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Today! Today! Today, is All You Have!

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Today! Today! Today, is all you have.  God is a God of Wonderous Mercy!  Yet man does not seek Him.  I tell you a truth: I scream and yell on this site that man is cursed for his sins.  And I don’t care what people think of such things said here.  God is holding out His loving arms right now.  If you will turn to him and confess that you are not living up to His standards, He will turn to you with grace.  Pardon for sins is available to all who will turn to Him in the name of His Son Jesus.  But here is the great warning: If you fail to turn to Him while you are still in this skin, there will be no place to hide from His Holy Anger. 

I testify that God’s love is beautiful and full of mercy.  And I testify as one of you.  I too am full to over flowing with sin and foolishness.  Yet He has had compassion on me and covered my sin and foolishness.   Today is the only day you know you have left.  And for thousands, even today can be measured in minutes.  Again I tell you!  Now is the hour!  Do not think you will receive mercy because you’re a good person.  He has spoken: “There is none righteous.  No, not one”.  What God has spoken is true and will not change.  He has told us of His Glory and pointed out our failings. 

There is no salvation for those who have seen the face of God.  Consider satan and his minions.  They failed to receive pardon for their sins because they knew God and still sinned.  We are only able to receive the covering of Jesus because we have not seen Him and yet believe.  It is through blind faith that God has spoken salvation; grace and mercy.  When you see Him the game is over!  You are sealed in the sins you have comitted.  PLEASE, my brothers and sisters of flesh, Please consider what I say to you.  Why would you die? 

Today!  Today!  Today, is all you have.

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

November 19, 2010 at 10:21 am

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