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We are a People Set Apart.

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Attacks against what is called Christianity will abound.  There is no end of turmoil within the ranks of Christians.  But isn’t this the beauty of what Jesus has done?  He is actively creating a people for Himself.  We should not expect that God’s people are a polished stone in the tumbler of God’s will.  We find our righteousness in Christ alone.  And we await the day when He will grant perfection to our ways, hearts, minds, and desires.

Now, to be sure, we should do all we can to limit our folly for the sake of God’s Holy name.  It would be best to give no fuel to those who would cast accusation on the Church of God.  In our faith we wrestle with that which is Holy.  We are called to completion while we struggle with what is unfinished.  Christians struggle with the same problems as does the world.  The difference is found in the power of God to rectify our understanding.  It is He who guides us into what is right and Holy.  In short, Christians hear the very voice and will of God as He directs His people.  Some hear Him through the pages of His word the Bible.  Some hear Him through that voice which whispers in the inner man.  Some hear Him loudly, often, and surely.  Some simply follow what others are hearing.

We serve the Living God not some set of rules and regulations.  Our faith is built on liquid truth.  This truth is not that which varies according to the will of man.  Our house is built on (not by, or over)  the very river of truth which flows from the Throne of the Living God.  By faith we listen to His voice.  We walk in places where darkness is the only light.  Yet we walk in this darkness with the light of God Himself.  It is in the interaction of the Holy God to a people struggling with the nature of sin that sets us apart from every other creation. 

I know the world can only see what we are by the actions and words we produce.  Evolution is looking for the next stage in development.  Christians are that stage.  We no longer fit into the mold of the world’s expectations.  We are more yet less.  Through humility before the Greatness of God we are being formed into something eternal and beautiful.  And that, right before their very eyes.  What the world sees is chaos and dischord in the Church.  What God sees is a people being transformed.

If anyone wants a better explanation of what Christianity is, they will need to seek the face of the only One who can explain it.  Jesus is willing to lead you to a living faith.  It’s not what we believe that makes the difference.  The difference resides in Who we believe.  And it’s not what we are that stands out so strongly.  It’s who we are becoming that sets us apart.  If you seek Him, you will find Him.  If, indeed, you seek Him with all your heart.

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

December 28, 2010 at 4:46 pm

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