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Jesus is changing me. How about you?

An Itty Bitty Christ?

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There is a popular belief that we are suppose to be “little christs”.  And to some extent this has a strong basis in truth.  But I find something more.  In the seeking of Jesus I encounter that “something more”. 

I’ve heard and seen the Church try to encourage each other to be “little christs”.  And I’ve watched that fail time after time.  I do not draw people to Jesus.  That’s the Father’s job.  Men are drawn to Jesus by His Holy Hand.  It’s my part to simply tell of what He has done for me.  I am, by no means, a “little christ”.  I am one who has received the gift of eternal life from the One who is Life.

In being the servant of the Most High God, I find myself being used. 

By His Grace.


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