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The Parting Warriors.

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I was with them as they worshiped the One who is life itself.  And the power of His presence caused us all to reflect on eternity and true power.  The gathering was sweet and we shared our stories of His love.  And when we parted there was a feeling of joy mixed with a tiny loss of fellowship.  We all went out to live this faith He provokes.

A bit later, as I sat to order my meal, I saw others who had shared in His presence.  I didn’t know any of them.  But as I watched how they interacted with each other and those around them, I knew they were my brothers and sisters in Christ.  They are warriors of truth as all who profess His Holy name are.  And we see each other in passing as the warmth of fellowship fades away.

Then, as I watched a few finish their meal and leave, it occurred to me that they did a marvelous thing.  One by one they leave and go where I don’t know.  But as they leave they recede into darkness from my perspective.  They all go out into the dark world around us to do the will of He who is Light.  Though I don’t see them His work is accomplished every day.  He places His mighty hand before them as they walk away.  Directing their minds and hearts, even as I watch their backs leave my sight.

We may not see each other again in this place of testing.  But I know they serve the same Lord as I.  They are His and they do His will.  Yet there is another, more marvelous, thought.  Someone watched me go from there.  As I went out to serve Him, did anyone else notice how I faded into the dark world?  And does it matter that I might not have been noticed for the Glorious One’s Name?

It was just a moment of revelation.  Yet it builds the warrior up to do what is right without acclaim.  It is He who will be glorified by those who He teaches to love Him.  All Glory to the One who gives new life!

By His Grace.


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January 31, 2011 at 7:10 am

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