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Call Me What You Will.

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To those of you who know me and have pet names you call me behind my back.  You use names like “Preacher”, “Bible Thumper”, “Holier than thou”, and the like.   There is nothing endearing in your voice when you speak like this.  You mean to deride me and the words I carry.  I do not judge you, nor do I cast you on your own bed of guilt.  This is not for me to do.  “Vengence is Mine”, says the Lord, “I will repay”. 

Right now you see me as the enemy.  You may have even gone so far as to label me a traitor to your ways.  You’re right in both.  I stand with the Father in Heaven in His ways and by His Glory.  I bear the name of His Son Jesus.  And I will not back down.  He alone is life and I will cling to Him for all my strength. 

What you see in me regarding the word enemy, is that I no longer agree with you that rebellion and sin are a good thing.  You shame the One who made you.  I once agreed with you in that respect.  But I now see clearly that those who live like that have no part with God, and they will die a hediously intense death of guilt forever.

What you see in me regarding the word traitor, is that I no longer support your laughter at things Holy.  He is within me and causing me to understand His Holiness on a moment by moment basis.  Yes, I am a traitor to the things of this world.  But you see with blind eyes.  What you hold so dear is about to blink out of existance.  Only the Holiness of God will endure.  And to whatever extent He lives in His children, only that will survive the Holy Fire that is God. 

Say what you will.  Call me what you will.  Until I am taken away from you I will proclaim this truth.  I know this gives you great pain whenever you see my form.  This pain you feel is the Lord God calling you to repent of sin and follow His Son toward Holiness.  I beg you to reconsider what you think and chase His gift with the same fever I have.  Today is all you have to find Him.

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

December 19, 2010 at 11:24 am

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