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The Plot.

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There is a plot which has been since the fall of Adam and Eve.  Men have said to themselves, “Let us band together so that we will find solace in one another.  To the righteous this is a worthy plot.  It is good, before the Living God, that His people gather together to lift each other up.  And it is said that iron sharpens iron.  So this is good.

But to the wicked and rebellious this is a plot of undoing.  They gather together to bring each other solace in their sin and rebellion.  As mud mixes with mud they think they bring each other peace.   One thing they miss which will be a horrible time for them.  When God rises from His Throne to judge the world each man will stand alone before Him.  You will look for help from those who stood with you.  But they too will be alone before Him.  All men will give account of even every idle word they have spoken.  What will you do with the guilt you will carrry on that day?

We worship Jesus, The Righteousness of God.  Though there is great peace and hope in Him for those who surrender to His will, there is also great terror for those who ignore His Holy calling.  The words I am given to speak concerning this are often perceived as harsh.  But it is not I who will condemn anyone.  And I do not judge anyone.  The message is from old and will not pass away till He stands to judge.  “Repent or die.  For the Lord will not allow evil to enter eternity in peace”.

I speak these things with boldness.  I answer to He who is Life, as will all men.  I do not seek your friendship if in that friendship you desire to bring me away from Him.  I embrace the Lord of Glory with a fire and passion.  And it is to your advantage to do the same.

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

January 19, 2011 at 8:09 am

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