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This Place of Testing.

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How amazing is the Lord Most High.  We consider our world as though it has always been.  For we only know of this place.  But I ponder that this place has a place of origin.  It began somewhere.  This causes me to ponder why.  God didn’t need to make us, or did He?

Eternity was rolling on.  Then at one point, God said, “Let us make man in our image”.  Why?  I’ve come to call this world a “Place of Testing” for this reason.  I’m not a smart man.  And I can’t remember everything I read or write.  But I rely on a general body of knowledge for the following.  Perhaps a scholar can add the pointed scriptures to support what I’m about to write.  I’ve written about this before.  But it just blows me away to consider the Greatness of God in this topic.

There was perfection from eternity.  God had created what was Good.   Since there’s no lie in God, no lie was in creation, until. . .  There was an Angel who thought he knew better than God what was good.  Rather than have to explain to an innocent creation what a lie was, he created a world of choice.  A people were given the choice to follow what is Good or chose to disobey. 

God is just.  Along with creating this place of testing, He also chose One to redeem those who would certainly fall to disobedience.  The only thing which marks us as able to be redeemed is that we are blind to the Glory of God.  But God is also going to put an end to the liar and all his ways.   And this is what we speak today.  Repent and seek the Redeemer.

There is a whole lot more to this story.  But with this as the basis, I find a great responsibility to seek Him.  He began this place.  He will end it.  Those who spend their life serving Him by the power of Jesus’ sacrifice will receive a certain reward for their loyalty.  Those who follow after the lie which started all this will receive a certain reward also.

I’m sure I’ll write more about this later.  But my meager mind runs out of words quickly. 

By His Grace.


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