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I have posted a note to those who flail around in this world caught in all manner of wicked evils.  But there is also a note to be said to all who believe they are righteous folk.  For you, it will be more difficult to humble yourself before God Most High.   For you believe you are acceptable.

To all you who believe you are righteous and have no need of this “Jesus Stuff”.  I ask you a simple question.  Have you ever seen the Glory of God?  Right now, you walk among men and do so by the rules made by men.  You might have even read a “religious” book and learned to do things properly before the eyes of your fellow humans.  You maintain a “good” civil tongue.  And all your actions are to be admired by all men.  But have you ever seen the Glory of the God who made you?

You will stand before Him who cannot lie some day.  And that day is fast approaching.  When you see Him your obedience to society will be NOTHING.   You have done everything man knows to do.  But did you pursue God’s knowledge and will?  Jesus is God’s spoken word.  He knows who His Father is.  And He is able to teach you far more than any written word on earth.   Though even the Bible speaks about Him, it is the Spirit of God you need.  No man will stand on his own before the Most High God. 

Consider, you’ve spoken a lie.  You’ve not done something you know you should have.  You even did something you know you shouldn’t have.  In short, you have sinned.  What will you exchange for what you’ve done?  What do you have that doesn’t already belong to God?  I tell you a truth:  Without Jesus you will not stand at all.  There is not one man or woman who will be able to stand before the Most High God and be accepted by what they have done on their own.

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

February 19, 2011 at 7:43 am

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