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Walking as Dead

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You have strayed from what is right and run after all kinds of evil.  Your body is wrapped in addictions.  Your mouth is full of cursings and wicked words.  And you think there is no longer any hope for you.

Yet there is hope.  There is no need for you to wander in this darkness any longer.  I testify that I too was encased in all these things.  I too was a fool.  I did things, said things, thought things, and chased after every manner of evil.  But it was Jesus who set me free to stand before The Father with confidence and a clean mind and heart. 

People speak of forgiveness as though it were a “pie in the sky” dream.  I tell you it is real!  When you come to Jesus there is a true transformation which takes place.  Though it’s not an over night experience, you will find evil slip away from you. If you will remain with Him, He will transform you into His desire.  No longer will you chase after evil.  You will begin to desire what is good.  He will teach you what you should do. 

There is absolutely no lie in what I’ve just said.  I testify as one who has been set free of evil.  Though I am still a man and stumble around a bit, it is His leading that will bring me into God’s presence clean and justified.  God is the Judge.  God is the One who forgives through Jesus.  It is God who will lift you up from death to life.  All men and women walk as dead in this world until they are set into The Life by Jesus. 

By His Grace.


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  1. Isn’t it amazing how people don’t want to believe that we have been where they are?

    Keep sharing.

    Grace and peace.


    February 19, 2011 at 12:06 pm

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