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As Good as it Gets?

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I’ve just spend 17 hours working.   All day long I had the luxury of spending quality time with the Lord Jesus.  By the time I parked my truck I was excited to jump on the internet and see how everyone was doing.  I looked at my blog to see if anyone had parked their mouse over my gem.  A few had dropped by.  But they left no comments.  I checked the email to see what might be there.  I think I caught the butt end of an electronic spider leaving the screen.  But that was all the activity I could detect.  I went to God Rev and looked around a bit.  I found a few things of interest there that I’ll check out later.  And, finally, I clicked on face book to see what people were doing all day. 

I gotta tell ya people, it’s such a let down to see such dribble come from humans.  I don’t mean to run folks down.  But having spent such a long time with the God of truth, then to listen to what people think is important, wow!  What a radical difference.  How will it be come the day of judgment when God examines every idle word we have spoken and judges us by them?  We thought we had a handle on what’s important.  How shocking it will be for the vast majority. 

I’ve got my own troubles with holiness.  I’m not a saint, as some consider saints.  But I know where I’m going on that day.  How about you?  I mean, I don’t just believe (as hope believes) that I am saved.  The God who made me has confirmed it in my soul.  How about you?  When I think of my death, there’s an attitude of excitement.  To me, it’s a doorway into the presence of the One I love.  What about you?

I don’t judge you folks.  Frankly it wouldn’t matter a gnat’s nostril if I did.  But I can tell you a truth.  What most people think is important will surely follow them to the throne of God.  Be warned.  It will not go well with most folks.   I had so much joy I wanted to share.  But there was no one talking about the Lord.  I guess if I looked around a bit I might find the name Jesus being used.  But I’m afraid it wouldn’t be the Mighty Lord of Creation they were speaking about. 

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

November 15, 2010 at 11:08 pm

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