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You Can’t Get There From Here.

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If we walk across a field, we do so by taking one step at a time.  Once we have taken one step, it’s impossible to take it back.  Even if we put our foot back in the same print we came from, we’re not there where we were.  Time has moved on.  We’ve taken a few breaths.  Our eyes have seen things differently.  And we’ve heard that bird chirp while our foot was in it’s new spot.  We have become that new step.  And going back is only going to make us become the one who went back one step. 

This is true of our walk with the Lord also.  When He has shown us a better way, we become one who has been shown.  Doesn’t this sound simple?  And isn’t it like us to think we can go back a little while “serving” the Lord?  But we can never go back.

Many have looked into the Gospel enough to learn that it is going to be a very hard road to follow.  They decided they would just go back as though they had never known about the Truth of God.  But in their going back, they never go back.  They live a lie.  They saw something new.  They tasted the Lord’s way.  They are no longer blind to the Truth.  This is why we are warned so often about falling away.  There is a harsh penalty to pay for those who taste the goodness of God and still chose to live in sin. 

I present this for careful consideration.  If you still read this, you’re still here.  You might have tasted a few things about God.  But you haven’t yet seen His Face.  This is what makes us different from satan.  He was with the Lord of Life, and stood in His very presence.  Yet he chose to rebel.  What was his condemnation is in our favor.  Turn to Him that you might learn to walk in His ways.  Humble yourself before the Lord and seek His forgiveness. 

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

February 23, 2011 at 10:39 pm

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