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Feeling Like God Doesn’t Care About You?

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I can’t remember who the preacher was.  He was speaking of Jesus’ request that the Father take this cup from him.  He said what I believe was right:

It was not the pain of having his beard pulled out  that caused such agony.
It was not the beatings across his sinless face.
it was not the spit dribbling down his face.
It was not the humiliation of being mocked for being the Son of God.
It was not the bone and glass shards which ripped the skin off his back.
It was not the trek to Golgotha.
It was not the nails tearing through his hands and feet.
It was that moment we heard him cry, “My God!  My God!  Why have You forsaken me!”

He knows.  I say it again, He knows about the feeling of being removed from His Loving Father.  And all He did to deserve that was to Love His Father’s will unto death.

By His Grace.


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