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Relative Truth is like a Relative Snow Cone. Either it is or isn’t.

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What shall be said to a people who embrace every form of belief as if everything we hear and see were true?  Does all creation agree with you?  Does the Sun come up to shine on us, yet decide it will remain hidden?  Does the ground you walk on sometimes act more like a bird or flower?  Isn’t all creation against such beliefs? 

God has created what is in it’s various forms.  Yet each form is specific to what it is.  You will call this fact into support for believing that all things are true in their own way.  But what God is showing you is that there is a singular truth.  Anything else that promotes itself as the singular truth is a lie.  Truth is not relative. 

You can’t lump Jesus in with all the other false gods (though they are only the thoughts of men and no gods at all.).  He either is absolute or He is of no effect what-so-ever.  Satan has pulled a slick on the world.  He stopped killing us.  And now he’s found a way to destroy any hope of reaching the lost. 

I testify that there is One God, not many.  His name is Jesus, for the Father in Heaven was pleased to elevate Him to that status.  What and who you believe will become a matter of life and death to you in a very short time.  Consider Jesus! 

By His Grace.


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January 19, 2011 at 11:23 am

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  1. You made a good point on my blog. There’s this strange idea in our society that people are “naturals”. You may have the gift of a particular talent, but you’re still gonna have to hone that talent and have the discipline to develop it. I certainly am not a natural speaker, and I’ll always have more to learn, but taking the first step before you feel ready is how you grow and gain experience.

    Regarding your post here: excellent. I don’t know how people can legitimately think that believing in all things is even possible. There’s so much contradiction.

    Nick Smith

    January 19, 2011 at 12:22 pm

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