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Deep in the Rocks

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Man, without the Spirit of God in Christ Jesus, is blind. Like a man in a cave with it’s entrance sealed by rock, such is the darkness of understanding without Jesus. And if another man attempts to unseal this man’s cave he risks his own death. Which stone must be moved first? Like “Pick-up-sticks”, move the wrong impediment and you’re both doomed. We must leave the saving and transforming to Jesus. Only He knows what must be removed or braced up, or pushed left or right. And does the man in the cave know which rock hides the entrance? And if that man were to try to move one of the rocks, where would he put it? In the tiny space which he now resides is the only place to move what blocks him. And if the Lord of Glory begins to remove that which blocks us from God, we cannot be released until the last stone is removed.

Let Jesus be King. Don’t be fooled by the worldly Christian teaching that says “You must do all you can to save the lost”. We are but servants of the Most High God. “Without me you can do nothing”. In every sense, our salvation belongs to Jesus.


Written by buttermilk80

September 29, 2010 at 7:32 am

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