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Bamboo in a Storm.

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I look at a tree sway in the wind.  It is winter, so there are no leaves on the trees.  The tree is 100 ft high and swaying about 15 ft back and forth.  I consider the power placed on the roots as this tree sways back and forth.  What tremendous pressure is placed on the roots.  No man has to climb such a tree very far before he realizes the danger posed to him from the weight added to this pressure on the roots.

I remember that the Church, and even the individual people of God, are considered as branches in a tree.  How the world and sin place pressure on the people of God.   They buffet God’s people as the wind buffets this tree I see.  How the pressure on the roots, Jesus, grows as sin around us increases.  And I am given pause to consider how mighty must Jesus’ promises and strength be for the sake of His Church.

“Lord, what kind of tree must You have created here.  That we should be able to climb to the top of Your promises and remain in safety.  No sins or plots by men can come against You and Your people that would tear at the roots You have created.  What kind of tree might You be?”

He replies, “I am a mighty oak.  All who are of me can ride the storms with perfect safety.”   But does the Church, the people of the Sovereign God, realize who they are?   Do we see them living as though they are grown from the roots of a Mighty Oak?  No, sadly, we see our brothers and sisters living as though they are simply tiny branches of an over grown bamboo tree.  They live as though they are transplanted into a spindly tree and grown in a storm.  The fear of breaking is about them like a mist. 

Take heart, O’ people of God!  You are of the One who cannot lie!  He has promised to bring you home.  So why do you doubt?  Praise Him and accept His Holy will in your life!  Rest as did our Lord in the boat!  Sleep with comfort in the midst of death and carnage.  You belong to the Holy One of Israel, the Mighty Oak of Heaven!  Raise up with the strength of those who BELIEVE!

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

February 5, 2011 at 11:05 am

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