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If you have read my posts you know I hate the wickedness of men.  And it is not hard to see that I believe most men will continue to walk in their sin no matter how much truth you feed them.  I confess there is a tiredness in me regarding today’s view of God’s Holiness.  He is so very beautiful in all His ways.   Yet man hates Him before they give God a chance to speak. 

The Lord speaks to me about this blog.  He assures me that what is being posted is true.  But He also reminds me to also speak of the “choosing”.  When He said that to me I was struck at the reluctance within me to do so.  But I will give it a solid shot.


There are always three elements to all situations.  We find all creation yelling at the top of it’s lungs as it points to the Glory of God.  God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit, which is given the task of speaking the will of God in men.  These three testify as One for the Holiness and Perfectness of God.  And in all creation we find everything ringing clear with that same trio.  Want examples?  Ok:

Earth, water, air.  No table can stand on less than three legs.  You may have more and you might have less.  But a minimum of three is efficient for stability and mobility.  The egg has three parts: the yoke, the white, and the shell.  Animals come in three categories: land, water, and air. 

Given the time and inclination I could go on for years about this subject.  But we would find it unproductive and futile.  What we are digging at is the “Choosing” of hope in Christ Jesus.  Allow me to relate this to the three.

Look at man.  By himself he is enough to provide for himself from what is available.  Yet we know he is more.  Man is also wicked beyond our wildest imaginations.  So providing for himself is an utterly selfish task.  And now we mention the third, the “choosing”.  If man allows himself to listen to God’s words, he stands the chance of becoming a great deal more than mere man.  He will find, if he chooses, he becomes a god man.  He will begin to experience an inner desire to rid himself of wickedness and learn to hate evil.   While there will begin a serious craving for righteousness and the Glory of the God who guides him.

This “Choosing” is right at the door of everyman’s life, every moment of every day until he dies.  I have written a great deal of the warnings of what is coming, so I don’t have to hash it over in this post.  But what I encourage everyone to do is consider what is true and to believe that there is hope in God for eternal peace.  Without Him we have no peace.  We only continue developing our wickedness so that it begins to look like righteousness.  But with Him, through forgiveness of sins and the teaching of the Holy Spirit, we stand to become men of God. 

I will testify to you that sleeping on a pillow of clean conscience is a marvelous thing.  It is available to you at this very moment if you will but humble yourself and accept His Glorious Gift in Christ Jesus.

Now hear me!  I am not about pleasing men with my words.  And I stand where I do in that for a very good reason.  But I am compelled to agree with the Lord that there is also a need to remind folks of His enduring love.  What I have written before stands!  There is litterally “hell to pay” for not turning to God in Jesus.  But there is also a GREAT love available for all who will come to Him and receive His gift. 

Contrary to what one might begin to believe by what I write, I do not want men to die for eternity!  I want you to live!  Come taste.  I assure you Jesus is worthy of all our worship and honor.

By His Grace.

PS……. I guess that wasn’t so hard to do after all.  Thank you Lord for your love.


Written by buttermilk80

December 15, 2010 at 9:58 am

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