ll be true to our God and stare death in the face, though we perish on this lake of ice.   We’ll be forty brave soldiers for Christ.For a while, their song echoed all through the camp. But as the hour of midnight approached, and the temperature continued to drop, their voices grew more and more weak.   Then one of the forty was seen emerging from the darkness.   He was giving up.   He would sacrifice to the emperor.   He fell to his knees on the shore and began crawling to the bath house.   Only Aglios the jailer was still awake to hear the thin voices of the ones on the ice shiver, Thirty nine brave soldiers for Jesus.      Aglios watched the man enter the bath house and emerge quickly.   Apparently overcome by the heat.   He saw the man collapse on the ground and lie still.   At that moment something happened to the heart of Aglios the jailer.   What it was, only he and God will ever know.   The guards reported hearing a great cry which jerked them awake.   Rubbing their eyes they watched as Aglios the jailer wrenched off   his armor and ran out on to the frozen lake shouting:Forty brave soldiers for Jesus.   Forty Brave soldiers for Christ.   We’ll be true to our God and stare death in the face.   As we perish on this lake of ice.   We’ll be forty brave soldiers for Christ.


-15-09 “What’s the temperature?” The answer depends on the instrument used
to measure. 32 f, 0 c, warm, cold, hot, frigid, etc. What is sin?
Depends on who you ask as to what answer you get. Ask a sinner and he
might tell you of some hedious crime or some unjust action against him
in his life. Ask a “church goer” and you’ll likely be told some
hashed up remnant of a scripture or wives tale about what sin is.
Ask a preacher and you’ll have an ear full. Ask God and He will tell
you “You are”.

-15-09 I often think of the Christian martyrs and admire the gift the Lord
gave them. Some saw it’s importance at the time. But I imagine there
were millions who couldn’t see the future before the Lord of Glory in
what they were about to experience. What about us?

In my world I try to remember the brotherhood of believers who have
gone before. Billions of them from the beginning of time until now,
and into the future till the Lord comes. I’m one of them. Wow. But
what I am saying to those faithful ones is being yelled out through
every decision and word I speak. I look at how I act among people.
Am I being a witness my brothers wouldn’t be ashamed to fellowship
with? I look at how I act in the dark, when no one is around and
freedom attends my thoughts and actions. Am I being a silent witness
to the Holiness God desires from His people?

These billions will be there come that day of judgment. We will stand
shoulder to shoulder. I will do well to consider how I live, lest I
receive shame come that day.


-26-09 The sun almost rises in the gray world. The moon glows on the
horizon in the gray world. Color is almost perceived in the gray
world. Clouds almost form from the evaporation of the dew in the
morning in the gray world. People almost wake up in the gray world.
Night workers almost go to bed in the gray world.

What a STUPID world!!! Yet so very many treat the Holy God as though
He were gray. They water down truth until it has no meaning. The
Law of God no longer has any effect against sin. Death is only a
doorway into our rightful glory. There is no judgment. Thus there
can be no punishment. Let alone an eternal hell.

There is no shadow of turning within the Father of Souls. He who
lives in unapproachable light calls to our gray world. Right now He
softly beckons us to listen. He offers forgiveness of sin now through
Jesus. He offers to teach us now how to live holy before Him. To
prove our love for Him and our hatred of the things of this world.
But the day is soon coming when we will no longer have a choice.

Live in your gray world if you must. But I’d advise buying some
serious sun glasses for the day to come. You’re gonna need em.


-13-09 No man has ever wept as deeply as those who finally see the kingdom of
heaven and realize that they are not allowed to enter. When the body
is gone and all the temporary world of “today” dissolves, God will

The vast majority of our conversations leave God out, for whatever
reason. But the day is soon coming when the only topic of
conversation ever spoken will be of God. There is a day coming when
no man will consider a reality without God.

If you take a true look into your own experience here and are honest
with yourself, you will find a sincere lacking of your dedication to
the eternal God. The question is: Will this lacking provoke you to
that deep weeping and gnashing of teeth that those without hope will
utter come that day?

Trust Jesus’ salvation as it’s offered now and avoid the deep regrets
about to fall on all the unsaved. Your choice, your response to this
and to me mean nothing. Your response to the Living God is all that


-20-09 Only our soul can imagine the thunderous sound of billions of billions
of souls saved by the blood of Jesus on the first day of His kingdom.
The words of praise and thanks shaking heaven. Hearts realizing the
freedom of eternal forgiveness and love for the first time. Eyes
gazing on the glory of Jesus for the first time.

Only the soul can imagine.


-13-09 So many wonder about the meaning of life. And it’s hard to truly nail
it down when talking to people who don’t know Jesus. But here’s
something that came to mind a while ago:

Life is like a class room of children. The teacher wants to know
which students are there to learn and which are only there because
they must be. She tells the children to read 3 chapters of their text
book and take a test which is then handed out. Then she leaves the
class room. While she watches a TV monitor the children are left
alone to do her will.

Some will play. Some will bully others. Some will sleep. But a few
will do her will. Look in your heart and you will know that those who
do her will will be ridiculed and punished by the others. But a few
will persevere. In the end the teacher will know the actions of all.
And will reward those who do her will.

Such is life. And the meaning of life? To seek our creator while it
is still called today.


-13-09 Don’t be dismayed at the state of affairs in America. Rather, if you
are of Christ, expect that in your life you will suffer for the name
of Christ. Perhaps you will, and perhaps you won’t. But in the end,
living as though dead, you will have lived a life worthy of the Lord
who calls you heavenward. Not to mention that on the great and
terrible day of the Lord we will stand shoulder to shoulder with all
humanity. The vast majority of the Lord’s people will have suffered
greatly for His name. Shouldn’t we also wish to suffer for the sake
of Jesus?
11-30-09 At the guard shack last night, while checking out my papers, the girl asked me, “What’s good Paul?”  By the Lord’s great grace, I said, without so much as a thought:  “There is One who is Good and that’s God.  Everything else that is not subordinate sucks”.  Jesus told us not to think ahead of time what answer we should give.  The Holy Spirit would give us the words to say.  Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  Amen!


-30-09 At lunch yesterday with Lindsey, Ryan, Eric, Jim and Diane, I looked at the bacon and muttered: “Since it’s cooked, she’s ruined any chance I have of playing Frankenstine with a pig”.  On the surface the remark is only funny.  But look a little deeper.  Once a deed is done it is no longer available for any other purpose.  Consider, then, how you serve God.  Ask the question: Am I doing something ordinary or am I setting up for the miraculous?


-30-09 I just heard on the news that a tornado had torn the cross off a steeple of a church where those inside were voting whether to allow their clergy to be homosexuals.  They should take heed to what happened.  But the story isn’t the most dangerous information.  The news caster chuckled at the end of the story and said, “They should rethink their vote as they gathered again”.  His chuckle indicated that he was not sure this was from God.  Take warning from this story.  Watch and listen, your soul is at stake.  Though few still believe in the hand of God active in the world, it was the same in Sodom and Gamora.  It was the same in many historical times.  And it is the same now.  Don’t think that God is not active now.  Simply because this is your time.  You too will soon be history.


-1-09 We all know that there are things about us we need to change:  Personal habits, pet sins, lies we need to fix or stop telling.  But how will we change?  We find that the harder we try, the more entrenched those things become.  We say, “Well, I’ll just read the Bible more, pray more, longer, or harder”.  But the changes remain elusive.  Might I suggest something.  Try all you can till you finally realize that it’s not the working that will change you. Then turn to Jesus, lower your tools of change and do what He says.  Only the Lord knows how to change you.


You see, we work on what we perceive as needing attention.  But the Lord knows what changes cause permanent holiness.  He will help us see what we can do to help, while He works on the parts of us we can’t see.  “My sheep hear my voice and listen to me”l  Seek God with all you have till you find Him.  Then when you find Him do what He says.  There’s no other to please Him than to trust and obey.  “it is by faith we are saved.  Not by works, lest any man should boast”.


-2-09 I had a dream last night.  It was vague and hard to remember.  But it also seemed very familiar.  We (don’t know who the we is) came to agree that our souls were too complicated.  We were being gently moved into singling out for one purpose.  In the end I got into the passenger side of a car and was going away from the “we”.  


What the dream meant, or if it even had a meaning, I don’t know.  But it seems I have had that dream a few times in the distant past.  May the Lord be true and may His hand succeed in what He has planned.  I am your servant O’ Lord.


-3-09 This I write for my own sake.  So that I might remember a certain point as my age increases and my body decreases.  If this becomes important to you who read it, then well and good.


The Lord told us that what is done in secret for the glory of Jesus is kept with the Father as a crown for us.  One day we will all lay our crowns at Jesus’ feet.  For He alone is worthy to receive all glory and honor and praise from His redeemed ones.  So as we encounter opportunity to suffer, it would be good to keep our pain to ourselves.  I understand the desire we feel to have understanding from those who love us.  And the saying is true, “Misery loves company”.  But would it go well for us to hold some of our complaining for the day when we see God”?  Of course it would.


Let each one do as each one can.  But consider something Paul:  Look at your own mind a moment.  don’t you admire those with severe suffering who don’t complain?  Isn’t it a lovely thing when they obviously trust that what they suffer is common to man?  And isn’t it beautiful when we see them trusting God in this suffering?


I do not intend to judge others in this.  I point this out for my own benefit.  Again, let each one do as each one can.  But let us spur one another on to good deeds.


-07-09 Left to lay in Mamma’s arms a basket warm and frail.
Filled with what treasure was, this basket hit the trail.
Feeding all who ventured by with what’s contained therein.
This basket found he killed his friends with poison from within.
Now broken, shattered, burnt, and empty, the basket begged for fill.
The basket weaver saw the plight repairing what was ill.
And now the basket’s overflow mends others ruptured so.
Finding power beyond destruction coming from below.


-07-09 When all is said and all is done
We find so little dreams begun.
Then Face to face, we find that Grace
promotes who we’ve become.

A fire rages all around to test and to refine.
Life to some and death to most, this fire does define.
You, my son, are in the kiln; reducing gold from dross.
And all my hopes are heart ward sent that you won’t suffer loss.

Light let go the breath of life, and babes we all became.
Through night we war and fight our foe; our enemy the same.
One babe was born, who calls us friend, and beckons to His own.
This light of love which calls us home, will hold us in the end.


-08-09 Beyond question, it is a Great joy to share the message of Jesus
anywhere. There is no distaste to me to type the truth of the Gospel.
I see many on here who feel the same. God bless this venue. May His
grace enter into the hearts of all who seek salvation. Thank you
Lord, for sharing your work with your servants. Thank you that we do
know you. That all hope is given to us that we might desire to
share. Such an in filling is a marvelous thing. Thank you Lord


-08-09 I am still in this body. But soon I’ll be released, and that for
eternity. Like all people, I know this to be true. What separates
Jesus’ flock from others, however, is the knowledge that the day of my
separation from the body is to become present with the Lord with joy.
If this is true for you, I present the rhetorical question, why fear?
And yet we do.

I’m not pointing fingers. Just bringing up a subject. If we believe
(to whatever extent we believe) our fears should be much less than
those who don’t believe. While in this body, I intend to seek that
place of fearlessness. Let’s see how well I do…. How about you?
got fear? Why.


-11-09 We banter words supposing that the idea in our head is being
communicated to someone else. God created language. And as C. S.
Lewis once mentioned: “He did not consult us on the matter”. But we
shrug our shoulders and bend them to the task. With all our heart we
ply the letters of the alphabet toward understanding. If we like what
we see, and think it worthy and summary of our thought, we send them
out for scrutiny. If not, well, we have “delete”.

God’s word is not so lightly spoken as man’s. When He speaks it is
with final authority and will accomplish that for which it was sent.
Our experience is slightly less successful. Ok. This is our lot. We
are what we are and the limits placed on our minds remains.

I consider how easily our words get tripped up by others. Even if we
intend truth and sincerity we often miss the mark. But, being honest,
how often are our words let loose on humanity through an absolutely
pure filter of love? And, let us remember that those who seek truth
are far fewer than those who seek only a certain measure.

May God bless you with His words as you seek to deliver heaven to the


-11-09 Lord, I pray your hand upon my eyes. I still see men walking around
like sticks. You died for them, but I put up with them.

My ears hear Your words. But they sound like some distant sound.
Like a sound muffled through the rising heat.

This heart you gave me to seek your face loves the tempo of Your
ways. But it seems I have no sense of rhythm.

Ten toes attached to marvelously constructed feet are able to provide
me balance. But when I walk in the narrow way my fingers linger over
the fences.

It is enough that I am counted as your own. And in this I greatly
praise and thank you. But for the sake of the “sticks” I ask your
mercy. Heal my ears that I might receive the sound of Your voice.
Open my heart, that I may learn to dance as one who cares. Set my
toes and fingers in The way, lest I wander after the world.

With all I have, my Lord, I thank You for salvation. You are a God
who sees. Nothing escapes your notice. Yet Your love allows my
fumbling. Great are You and Greatly to be praised. O’ Jesus, my God
and my King.


-15-09 Pilgrims Progress shows us an individual who will talk of anything,
provided his conversation partner/s keep it civil. I’ve met him on
here. Full of talk about what is good. His views of Jesus are rather
vague. I take that to mean he doesn’t really know Jesus.

Billions of words spoken might, by some means, land on truth once in a
while. But that does not make the man speaking them truthful.
Wouldn’t it be better to seek truth and ignore that vast arena of
ideas? What will we say to the Lord on that day? “I sought and
learned everything you allowed on earth. I became articulate on every
subject so that I could embody all truth”. Great.

There is One truth for man: Jesus. For there is no other name under
heaven given to man by which we must be saved. I’d advise Mr
Talkative to seek Jesus and abandon all his various words in favor of
one: Jesus. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. He is all in all and more than
enough for those who love Him.


-15-09 Today I looked at my feet and saw them as a testimony against me.
Ponder with me if you will, for most of us have feet.

They do not belong to Peter, Hosea, Micah, Solomon, David, or Adam.
They are my feet. When I stepped in them, I left tracks. Often where
these tracks were left becomes a testimony against me. If this were
the end of the story I’d not bother to write about it. How could
anyone be surprised that I am not a good man?

The Lord’s feet walked precisely where His Father required. Every
place He touched was blessed by the Maker of Souls. His testimony
regarding His feet is pure, complete, powerful to save. I Praise you
O’ Lord, Ancient of Days, for Your love; that You should consider man
and present your feet as a living sacrifice to Your Father on our

My feet do stink, regardless how I wash them.


-15-09 What and where is pride? Who can fathom his house among the
wilderness of the human soul? Who can see the light that shines dimly
from it’s upper window, where pride watches for opportunity? Who sees
pride leave his front door toward our mind. He slips from tree to
tree, staying deep in the shadows. We have sought his paths and not
found them. But silently he approaches. We talk and talk, do and
do. All the while unaware of his approach. And when he finally comes
upon us, who can tell from which direction he came?

How very sad is the condition of man that we should be so blind to
such a great sin. Thanks to Jesus for His sacrifice. Who would be
able to stand before the Most High God without the blood of Jesus
about him?

“Now we see, as through a glass darkly. Then we shall know fully,
even as we are fully known”.


-16-09 Repentance before faith?  Or is it faith before repentance.  This was a question a man was mulling over.  Here’s my reply:

Indeed, a difficult subject. Allow me a moment to render a fools
approach to this puzzle.

If I accept Jesus’ gift of salvation, I receive it. It is given to me
free of charge, without repentance.
In part this is true. But to accept it I must repent of my own
attempts at righteousness too.
An impossible puzzle to put together except for one thing:

Jesus is the author and finisher of my faith. And in Him I find
everything I need to be free of guilt.
However, I do feel wearied by guilt for the things I do which do not
bring Him glory.
But Ah hah!!! perhaps that’s the key. I repent of my sins and sinful
ways that He might receive glory from my life.
To say, on that great and terrible day, Lord I loved you because you
first loved me. Here is the proof of it my God. I turned away from
sinfulness that Your glorious name might not be defiled by your
servant. If You find any good in me, it belongs to You, Lord. All
praise to You my Lord! You are worthy of all praise and honor and
glory, and that to the glory of the Father.

Thus, I repent of my misdeeds to the Glory of the Lord who bought me.
Repentance, then, becomes an act of worship. Worship as opposed to
regret or pennence.


-16-09 The lyrics to a song go:  “You never know who’s listening.  You never know who sees.  The results of the time you spend living on your knees.  You never know just where your life will show.  You never know.  You never know.”  (Bruce Carroll)  How very true.


-18-09 With respect to the above entry:  Take a look at the following and ponder with sobriety.  

When I was young I adored the cowboy movies.  As I grew up, Clint Eastwood became my hero of choice.  In the movies he was always independent, sure of his ways, just (in a ruthless way).  He was one who respected what was good, yet he could murder at the drop of a hat.  In a word he was a soldier.  And his movie characters were my heros.  Now he’s an old man.  And it’s hard to see that same fearlessness in him.  Not to mention my own age.


My hero showed me how to hate, fight, and accept my own isolation.  for a time I became that kind of man.  Short of murder, I took what I could.  I threw people away and counted no one as friend.  But heros let us down.  Both they and us grow old.  We both find that our limits become more and more blatant.  How we live our lives is a direct result of who we hold as our hero.  How many “great” men and women have been heros?  And how many people have found themselves without a guide?


I present for consideration, Christ Jesus.  What are we trying to accomplish by choosing our heros?  We are trying to find meaning for our own lives.  The greater our find, the greater we become.  but what does “Greater” mean?  Does “greater” mean stronger, quicker, louder, more careless, better looking, more socially acceptable, smarter, more violent, more peaceful?  “Greater” is a subjective term then.  What is “greater” is subject to our own opinion.  but as I mentioned if “greater” is based on human heros, they will ALL fail us.


Now look to eternity please.  All our lives we are becoming the best we can be at what our heros say is great.  But we die, and so do they.  We are eternal beings locked in a bag of skin for a short time.  When we die we are set free from this sack and find ourselves naked and alone before the throne of the Holy God.  There we will give account of everything we’ve become.  Who our hero was will matter at that moment.  Who we aspired to become will show embarrassingly clearly.


Now for the reason I asked that you ponder with sobriety.  This Holy God is pure.  Nothing impure can enter His presence.  Our excuses of who our hero/s were or are will not exempt us from the fact of who God is.  Yet who our hero was will deffinately show.


Jesus told us clear about this.  There can be no dispute about what Jesus meant regarding our hero, and who he must be.  He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the light.  No one comes to the Father but by me”.  And He said, “I and the Father are one”.  If you have seen me, you have seen the Father”.  “I always do what pleases Him”.  And now a hard saying he left us:  “I tell you the truth.  Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood you cannot be my disciple”.  Be sober and know that only those who are disciples of Jesus will enter heaven.  Our eternal home is directly dependent on who our heros are.  And in the end result, what we make of this Jesus becomes everything.


As is my custom, here is the word of warning:  If you wish to die, retain your earthly heros.  If you wish to live, exchange them for Jesus.


“When I was a child, I talked like a child.  I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child.  When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.  Now we see but a poor reflection, as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face.  Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known” (1 Cor. 13: 11, 12).  As you become aware of mature behavior, be sober and wise.  Exchange dying heros for the one who is eternal.



-20-09 > As long as I sit here I’m going to be really pissed off,
> just looking for things to complain about.
> They are not few.
> I am not making them up.

> What do you expect?
> To say everything’s okay? Some other submission?
> Suspecting it may ever happen,
> I back off when I see a reason to, when I can do so.
> —
> Michael

It’s been wisely spoken: “choose your battles carefully, lest you lose
the war.” With patience and thought a man makes himself a worthy
opponent. On the other hand, being another’s adversary doesn’t exactly
equate with “right”. Sigh, I see your point. Guess I’ll back off
now. lol

-22-09 The time of testing souls is almost over.  Whether we die or the Lord comes, God will soon close the door.  In one sense, I’m so looking forward to the end.  Let your ears hear:  “Wake up O’ sleeper.  rise up and seek the Lord and His way”.  Fight all the harder.  Look around you with eyes of God.  See how close it is.  “. . . People will go on deceiving and being deceived”.  Look at the lies!  Open your eyes!  Listen to the call of the Lord.  Don’t be caught without the righteousness of Christ Jesus.


-22-09 Christmass means a worship service for Christ.  That’s all it means.  All else that the world around us adds to it is “extra”.  The date, the presents, the meal, the “be nice”, the “be good”, the lie of satan, and all else are extras.  If we take Christmas for what it is, then we can live it all year long.  Jesus’ people will worship Him forever.  Why not start now?  Isn’t it interesting that the world looks down on those who set God first?  Yet, in just a little while, God will be first.  Live your life as one who is already in eternity.


-22-09 What you are now is what you will be for eternity.  Some would say, “Not True”!  But there is a great truth to that statement.  consider the following:

  1. What are you doing with Jesus?
    1. Ignoring Him
    2. Acting like you like Him
    3. Doing some of the things He wants you to do
    4. Loving Him and obeying what you hear Him say
  2. What are you doing about people?
    1. self serving
    2. apathetic
    3. supporting secular good works
    4. serving everyone as the Spirit of God directs you.
  3. What about your money, fame, skills, and thoughts?
    1. Spending on your own desires
    2. Hoarding all for no eternal purpose
    3. Spending or saving for your loved ones
    4. Using these gifts to enhance the work of Christ
  4. What about the Bible?
    1. Don’t own one.  Wouldn’t be caught dead with one.
    2. Makes a good center piece, door stop, or addition to the book shelf
    3. I open it at random, read a bit and close it
    4. Love it! Read it every chance I get

Again, what you are currently doing is what you will be for eternity.


-27-09 “When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With
that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit” (John 19:13).

In answer to a call, the repairman showed up at the door. He was
shown to the machine in question and told that it wouldn’t work. He
checked the plug, that was fine. He checked the motor, that was
fine. He checked the hardware, that was fine. Lacking a clue as to
why the machine wasn’t working, the repairman asked the owner why it
wasn’t working. “I load it, select the proper buttons, let it go
through all it’s paces, and still don’t get the desired results.

The repairman put his hand to his chin and thought a moment. “Show me
what you do”. The owner went to the waste can, took out the garbage,
and placed it in the washing machine. Pressing all the right buttons
for a thorough cleansing and turned to the repairman. “Now watch.” he
said. “It will still be garbage when it’s done.” The repairman
turned to leave muttering to himself, “garbage in garbage out”.

Are you trying to clean yourself? Or are you using your faith in the
finished work of Christ.

Want holiness?


-27-09 Michael wrote:  > …if you are not going to lay down your life.

> If you haven’t lost your life, all you say and all you do is hypocrisy.

> Michael Christ

Jesus is hope for the hopeless and a helper to the foolish. To forget
about Christianity? Some should forget it if they desire to have
Jesus, eternity, and sin in the same moment. But to those who are
frail in their way, the Lord has spoken the following: “A bruised
reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out,
till he leads justice to victory.” (Isa 42:3 and Matt. 12:20 )

Hold on to what you have until He comes. Strive and fight with the
faith the Father has given you lest you lose what remains. “Wake up!
Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your
deeds complete in the sight of my God.” (Rev. 3:2) We are not what
we were when He called us. We are not what we will be at His

It is right that we should encourage each other on to our saving faith
in Christ Jesus. It is wrong that we should judge before the coming
day. The Apostle Paul said that he does not even judge himself. But
he holds his judgment of all things for that day.


-27-09 May you seek the worship of Christ (Christ mass) all year long.
sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss­sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss . . .


-27-09 We’re God’s kids. “Are we there yet”?

-29-09 What is the best way to get rid of sin in your life?  Great question!  Recognizing it exists is of primary importance.  1. Accept Jesus as your Savior and the Holy Spirit as your guide.  2. Listen and do the will of the Spirit.  3. Receive a clean conscience from the forgiveness offered by Jesus.


-1-10 Everything I write in this journal will stand with me on that day.  Some of it to my defense, some to my detriment.  but all I writ is an attempt to glorify the Lord of Glory.  Where I have hit the mark with my words, they produce a seed of truth.  By Your Grace, O’ Magnificent One!


-1-10 Most want Christ and His teachings to just go away. Got it. But you
can’t make light go away, you can only block it out. He speaks the
very will of God because He has always done the will of God. He will
not go away.

However, it is possible to screen Him out from our minds. It’s as
though we place a screen between ourselves and His voice. But the
word screen doesn’t quite do as an example of this filtering here. It
is more like using bricks or stones or steel as sunglasses for most.
They say “God forbid that any of Christ’s teachings get into my mind
and corrupt my materialistic thinking and desires”. They immediately
betray that their screen has holes in it. For didn’t they say “God
forbid . . .”? Ponderous………………………..


-1-10 An observation from a fool:  The Bible is the word of God. To whatever extent a man has it in his
mind, he provides himself with recourse toward what is pure and good.
Yet let us not confuse the mental retention of God’s word with
righteousness. A man is considered righteous before God if he does
the will of God. Many people, those who believe in God, picture
themselves justified before God because they can spout a torrent of
“righteous” words at the drop of a hat. While these same people curse
other humans, and ignore the more essential duties as a “fellow” human

In a fashion, we are a trinity being. We are made of body, mind, and
spirit. To rely on only one part of our being without addressing the
present necessity of the other two is to become lopp sided. What God
has given us is a very delicate task of balance.

We are saved by the sacrifice of Christ. But we work out our
salvation by doing what-so-ever He commands. Let us encourage each
other toward good works: Works of the body, in the helping of those
who present a need. Works of the mind, in the preparation which only
the Word of God can deliver. Works of the spirit, which causes us to
consider others as of more import than ourselves.

A life worth living is a balanced life. “Do not be deceived, a man
reaps what he sews. He who sews to please the sinful nature, will,
from that nature reap destruction. But he who sews to please the
Spirit, will from the Spirit, reap eternal life”. As long as it is
called, make the most of every facet of yourself.


-1-10 Refuting Stupidity:  Satan is an eternal and spiritual being. Evidently he was quite high
in the heavenly realms before he was cast out. So it has been said
that he is pure evil. Anything pure must be undiluted. Consider

Mock a proud man about something he has said or done and you get anger
as a response. Mock satan by refusing his advise as childishly stupid
and you will get pure anger. As a pure evil being, no doubt, he
cannot tolerate chiding.


-3-10 To someone who said that death does not exist:  Wondering how old you are. How is your health. What your history
shows you about the reality of human suffering. And what you think of
the Lord Jesus before His death sweating as though drops of blood at
the prospect of His coming suffering and death. Then I wonder how
close you’ve been to those who experience failing health and imminent

Though the spirit lives on, we are still locked securely in a body of
limited abilities until that moment of separation. To post a
headline “DEATH DOES NOT EXIST’ seems to indicate that you are trying
to encourage fearlessness toward that dark, unknown, and foreboding
door. Just a thought in response to your post.


-5-10 The Lord is worthy of every consideration, whether in this life or the next.  Therefore, in all you do, do it all with consideration of His Glory.


-5-10 C. S. Lewis, in his book “the screwtape letters”, refers to humanity
as animals. What a pregnant idea. I believe he is right. Without
the Spirit of God within, each man is nothing but an animal. But with
the Spirit begins a transformation. From animal to man. And there is
yet another transformation promised: man to eternal spirit.

It was my personal experience that when I came to Christ there was a
period of time when I was an animan. A sort of hybrid of animal and
man. I still find that animal present. But my consistent desire has
changed from the base to the highest. Many never get beyond the
animal.  Aspire of the living Spirit of God within.

Just thought I’d throw that out there for comment.


-7-10 Drink from the water of truth that flows from the throne of God. Do
not partake from the distilled vomit that comes from the mouths of

-13-10 Michael posted that he would rather Christians just “go away”.  He is fed up with dealing with our ways and thoughts.  Here’s my response:

We will, one day, go away from you. Be patient. But in that “going
away” you will find no joy. Rather, I advise you become a fool like
us. Join in our foolishness. Believe in God and turn your vulgarity
into praise for His mercy toward you. You use the mind and fingers He
gave you to tear Him down. I don’t judge you in this. I used to do
the same. Just be careful how much you long for our “going away”.

-13-10 Speaking to a friend last night I was trying to share what success in
the Lord is. We all struggle with sin. What do we do when we
continue to fall into the same obvious sin? Well, obviously, we get
back up and reach for the Lord. The following came out of me in that
conversation. It was not from me.

Two soldiers are landed on a beach and have orders to take out a
machine gun bunker. They race toward their target. In the process of
getting there they are both shot with many bullets. Bleeding and
dying, one slumps to a sitting position and slowly fades away.
Shocked and numbed by his wounds and the realization that he has found
the end of his life. The other falls too, shot beyond recovery, But
he begins to crawl toward the target, forgetting his own death.

After the battle they are both found. The first is found where he
fell. The second is found 30 yards from where he fell. They both did
what they were told as best they could. Neither is found to be
without honor. However, in light of the question “What do we do when
we continue to fall into the same obvious sin”: Look at the actions
of the second. He will be honored above his comrade. Though all hope
of success was gone, he kept going. In short, he was caught dead


-13-10 Michael shot at the concept of forgiveness for those who sin against us.  My reply:

He who is forgiven much loves much. wow… Imagine how loving you’d
become if you allowed Jesus to forgive your sins. As it is, there is
no surprise at how full of hatred you are. In Jesus, I look forward to
the message you type after He comes to save you. Father, thank you
for Michael. Thank you for your love. Please look with mercy on his
heart and bring him into our family. By Your Great Grace Lord. With
God all things are possible.


-13-10 Some lose their right to engage in the testing of their hearts in this
world because they do not recognize the power of God through Jesus
among His people. In other words, “many have fallen asleep”. They
were (and many are) taken from life in this world. Beware! A lack of
respect for the Holiness of God can result in His judgment toward
you. Avoid being cut off from our mutual experience of faith. If you
want to live out your testing, keep God as Holy in your mind, faith,
words, and actions.

“But if we judge ourselves, we would not come under judgment” (1 cor.
:31). Look at who you are. Look at your attitude. Look at your
sin. Let yourself be depressed at your lack of the sense of God’s
Holiness. Fast in food and joy. Keep things you enjoy from
yourself. Punish yourself in a memorable yet secret way. Let God see
that you realize what you’ve done. As all cost avoid a judgment from
God, lest He take you our of this world because of your sins. All
this is between you and God! Seek His way and His advice.

I write this as a personal experience. This is not a blind shot at
Christians and their apparent behavior. This is a personal message
from my person to yours.


-14-10 Someone posted the following: “The recently passed law in Ireland against blasphemy, which threatens $35,000 fines for any person who “publishes or utters matter that is
grossly abusive or insulting in relation to matters held sacred by any
religion thereby causing outrage among a substantial number of the
adherents of that religion,” is a weird throwback to the medieval
mentality. It also reflects a period of Irish history in which the tie-
in between church and state was so intertwined as to be synonymous.”


My reply was: In this day of pluralism, I’m not surprised to see such laws coming
back. They are not as ancient as you think. They have always been
among us. That a state now proposes them as law is only the fruit of
evil. Evil has kept it’s tree well pruned and watered. And now we
see it coming of age. Why should we think that we will escape the
same sufferings as those who went before us. The next step of these
laws is to alienate Christ and His people. Be sure of this, the day
is soon coming when the world will turn from legistrative religion to
persecution of those who cannot deny the singleness of Christ. What
you see now is only the tip of the iceberg. Hold on. It’s about to
get MUCH worse.

-15-10 When I meet a man, often he shows his aggressive side first. It is
rare that a man will respond with compassion at a “hello”. The curse
of the cursed is the mind-set of the saved. “Oh. You’re one of those
worldly people. I should avoid you lest you taint my walk with

Who will be an intercessor for those in need? At what point is our
cleanliness dusted by those who don’t know Jesus? Why do we think God
set the Kingdom of Heaven in the heart and not as an outward sign of
His presence? 1. To protect it from the pride of man. 2. To protect
it from the hatred of the unsaved. 3. To prove the hearts of those
who enter by not allowing any sign but love for brothers.

Who will stand in the gap for the unsaved? Only he who knows the Lord
Jesus has his back.


-15-10 Come the day I see the face of the Lord Jesus, I will know His power
was enough to save. Then I will be asked what I did with that saving
faith. At that point, I should wish to have a rather long list of the
love of Christ working through me. Woe is me, or any man, who has
accepted the Loving Grace of Jesus and not repented of sins or worked
the work of God which was given him to do. Go ahead and keep your
simple saving faith in Christ. And proport it as the only saving
vehicle. I agree. But it would be to our benefit to work the work of
Him while the day is still called today. One without the other is of
very little value.

Imagine Christ coming to do the Father’s will only to sit on a rock
and wait to die. After all, who had more faith in the Father than the
Son? But we see the work of God being done as a result of His Faith


-15-10 A number of comments were posted about how people who speak of God and religion in a favorable sense are nothing but “lysmen” and the dogs of the earth.  Here was my reply:

By the Glory of God within His people, You’re right!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We
are the dogs of the earth. We are the scum of the earth! According
to the father of lies who you now serve, we are a cancer. We are
vile. We are like any disease. So was it with Jesus, the Son of the
Most High God. And it is as it should be that we are referred to as
everything wicked by the wicked hearts who obey the father of lies.
But to the Holy Fire of the Living God, we are accounted as gems being
tested by the world we live in. Those who give in to the lies of this
world can’t see the glory of serving the Living God.

So, in all you said here, I agree.

Father, let Michael see. Open his eyes that he may see how close he
is to you. That as he rails from the pit of hell, he doesn’t stand
too far from the door of salvation. How else could he know who to yell
at? He desires fellowship in Your realm and with your people. But
all he can see right now is lies. By Your wonderful grace, and
through Your powerful hand I ask your mercy for this man. He is still
among the ones who are being tested. Sovereign Lord, grant mercy to
him for the Glory of Your Name.

-15-10 Michael wrote that God should damn me as I speak against what he writes.  Here’s my reply:  The day will soon come for you Michael, when you will hate who you are
with more venom than you now hate the Jews. You will spit at your own
name. And curse the day you opened your heart to the vile. I will
not pity you on that day. But I will dance the dance of one who
knows a good has happened. I will to embrace your future in Christ
Jesus. And I long for the day when the Lord of all Creation cracks
that shell you now hold as a shield between you and what is right and
good. You will lose all you currently know. Everything you now
depend upon will vanish like a mist in a storm, never to be seen or
trusted in again. You will feel a vast emptiness when you look for
your hatred. It will no longer be. All you hold dear, and all you
crave in your evil will turn and bite you. At that moment you can be
sure I told you these things. At that moment, the Lord Jesus Christ
will shine on you and lift you from the depths you now inhabit. In
that day, I will call you brother, and will not take it back. In that
day, you will have all you now lack. The Lord is not only able, but
one day He showed me that, in Christ Jesus, Kane is Able.

Father, thank you that you see what’s happening now. Thank you that
all you intend for Your children is good and eternal. Thank you that
you hear my prayer and see the motives of my heart. In the name of
your Son Jesus I pray, with all my soul, that you release Michael from
the grip of the evil one. That you shield him from the way of death
and the temptations which are surely to come as he is released. By
Your Grace, O’ Holy Lord of all, I thank you for your mercy.


-15-10 “Gimme a Coke. And make it quick”! “I’ll take a milk please. After
all, milk does a body good”. “Slide me a beer. I’m parched”. “Can
you make some Kool aid hon?”

“Gimme some difficulty. And make it quick. Lest I grow cold through
my complacency”.
“I’ll take a pain please. After all pain does a soul good”.
“Slide me some hope. I’m parched”.
“Can you quench my thirst Lord? I’m a bit wearied.

“Can you drink of the cup from which I drink”? Can the Lord’s people
walk the walk? There’s a flood of God’s word all around us. How
then, should His people thirst?


-15-10 A man was railing at the Christian faith.  And he was using language that was not appropriate for this journal.  But, here’s my reply to his rant:

Michael, I’ll take what you just said one step further. We are all
being raped by the evil that now gives you power. If you want success
against the larger rape of your mind, body, and soul, turn to Jesus
and ask His help. You’re being raped by a mind of pure evil. Nothing
you think is good or eternal. Even perfect evil must eventually
destroy itself. Where you walk is part light, in that you can think
and speak. And part evil, in that you hate everything – including the
things you think and speak. I know where you stand. I once stood
there too. Now I stand as a bent and broken example of one who
strains toward what is right and eternal. I want life for you. I
want reason to shine in your mind with eternal thoughts. I want you
in the family of my Father so that come that great and terrible day, I
will stand beside you full of joy and respect at the majesty of

By Your Grace, Father, please show Michael your Son


-18-10 I sit before the fire place and poke around at the sticks I’ve placed
there. There are many sticks waiting in the wings to be placed in the
fire at my will. The purpose of this flame is to keep me warm and to
bring me joy of vision at the beauty of the flickering flame.

So it is with God’s Holy fire. He places His people in the flame of
His will to bring about His will on earth. When one of the sticks
grows dim because it has burnt it’s self away from the coals, He
repositions that one nearer the heat.

Consider what a consuming fire the Lord of Hosts is; that He would be
so active in His desire for His will among the blind of this world.
As the flame becomes such a great attraction to my eyes, so His work
among his people becomes a spectacle of His Holy work. What is good
in this world, the work of God in His people, cannot be hidden. The
closer we are to the fire of God’s all consuming will, the more useful
and brilliant we become in this dark place.


-18-10 The Far Side cartoon once created the image of a scientist in a park
full of dogs running around. He was dressed in his scientist garb and
adorned with all kinds of electronic gear. He held a cone microphone
in his hand and was pointing it at the dogs. The caption said that
professor “so and so” had finally interpreted the barking of dogs.
Through his great gift of scientific knowledge he had cracked the code
of dog language. Above each dog was a balloon which said “hey”.

Listen to the talk of the majority of people and compare it to one
word of God. In comparison the only thing people of this world say is

1-21-10 Maybe it’s because I’m a loner, and have been since my youth. Maybe
it’s because I saw such flagrant abuse of power in the church. Maybe
it’s because my dad was an utter failure in teaching me the way of God
(a way he didn’t know. So I don’t blame him). Maybe it’s the
knowledge of the Living God which lives in me. I’m not sure what it
is. But I just felt the urge to haller out…………………………….

I hate the science of established religion. I just hate it. People
interpret theology instead of the scriptures. It is this practice
that has lead to the failing of so many in accepting Christ. Some
folks just seem to hang on making God say things He hasn’t said. Or
even worse, they take what has been said and twist it to meet human
understanding. Didn’t God say something like: You say that I am
altogether like you. I am not altogether like you. As the heavens
are higher than the earth, so are my thoughts higher than yours. I
must be out of my mind or something, cause I find a lot of people
bringing His thoughts and ways down to our level. They say, Ya gotta
do dis or sumptin, if ya wan Gud to forgiv ya. Shrug,
Shrug…………. Ok.

There’s no need for me to point at any particular statement or
orthodox action, or any singular method of finding Christ. It’s
enough to bring this situation up. If you’re believing in such
things, God grant you mercy. For me, it’s Christ Alone. I guess I’m
out of my mind to have spoken these things. It’s not very likely many
will understand what I was getting at.


-22-10 There is a happiness that looks more like mourning. There is a place
where a man walks in the full knowledge of his sins. A place where
heaven seems so very far away that the thought of it aches the very
center of the soul. There is weeping and anguish at the thought of
being lost. For a new Christian, this might seem a terrifying
experience. And it should be terrifying to experience separation from
God. But for one who has walked a distance with the Lord, this
experience has a different flavor.

Regret for wrong actions often leads to depression, even thoughts of
suicide. But there is a regret that leads to strength and a
determination that is void of description. I am happy when my mind is
upset at the sins I commit. If people could see my mind when I’m at
odds with myself, they would think I’m about to end it all. But, in
Christ, I find great value in recognition of my failings.

“When I’m happy, I look like crap”.


-31-10 A man wrote that the true church is all but wiped from the face of the earth.  Here was my reply:  

What you posted is, in majority, true. But I think we might take an
exception to the phrase I cut/pasted above. When I looked from
academia I saw the same thing you pointed out: how true Christianity
has now almost been driven from the face of the earth. Perhaps we
could clarify that phrase if we could see from God’s perspective. For
after all, the Kingdom of Heaven is within the believers. What we
consider as waning in this present world is, frankly, the work of the
Holy Spirit. God will continue to promote His will in the hearts of
others regardless of how diligent we are in counting His people.

I don’t mean to judge your opinion, but it is only an opinion. It is
not given to man to make accurate estimates as to the veracity of
God’s Kingdom on earth. I applaud your statements, for they show a
love for what concerns God. Perhaps that is all we can say when it
comes to defining who is and who is not saved.

I look back at what I was when Jesus began His redemption of my soul
and mind. If anyone had seen my life for the first 20 years of my
Christian experience, they would have said I don’t know Jesus. Ahh,
but that’s the point. I didn’t, and still don’t, know Jesus as I
should. But He knows me.


-18-10  An individual posted that he was willing to answer questions for people that God was not answering for them.  Here is my response:

Just a thought: If God, in His wondrous and Holy wisdom decides not
to answer someone, it seems to me that He might have a good reason. I
got no idea what your motives are in offering your “skills”.
But ……………. Should we presume to know better than God
whether to answer people’s questions in the shoes of God? Maybe those
with questions God isn’t answering need something more than an answer
to their question. Again. Just a thought


He wrote back that I should be more humble and that he was only trying to help people enter into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Here was my next reply:

“Everyone who listens to the Father and learns from Him comes to
me” (John 6: 45). Though it’s our pleasure and duty to spread the
good news of salvation in Jesus Christ, it still falls on the Father
to show them the Lord Jesus. I am also put in memory of the story of
the rich man and Lazarus. “‘If they do not listen to Moses and the
Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the
dead”. Salvation from sin and glorification with Jesus is a VERY
personal deal. My point was that we are only qualified to spread the
news that there is water available to the thirsty. It is not our
pleasure or duty to do the converting. That is between every man,
woman, and child, and God their creator. He is not distant from
anyone who earnestly seeks. Answering questions that God has deemed
sealed might be some fairly thin ice.


-19-10 How old is the world? How old is creation? We read that “In the
beginning was God”. How old the present creation is is not as grand a
question as one might think. Creation had a beginning. But God was
already there in the beginning of all this. God is a creator of
life. So before the present creation I am given pause to consider
what He has done before all this. And on the heals of that ponderous
thought comes one more: What will He do after all this is destroyed?

Wow!!! How much more that thought makes me want to be with Him for


-21-10 Don’t think that we live in an age where God’s mercy counts more than
His expectations for His people. If you find yourself giving yourself
more excuses and allowances than you read the Apostles gave, you’re
fooling yourself. I don’t say this to judge you. But be aware, Jesus
said: “come out from her, my people, lest you share in her sins.”
Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.

Think hard about what you’re doing friends. Look at it through the
eyes of eternity. Back off from sin.


-4-10 I’m about to write a lot of words. I’m sorry. I know that most of my
posts are short. But there was no way to communicate this simple
thought with only a few words. I know it’s a bit disjointed. But you
would likely turn your nose up at the complete work necessary here.

I listened to a scientist last night on the radio. He suggested that
black holes and their strength are responsible for all that we
perceive as energy. He suggested that it is mini black holes which
hold every atom together. He suggested that all matter, whether great
or small is held in place by one organizer. That there is one who no
only began this place but keeps it going. Then he was asked about
consciousness. (ie, we are not like a rock or a drop of water) He
didn’t really have a good answer.

In reflection, and talking with the Lord about this, I realized that
it is highly enjoyable to delve into the possible explanations of what
we experience here. But it has very little value in the long run.

We were not created to figure out the puzzles of exitance. We were
created that we might have our hearts proven. In our great, vast, and
deep blindness we can only see (or perceive) the natural world.
Science attempts to explain the marvelous beauty of creation. And
there is nothing inherently wicked in this pursuit. But I found
myself so intrigued by what he was saying. After looking at this
attraction I realized that the part of us bound to the earth craves
answers to our exitance. We crave it more than food. We are like
bugs in the night who are so attracted by light that they often move
into the headlights of vehicles just to get their “light fix”.

Now consider the things of God. His ways are not bound by creation.
In fact we find that those who were allowed to see heavenly language
did not understand what they saw. Zechariah was shown some things by
an angel. He was shown a lamp stand and two olive trees. When he
didn’t understand what he saw he asked the angel, “what are these, my
lord”?. The angel’s response was, “Do you not know what these are”?
Why would we be expected to know these things? Yet the Angel’s
response indicates that we should. So how blind are we to the things
of God? Despite the wonder of this place (from a finger nail to the
vast sea of stars) We do not know the nature of eternity. Two things
come to mind regarding this:

. I find my body craving an understanding of the place where I live

. I sense that same body’s obvious disinterest in the language of

I have often sat and marveled at a bug or a flower. But I rarely find
that same interest in eternal ways. I am appalled at death. But find
only a vague fascination regarding eternal life. But one truth plagues
me in all this.

The world we live in is only temporary. It is only a shadow of
eternity. Yet man spends so very much energy in discovering it’s
ways. When it is gone or when we die, this place will never be
again. The ways and language of God will become everything, and that

I am, then, presented with a mystery. Why are we so consumed by the
things around us. And why are we set so deaf to the things of
eternity? How is it that though our soul is eternal, it does not
willingly speak the language of God?

God speaks of things that are not as though they are. He refers to
men as trees, mountains, and various animals. A king’s crown is
referred to as his glory, yet it is only a piece of metal and stones.
God’s interest is not at all like ours. He is interested in justice and
mercy. He craves eternal qualities while we seek to examine a bug’s
wing. While we are curious, He is anxious for righteousness to
appear from wicked men. We talk about various trivia as though it
were important. Yet God’s words are filled with action. He speaks
to the water and says, “thus far you shall come and no farther.”

How pitiful are we to be caught like worms on a warm sidewalk when
our language, intentions, and desires hold us captive. The ones of us
who love the world laugh at those who seek to understand God’s ways.
So be it. I have been an alien in this world from my youth. But in
accordance with what I wrote here, I do not find myself belonging to
the things of God as I should either.

Often, we who are bought by the Lord find we are like people who have
no country, no language, and no home. We see with eyes of eternity
and can only look at the temporary. How beautiful and pitiful at the
same time.

O’ man of the world, I do not hate you, for I am the same as you. Yet
I am not like you, for I seek the place of my Father. You hate me
though, because I do not revel over the temporary as you. My soul
loves my body, yet my body hates my soul.

The nature of creation attracts the curious nature of my body. But
the eternal attracts the curious nature of my soul. Though the two
are one, they are at odds. Thus the plight of the Christian is
revealed. To enter into the kingdom of heaven here is to enter a war
of beings: my body and my soul. Wickedness is temporary. The world
and all that means is temporary.

May God grant me a deep desire to seek Him and His ways…… Amen..


-26-10 “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8: 32).  I ponder this with fear, knowing that I am still in sin in many ways.  And there is another scripture that comes to mind in regard to this:  “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death”  (Rev. 21: 8).  Again, in many ways I am still all those things.  Yet, I find hope within myself.  Am I fooling myself?  I find the echo of truth say no.  It is faith in Christ that will one day set me free.  But do I find this freedom from sin in this world?  Somehow I believe I should.  It is my responsibility to live godly in Christ Jesus.  “Nevertheless, God’s solid foundation stands firm, sealed with this inscription: “The Lord knows those who are his,” and, “Everyone who confesses the name of the Lord must turn away from wickedness.”  (2Tim. 2: 19).


I am a fool of great proportions.  But I have no desire to turn away from Jesus.  He is the only place of hope.  In response to the life of holiness demanded of Christ’s disciples,  I am put in mind that there are good students, and there are bad students.  Some are able to achieve great success in the teachings of the Lord.  Others are only able to attend class.  Some get an “A+” for doing what they are told.  Others get a “D-”, or in my case a F+.  Yet to continue in the way with the Lord is the only recourse for anyone seeking life.  Should a man quit because he is hindered from breathing?  Not likely.  Once he realizes that breathing is necessary for life, you can wager that he’ll continue.  Consider how violently he will struggle if someone wants to take his ability to breathe away.  So it is within me.  Though I am hindered by my foolishness I can’t quit.  I don’t have it in me to quit seeking the Love of God through Jesus, my God and King.  So is the power of the freedom Christ offers to all who find His mercy.


-26-10 Pick any day in history.  Particularly the history of Biblical characters.  And consider what it was like for them to face the problems of their day.  I wonder, did it look at all like the current political and social circumstances of today?  Were they prone to a hopeless feeling like we are?  I’d wager they were.  Did they rely on the same God for salvation?  You can wager they did!!!  We only live in a different room of time today.  The situations havn’t changed.  Only the names, faces, and shadows have changed.  Look up and realize that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  Sin will pass from existence.  God will not.


-3-10 Most people live their lives as they please.  I confess that, for the most part, I too live my life as I please.  But there is a question which came to mind this morning.  Why do we think there is a heaven?  If we live in sin and self seeking, why do we think of a place where sin does not exist?  


4-10-10  God showed us what the meaning of life is when He appeared as Jesus. Suffering is an oportunity to become a friend of God. Look around you and see the wickedness, it’s everywhere. But do we often think of how God feels? Nothing is done in all creation that He doesn’t feel or see. Before creation there was no sin. That is to say there was only obedience and peace. At the first sin, God’s work became tainted. So when we suffer we find fellowship with He who made us. If we know Him through His Son Jesus, we are forgiven of our sins and are encouraged to enter His presence with gladness. But we need to be patient. As He is patient with wickedness.

All this was meant to say there is a reason to keep going. To find the reason personally, is in your hands. The Bible is written. The Spirit of God whispers truth to all. And the forgiveness of Christ is extended as long as we live in this body.

I too have struggled with a desire to die. He did not let me. Seek Him and you can find peace. His name is Jesus.

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

April 10, 2010 at 10:43 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Funny… I recently did a compilation similar to this one, but it’s on HOW to keep a spiritual journal as opposed to an actual one. x)

    Yeah, I feel conscious about capitalizing the devil’s name too. I usually just ignore naming him except when needed for examples and such. xP

    Kyle Cheng

    December 13, 2010 at 10:27 am

    • It’s always good to meet a fellow runner. May The Lord of Glory shine wisdom on all your words. And may you receive a warm welcome into His presence.

      By His Grace.


      December 13, 2010 at 10:31 am

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