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Eggs for Every Meal!

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He got the morning paper and shuffled to the table.  Eggs again.  It’s always eggs.  How come I can’t have something interesting for breakfast?  I don’t mind eggs.  They are a marvelous food.  But do they need to be for breakfast every day?  Why can’t we have them for dinner instead?  Yeah!  We could have steak and potatoes for breakfast and leave the eggs for dinner.  Or how about a nice chef salad, dripping with sauce, for breakfast.  Yeah!  Now that would be more like it!

Well, why not?  What is it with tradition regarding food anyway?  Who said the egg was to be exclusively reserved for our first meal of any day?  Tradition, smadrition,  I want pizza for breakfast.  Oh….  I’ve often done that.  Wow, does that make me a non-conformist?

Who gets the distinct privilege of laying down traditions?  Why, it’s those folk we allow to be “in charge”.  And why did we let them be “in charge”?  Because we were to lazy to make up our own minds about what we should do.  We thought, “Hey, I can’t figure what to eat for breakfast.  I’m too sleepy to think.  Guess I’ll ask Bob what he’s eating for breakfast.  Hey!  Bob, what ya havin for breakfast?”  Bob yells back from across the street, “Salmon tails.  How about you?”  And like a drunk, the answer comes back slurred with sleep, “Salmon tails”.  With that he shuffles back in to ransack the fridge for something different.

Tradition is a potential hell in it’s self.  We embrace mindless tasks with full assurance that we are doing what’s right because everyone else says it’s right.  Now, to be fair, some traditions are full of good.  But others are full of good-for-nothing.   Which is which?  And are you really ready to tear your world apart to find out? 

Since this blog is dedicated to God’s Glory, I am compelled (joyfully) to bring this subject full circle to the Father of Lights.  Tradition can be deadly when it comes to the Holiness of God and His expectations for His people.  But few are prepared to empty their bag of traditions to determine if they are holding on to lies and superstitions.  Regardless, God demands that we live in truth.  Keep what you want, it’s not mine to judge you.  But if you’re wise, you’ll take time to consider what traditions and superstitions you hold dear.  What isn’t Jesus won’t stand the consuming fire of eternity.

By His Grace.


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January 4, 2011 at 12:56 pm

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  1. Very nice post. And I totally agree with you, I eat eggs for dinner or late at night when I want a healthier snack.


    January 4, 2011 at 1:40 pm

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