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To all men, saved and unsaved:

The will of God is being accomplished in heaven and on earth.  All around you, men and women are being transformed into creatures of eternity.  His will is that all who He accepts as “sons” will receive discipline, that they might become “sons” of the Most High God.  And He encourages all men to take from His hand this generous offer. 

Believing in God is not enough.  It is a believing which provokes a willingness to serve Him that God is looking for.  If we believe with a determined leaning toward obedience we begin to learn from Him.  And it is through patient endurance that we learn to obey Him completely. 

The finished work of God in Jesus’ death, and subsequent resurrection, is the entry point to His favor.  In Jesus we find both forgiveness of sins and the power to begin living under God’s will.  You will not find power to please God through religious activity.  

Please consider what God offers.  Count the cost, for it is high.  You will be required to die to all your selfish expectations.  And let us not forget that every one who accepts His gift of forgiveness and leading will be tested.  It is through trials that our faith is proven to be true or false.  There is forgiveness of sins in Jesus’ work for His Father.  And there is leading into the holiness that God requires of all His people.  But it in the testing of our faith that many fall away.  Seek God.  Remain seeking God.  Enter the war as a loyal servant of the Most High God.

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

February 20, 2011 at 11:05 pm

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