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Repent and Believe. How?

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When I walked through this world, and was full of sin and rebellion, I came upon some people who did not walk in sin and rebellion.  They did what was right by the Lord’s commands.  And they encouraged others to do the same.  I joined myself to their cause.  But I was not transformed to be like them.

What they did came from the strength and promise of He who can not lie.  What I did in mimic of them was from my own understanding, strength, and struggle with my sins.  I wanted what they had.  But I didn’t know how to get it.

In short, I was practising their faith through my own religion (Religion being man’s ways of pleasing his version of God).  As was inevitable, it all fell apart when I was removed from their presence.  Many practise the religion of a “good life”, while they remain locked in their sins.  What they do won’t last.  For they pursue their righteousness on their own strength.

What has turned the corner for me?  Two things have transformed me.  Which came first I can’t say.  1. I began to distance myself from the sins I loved so dearly.  In Bible talk that would be “I repented of my sins”.  2. I received the gift of forgiveness from Jesus, and learned from Him.

I, then, repented and believed.  The punishment pending for the wicked caused me to repent of my sin.  The love of Christ Jesus caused me to believe.  But it was not a one time event.  Repent and believe is a pattern of life as a Christian.  If you’re sincerely on the path of Jesus’ people you will find something interesting and identifiable.   Repenting and believing are a moment by moment thing.  Every action comes under an awareness of His presence.  Every thought is put under the microscope of Holiness.  Repent and believe at 3 am.  Repent and believe at noon.  Repent and believe at 4 pm.  And so it goes.   It is  the power of Jesus in my very soul that gives the energy and direction we lack without Him.

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

January 28, 2011 at 7:04 pm

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