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While the Sword is in Full Swing!

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He walked down the street brushing the wall with his shoulder.

Pondering evil in his heart with hopes to be bolder.

Secrets he hid in his black heart of evil.

Not a single thought to the Holy One’s will.

A man stood near by and could see round the corner.

There stood near the wall the judgment of God’s honor.

Out of view of the sinner and just up ahead.

This lazy man sauntered, about to lose his head.

The sword was pulled back and shown in the Sun.

A bright holy knife, God’s will to be done.

The man who could see yelled “Slow yourself down”!

The sinner’s ears plugged with the darkest of crowns.

The eyes of the swordsman took stock of the warner.

A nod of his head was a message to him.

“You’ve done as you should. Now step back lest you fall.”

“I’m sent to this harvest. And God will take all”.

As the man cleared the corner, his eyes were within.

He never caught glimpse of the swift shining end.

As the blood flew about and his body did sag,

His sin was undone. Now his soul does not lag.

He no longer stands on the street of his home.

God judged him rightly and protected His own.

This man and his pleasure has come to an end.

In the fires of hell, where God’s will does not bend.


Why would you die? Repent and call upon the name of Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins. The offer will not stand forever.


Written by buttermilk80

November 18, 2010 at 4:05 pm

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