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Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!

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Death, being our flesh’s last doorway, is a curious problem. Billions have entered it’s threshold and never had the slightest inkling it was near. Yet once through, we will all find the astonishing scream of TRUTH.

One scream will be that of perfect people pleading for a “second chance”. Their pleas will not receive their desire. What was done is absolute, complete, foreboding, and eternal. They now reap the reward which they proved they desired by the life they led and who they worshiped. Their time of testing is finished and they will be granted their desire to be rid of God’s presence.

The other scream heard will be that of extreme joy and amazing release. Those who put their trust in Christ Jesus will reap His bountiful reward. We speak little of the great rewards, and I think we often suffer for this loss of words. Yet, even Jesus, made rewards of less interest than the warnings of hell. One thing we do know, His reward is in His hand. And we know that He will deliver a bounty unto those who love Him which will over flow our greatest hope.

Prepare!  Prepare!  Prepare, for the doorway of death approaches for us all!  You are young, prepare.  You are busy, prepare.  You are old, prepare!  Do not say to yourself, “I’m tired of hearing all this noise about hell and such”.  The moment you become bored with eternity and the promises of Good and Bad, you sell yourself out to the Bad.  As a fellow runner has said, “The storm is approaching “, with lightning speed.

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

January 17, 2011 at 10:36 am

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