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The primary religion in America is tolerance.  Though at one point Christianity was the primary religion.  Americans have been taught that they must recognize the validity of every belief regarding the nature and expectation of God.  And if anyone stands up in the crowd and announces that he believes that Jesus is the only way into eternity, he is pounced on as though he is on fire. 

I will not tolerate this level of what they call tolerance.  I will tolerate your belief in this manner:  You’re welcome to believe what ever you wish.  I am not your boss nor am I a god that I should force anyone to believe in Jesus.  It’s entirely your choice.  And I am not your judge. 

I can’t expect such people, however, to tolerate my words, nor the words of Jesus.  He has stated that He is the only way to the Father in Heaven.  And He made no apologies for His words.  I will not make apology for my words either.  But you who worship tolerance will not tolerate such a man as I.  And I will continue to, not only tell the story of Jesus, call all other beliefs a lie. 

Your lie even goes so far as to use foreign words as though they were mystical and powerful.  I have something for you to think about.  You use words of other languages because they sound really cool to you.  Hey, think a minute, the word “hello” is just as funny sounding to another language which doesn’t use such a sound to greet.  Do you hear them worshiping a foreign language like you do that of India or China?  Don’t you see how foolish that makes you look?  And you embrace many other items, customs, and thoughts simply because they are not native to your own culture.  But that’s the only power those things have; they don’t belong to your mom and dad’s history so you think they have something they don’t.  And if your mom and dad did those things, then let’s point to grandpa. 

The fault of this religion of tolerance is the assumption that today is a better judge of what is right.  How is it that people of any age consider themselves to be better judges of what is right than the generation before them?  Isn’t that what little children do?  They rebel from their parents because they are sure their way is better.  And don’t parents see their folly?  What do you think you look like before the God of Eternity when you believe your way is better than His?  He set laws.  And if you chose to ignore them it will be at your own loss.  Just as teens suffer loss when they throw away their parent’s admonitions. 

You tolerate everything man.  But you toss out a tolerance for Holiness before the Most High God, through Jesus His Christ.

 By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

January 20, 2011 at 10:59 am

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