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Imagine how foolish it would be for God to say to any man, “Follow Me and Keep My Ways”.  Only to turn and walk away, leaving the man to flounder in his own understanding.  Yet isn’t this what most believers in America believe?  Is it true that God left His people as orphans after saving their souls?  We all know that the answer to that question has to be a stern NO. 

Who taught you this?  Where is the power in human understanding?  I’m not accusing anyone.   Just pointing out that Jesus does not leave His people to fend for themselves.  And what shall we say of Jesus’ statement to Pilate:  “You can do nothing to me if it were not given to you from above”?  We often look at what we are caused to endure as “just part of the game of life”.  But Hebrews teaches us differently: “Endure hardships as discipline.  God is treating you as sons”.

There is a belief that God’s activity in this world was completed during the times when the Bible was written.  This is to say that all God’s activity in mankind lasted only about 100 years.  I don’t find this to be true.  He is speaking and leading into great things this very minute.  It is possible that we are so busy with the demands of this world that we miss His calling.  Remember the statement: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever”?  If He was willing to announce His Glory through the early Christians, He is willing today to do the same for us.

If I’m wrong, I encourage anyone to prove it.  Sincerely, show me where we are supposed to go about becoming Holy as He is Holy on our own.  What does any man know of Holy?   Wouldn’t this be something like giving our children bubble wrap and telling them that if they eat it they will grow big and strong?

But if I’m right and we do have access to the very voice of God through Jesus.  Then consider the possibilities.  What could a people accomplish when they hear the very voice of God directing them in His Holy Will?  Only, let us be careful not to adopt a religion which has no power.  It is not God’s will that His people remain in darkness.  He is more than willing and able to lead them out.  And I find that as I watch every aspect of every minute, God is working His Great will through, around, and in me.  This should be the case for all who proclaim the love of God in Christ Jesus!

By His Grace.


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November 28, 2010 at 11:23 am

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