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I ponder the post I left this morning, “What if”.  God is unmovable in His ways.  Yes there is grace and mercy extended to learn His ways today.  But the day is coming when that grace and mercy will be removed.  Those who remain outside His will are to be cut off.  Their fate is sealed at that point and they will not share in His inheritance.  What a fearful and ponderous reality.

Then my mind searches for what I can do today to incite the “lost” to consider His ways.  What words can I speak?  What deeds can I do?  There are a few things I know I can do and I will do them for their sake:  I can obey the laws of the land in which I live: the speed limit is one thing I can obey that I might teach obedience to simple laws.  I can watch my mouth and allow nothing vulgar to pass my lips.  I can watch my thoughts, that they will reflect His will.  And such things I know I can do and will do for their sake.

But I ask you Father, by the mercies of Your Holy Throne, please grant me acts, speech, and thoughts that will directly impact their lives in a personal way.  Please let me be Your holy envoy to those who are already dead and don’t know it.

By His Grace.


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December 11, 2010 at 8:44 am

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