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The Assembly Line.

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You were given the words of life by the indestructible power of the Most High God.  He Spoke the Word and Life was given to man.  It was by the power of the Spirit of God that you have received this Word.  And you have turned His Holy Power into an assembly line. 

He, by the Living God, gave His testimony of life to man.  And God testified to His words.  He said that no life will remain but through His Glorious name.  But you cause men to become by the power of your machine.  You devise methods.  You create music.  You build a place where man’s ears and eyes are dazzled.  You place fine furniture in a room and gather to conspire against sin.  You write books regarding what is Holy.  And you buy your next chariot on the reward gathered.  “Great is the modern assembly line called the church.

Yet it is He who saves!  It is God’s powerful hand who reaches into a heart to divide sin from righteousness!  And He continues to save apart from your machine.  Thousands approach Him in prayer every day and every night who have not been produced by a chorus of modern praise.  They light the night with the power of the Most High God blazing through the heart He has given them.  He whispers glorious truth to His people and never turns the switch of a finely tuned PA system.  Their knees grow hard as they submit to His Glory, for they do not sit in thousand dollar seats.

He has set the heavens ablaze with the wonder of His hand.  He spoke and men fell on their faces in awe.  It is to God alone that all Glory will be rendered!  His Spirit does not wear expensive suits to proclaim death to the wicked and life to the humble.  There is no stained glass marvel at the Blazing Throne of God Most High.  And no man can purchase the beautiful peace He offers by appearing before the altar of the assembly line.  It is through the Power of God that man is saved.

You ponder the fate of your building in this tough economic time.  You ponder the dwindling numbers of flesh in your chairs.  You marvel at the lack of Biblical knowledge among the machines you produce.  Yet it is God Himself who inspires to Holiness.

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

January 12, 2011 at 3:37 am

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