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The Banquet is Served.

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Come on in.  Welcome!  I’ve been waiting for you.  I mean YOU!  The one who’s reading this right now.  Welcome!

Sit here.  You look tired.  How is your life of late?  Are you alright?

Allow me to serve please.  It is my great honor.

Here before you are the delicacies of heaven.  Some things will taste a bit strange at first.  But after you get the hang of the taste, you’ll never want the old stuff again. 

Here’s a bowl of forgiveness.  I know, you’ve rarely had much of this.  But don’t worry, it’s a marvelous dish.  What’s that?  Is it made of artificial ingredients?  OH NO!  Never!  This was prepared by the Master Chef.  Everything He used to make it came directly from the Father’s garden.  That’s the pattern of all His food here.

Would you like some guidance?  Ha ha ha.  No, I’ve got no useful advice.  I mean would you like a dish of His guidance.  It’s pure and fresh.  You’ll find it refreshing.

And may I offer you a glass of water?  It’s from the Spring of God.  You’ve never tasted anything like this.  It will well up with in you.  Just a sip and you’ll be more useful than you’ve ever imagined.

I’ll leave you for a moment to enjoy your bounty.  I only ask that you remember it was “He who cannot lie” who has provided everything here.  You are blessed by His Grace as you eat.  Enjoy.  I’ll be back in a little while to see if you need anything more.

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

February 28, 2011 at 9:36 am

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