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A twig of Flame.

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I woke and rekindled the fire.  And as my bones warmed, I pondered the fate of the tree before me.  At one time it was a sprout.  What happened to that tree, and what went on around it, only God knows.  But the time came when it was cut down.  Perhaps a man cut it down.  Perhaps God’s will in the wind and age has cut it down.  But now it serves it’s final purpose: to enrich the life of other things.

Are we not like trees in that sense?  Yet, we are so unlike that tree.  For the tree never complained regarding what it was asked to endure.  Nor was it’s sickness or cutting down a source of complaint.  “Like a lamb He was led to the slaughter”. 

I say to myself, “Come on now!  Can’t you endure even one minute without a thought of complaint?”  Am I a servant of the Most High God?  Am I willing to be led to the slaughter for the sake of His Holy will and the sake of those who will benefit from His work in me?  I am frustrated by self.  Nothing built by man will survive the coming judgment.  May I learn to live under the rule and will of my God!

Father, please bless Your servant that he might serve You with a faithfulness born of Your will. 

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

March 6, 2011 at 5:06 am

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