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They did not see, though they were not blind.

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During the days of any prophet you chose, can you point to an awareness of the people that God was doing something among them?  During the days of Jesus, can you point to an awareness of the masses that God was walking among them?  Other than those who were guided by God Himself, there was no awareness of the magnificance of the moment.


During these last days we look around us at a world oblivious to God’s hand.  Look at them dance with joy and drunken selfishness.  Look at the wickedness of advertisements.  Look at how people disobey every law if they think no one is looking.  Look how they hate.  And look around you.  Where is God being placed in His proper Majesty? 

 Isaiah said, “O Lord, your hand is lifted high and they do not see it.”  His protection of people is lacking when His hand is lifted away.  Consider the fate of those who, not only didn’t notice God’s activity, but refused even to seek Him.  If the end of man is death and then judgment, what will be the destiny of me if I do not pay attention to the call of God.  And what is the call of God?  To believe in Jesus, His Son.  And to obey through the power of the Spirit He gives me. 

 Jesus said something startling:  “When the Son of Man returns, will He find the faith?”  What is the faith?  It is a growing love for the ways of He who calls men out of sinfulness.  He offers all men an oportunity to learn to love Him and His ways.  Chose what you will.  The DAY is fast approaching; it is even at the very door.


By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

November 5, 2010 at 12:11 pm

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