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What is the Gospel?

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The Gospel means Good News.  And that’s good. But whoever got good news without it being better than the bad news?   A guy tries to sell a painting he’s made on consignment.   The owner of the shop where the painting was displayed calls up and says, “Hey, I got good news for ya”.   Now, we can be sure he’s not gonna tell the painter that everyone thinks the painting sucks.  After all, it wouldn’t be good news at all.  No, he’s likely got some really good news about the painting.   Maybe the shop burned down and insurance is gonna cover the guy’s painting.  That would be good news for the painter.  But that isn’t what the owner of the shop said.  He said, “Hey, I got good news for ya”.  This is better news than: “Hey, your painting sucks and it’s takin up space. Come get it”.

Millions of people, strike that, Billions of people think of the Gospel as a religious theme; just another set of dos and don’ts.  But how is that different from what we already hate?  The good news of the Gospel is above anyother good news we can ever get.  I’m not gonna try to lay out all the details of the Gospel in this post.  Instead, I’m gonna leave a tiny note of what it is so the reader doesn’t have to spend 10 hours trying to eat what can be too much for a sitting at any table.

Look in yourself.  See all the guilt you carry for things you’ve done wrong?  That guilt is proof that you’re a law breaker.  One who honors the law is not prone to feel guilty for something he didn’t do.  That guilt will not leave you when you die.  It will remain in you when you stand before the God of Perfect Holiness and give testimony regarding yourself.  Now, how bout that!  What a wonderful pleasure it will be to stand before the very source of perfect law and tell Him why you refused to obey Him.  Not likely.  It doesn’t take a great imagination to realize that you’re in BIG trouble.  Because your soul, that is your very essence, is not mortal.  It will not die . . . .  ever.  And the guilt you now feel will remain part of you for this same forever.  (I know I’m making light of this subject with the language I’m using.  It’s on purpose.)  In short, if you remain apart from the Lord Jesus, You’re Toast!!!!!!!!

You have, at your disposal today, a way out of this encounter.  The purpose of life is not to gain all kinds of stuffs or to become important, or to invent some obscure religion.  The purpose of life is to weed out those who hate God and those who love Him.  He is telling you, right now, that Jesus is available to forgive your sins and cause you to experience a clean heart toward God.  Through this clean heart you can begin to seek what God demands of all men.  With the guilt you presently carry, you got no choice.  You can’t come to God without that guilt removed. 

Now don’t be foolish.  Don’t think that heaven is a place where some POOFFY magic happens and you become a righteous person.  He’s openning the door to that for you NOW.  Take it or leave it, it means very little to me.  My task was to leave you this message and hope you wise up and grab His offer.

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

December 14, 2010 at 11:17 am

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  1. You have boldness with a hint of sarcasm…I love it!!


    December 14, 2010 at 11:37 am

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