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Shut Down the Boilers and Drift in the River of Truth.

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Every generation of the malicious wicked will have the same thought: “I’ve finally found a way to trash this idea of a righteous God”.  Isn’t it interesting how proud they are of themselves for coming up with an idea that’s been around since the snake first learned to talk?  They’re so proud of themselves that they are not self righteous.  And that they have finally learned to overcome all the great onslaught of “God Talk”. 

God laughs at them for a reason.  They throw away His Holy word which depicts them thousands of years ago.  They miss the very words that will condemn them in the end.  Wouldn’t it be better to throw away pride and admit that they can’t explain why their bodies wrinkle up and eventually die?  Wouldn’t it be better to humble themselves?  What great energy they spend trying to destroy the eternal God and His people.  There will be no waste of God’s energy to drive them from His presence.

There is no vindictive tone to what I’ve just wrote.  I earnestly desire to see them in heaven for eternity.  But I was once one of them.  I know the pull of pride.  I know the pull of pride even as I strive to serve the One who made me.  But, by the Grace of God, He teaches me to put down my pride and listen. 

Come to Him, all you who labor under your own steam.  Shut down the boilers and drift a while.  Let the current of truth lead you to the One who made you, even Jesus.

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

February 11, 2011 at 3:17 pm

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