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Where is my Brother?

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My eyes look upon the earth.

I search for my brother. 

A piece of iron shining in the Son from all the sparks which fly. 

He’s out there, I’m sure. 

Yet my hand shakes the air.

I stir up the hornet and rattle the snake.

The one whom the maggots await knows my name.

I’m hidden in Christ’s powerful hand.

But where is my brother?

And why do I search?

Is not He strong enough for my fame?

As one stands alone, I’m not on my own.

For He pardons and sanctifies me.

If you read this, my brother, come settle in close.

Though this cord of two is never to breaking.

It is good to set things as if back to back.

Yet I’ll meet you on Heaven’s fair lawn.

For if you’re my brother, you’ve deeds of your own.

And, no doubt, you struggle alone.

It is no great threat, this baiting of breath.

Which the worm will embrace with joy.

He’s enough for us both.

Lord, watch over my brother.



Written by buttermilk80

January 18, 2011 at 5:51 pm

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