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Hey! Paul, You’re Way Too Harsh!

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People think the words posted in this blog are far too harsh.  Many will say that I spoke way beyond my personal righteousness.  The testimony of the life I led was so far short of the words I post here that it’s a sin for me to speak as a man who had led a godly life. 

But let me say this:

This blog does not proclaim that I am righteous.  For over 50 years I lived as a fool, a sinner, an evil man.  I did things (and so many things I can’t count anymore) that even a hardened criminal behind bars would be ashamed of having done.  Even a man on death row would consider many of the things I’ve done as the work of a complete fool.  I do not speak of my righteousness in this blog.  I have no right to speak of “good” standards of living at all.  I speak of the righteousness of God here.

I am telling the entire world that God is Holy, good, perfect, all wise, all patient with fools, and all powerful in His strength.  What this blog does is warn about what is coming.  We can find soft messages about Jesus everywhere.  And if you want to learn how to be forgiven all you have to do is turn to a Christian message anywhere.  But what is not being spoken loudly enough these days is the Holiness of God and His DEMAND that His people also become Holy in all they do for His Name Sake!

I am a fool, a liar, an idiot, a failed father, a failed husband, a fired worker, one who never settled down to live a righteous life.  And I am more wicked than most men in the things I did before.  But I do not live like that anymore.  By His Grace, I now chase hard after what is Holy and Good.  I do not chase these things by my own understanding and power.  I am propelled by the power of God within me.  And He will lead me out to what is good and holy. 

I testify that there is Hell to pay for the guilt of our sins.  I need not testify regarding the Love of God.  You can find that anywhere today.  I testify that if you don’t surrender to the power of God in Christ Jesus, you will die a hedious death of guilt and remorse.  You will be bannished to darkness without the presence of God forever.

You won’t like what I write unless you have come to the Lord Jesus and truly accepted His gift of eternal life.

By His Grace.


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December 25, 2010 at 8:44 am

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