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Today is Your Day

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Today you are allowed to be anything you want to be.  Today, the Lord allows that all men can pursue any sin they please.  Today, you can commit murder if you please.  Today, you can hate your brother or sister human if that is what you please to do.  Today, you can steal that small item from work.  Today, you can say what you want about anything.  Today, you can break any law you wish.  Today belongs to man.

But there is coming a day where all choice to sin will cease.  That day is upon everyone who obeys Jesus in the Spirit of God.  Even though there are many who claim to belong to Jesus and continue in their sins.  But come your death or the rapture of the Church, all sin will cease.  Those who love wickedness will cease with wickedness.  And those who love righteousness will live with He who is righteous.

Today is your day.  But today is also a day of choice.  Jesus offers freedom from the bondage of sin.  Ya gonna take it?

By His Grace.


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February 22, 2011 at 9:47 pm

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