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10 Minutes.

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Take any 10 minutes from your life.  I’d advise the latest 10.  Because they are the ones you will remember best.  Now take time to write what you did, everything you did.  Take time also to write about your surroundings; sounds, sights, feelings, and thoughts.  Now write the why of what you have done and experienced.  Consider your past which brought you to those 10 minutes.  Write about your past and the past of those who have influenced you as you came upon these 10 minutes.  And if you have any more time in your life, write about what will come about because of these 10 minutes.

As we consider the magnitude of such writings, our mind becomes a fog with information.  No man can write the volume of information that comes from our last 10 minutes.  Yet God can.  He does, and will know you.  And, to add to His Majesty, He does this for every person who has ever lived.  Not to mention those yet unborn.  And He does this accounting in the blink of an eye.  How marvelous is God! 

So, if we can’t account (even by virtue of the limit of our time on earth) for a measly 10 minutes of our lives, why do we bother to judge the 10 minutes of other’s lives?  Are we not told to refrain from judging?  And isn’t this the reason?  What do we know, even of ourselves?  We are a flash in eternity.  Yet look at the complexity of our “flash”.

By His Grace.


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March 6, 2011 at 4:34 am

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