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Pet the Lion and You Will Be Saved.

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Pondering the Glory of Jesus’ birth I am put to a task.  I have seen a baby and there are very few living on this world who have not.  We all know of animals and the places where they live.  We know about Dads and Moms.  We know about breathing as Jesus breathed as a baby.  But there is something about this baby that defies understanding.

If I point to a sock and say this is a sock, and I ask someone to consider something that is like it, that person might say “A bag is like it.”  If I point to a tire and say, “This is a tire.  What is like it?”, someone might say, “A doughnut is like it.”  And so it would go with everything in this world.  But let me point to Jesus and say, “This is Jesus.  What is like Him?”  What will we compare Him to? 

He made the universe with His hands.  Hebrews tells us that “By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.”  And we have no understanding or likeness with which we can compare this statement.  We live in a world already created and we have no reference to “speaking into existence”.   To what will anyone compare the creator coming into His creation to live among those who do not know Him?  The birth of Jesus is an intense mystery to man.  And it must be taken by faith.

Faith is designed by God to test the hearts of man.  It is by faith we believe and are saved.  Yet it’s not just believing that will cause our hearts to rejoice.  Lets put a lion and a kitty side by side.  The lion is the more awesome animal.  We would be naturally drawn to his magnificent form.  Now tell someone that embracing the lion is the way to be saved.  They might nod with wide eyes at what you’ve said.  They might even believe what you’ve said.  But few would venture forth to embrace that awesome creature.  They would much rather pet the kitty.  God says, “Come to Me.  For only by entering before My Majesty can you find safety”.  The lion has spoken and few enter His Holy Fire to find safety.  Most run to the things of this world and embrace darkness and death rather than risk all for Him.

God has spoken and now you’ve read it.  These words are life in that they point to He who can save.  He is the true life.  He is a Holy Fire which will consume His enemies.  Only those who venture to believe in action will find peace on The Great and Terrible Day of The Lord.

By His Grace.


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December 13, 2010 at 10:13 am

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  1. It’s an age-old truth that we prefer the “know” over the unknown. We come from a long line of humanity that tells us “at least in this circumstance we know what to expect”, as such TRUE faith is next to impossible to come by. We have to overcome not only our thoughts and fears but our very instincts, which scream to us telling us that to embrace the lion is death!


    January 31, 2011 at 7:50 am

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