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Things Held Secret.

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Stories, movies, rumors, whispers, guessing, and foolishness, all surround God’s will.  Man seeks to know Him and there are surprisingly few who learn to know Him.  Yet His ways and will are plain to all men. 

A whole lot of speculation has gathered together in this age.  People making statements about some “secret” they’ve learned.  They write books and make lots of money by peddling their “secret”.  Yet the attributes of God remain open for all who would earnestly seek Him. 

I stepped out to start my day with prayer.  I looked at the bright stars then caught myself.  The fascination with the things created began to capture my attention as I prayed.  But it’s not in those things we see that we find God.  So much for the naturalists approach to Holiness.  I turned my attention to that place in me where I am allowed to cross infinity to meet Him at His Holy Throne. 

Here, we struggle with the blindness God has ordained for man.  And once we begin to see with the eyes of faith we are encompassed by the real secret.  God is not a secret.  And He does not hide Himself from us.  It is we who remain secretive and hidden.  I struggle, as do all who know Him and try to tell His story.  But it’s not a struggle of knowing Him.  It’s a struggle of how to tell His story to a blind people. 

Jesus often said, ““What is the kingdom of God like? What shall I compare it to?”  Even Jesus, who created all heaven and earth was a bit stumped in telling us about what is real.  He was not stumped because He is limited in His abilities.  He found it difficult to tell man what was true because man is so horribly locked in sinful thoughts and realities. 

We are lost in a sea of speculation and confusion regarding the majesty of God.  And this sea causes us all manner of pain.  So I write and write and write trying to capture the unseen nature of He who loves.  The battle between waking up my brothers and rendering a true picture of God’s nature is a sincere war.  Those who Know Him through Jesus are really put to the great task of telling others.  What you read in this blog represents my utmost desire to communicate with a people locked in sin.  I speak as I can.  But it would be best if the reader would seek and find Him. 

So three things result from this post: 

1. I know God the Father and what has been revealed to man through Jesus, the Christ of God.

2. This knowledge is beautifully beyond our ability to voice to others because of  the sinfulness of man.

3. Knowing God and His Holy will and attributes is an intensely personal task.

I cannot give you what I know.  You must receive it from Him.  Then we can speak together of the beauties we find.

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

January 2, 2011 at 7:07 am

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