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The Grave Yard.

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The sun shone on the snow. 

Glistening crystals of ice sparkled brilliant on a water flat lake of cemetery. 

The stones dressed the landscape beyond the trees. 

But the place of attraction lay between the highway and the trees. 

“How pleasant”, I thought.  “The place of rest remains”. 

Then I thought of the bodies of dead rotting in the graves beyond the trees.  “From dust you are and to dust you shall return”.  Though the bodies decay, where are the souls?  Hundreds of bodies means hundreds of souls.  Where are they?  What are they doing? And what will be their lot?

The souls of those people are resting in a certain place which the Lord hasn’t described to man.  They are waiting for eternity to roll out before them.  The vast majority of them wait to hear the judgment of the Father of all life.  He will account of His Glory and eternal attributes.  Then, perhaps this is the way it will go, He will recount their personal history.  “What did you do with My Son?”, may be one of the questions posed to them by the Living and Holy God of eternity.

A few whose bodies lay in this place will sleep till the sound they hear is that of “Well done, good and faithful servant”.  Their entry into eternity will be that of great joy.  Compare the two.  Consider your personal future.  You too will lay beneath pristine snow on a sunny day.  But, more importantly, consider which you desire to hear when eternity opens it’s arms to receive all humanity. 

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

December 31, 2010 at 12:44 pm

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