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Urgency of Worship

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The worship of God should be of supreme urgency. Since there is none like Him and He calls His children to be holy, our worship should be of the utmost urgency. Many, who call themselves a “church”, are presenting the entering into the Christian body as an act of joining a club. This should not be. Nor should the Church become a “how to” institution.

I remember when I came to the Lord. Had it not been for His Holy Word, the Bible, I would not have known what urgency was required. And let us not minimize the directing of the Holy Spirit in this formation of urgency. I had studied the Scriptures apart from the Church for a very long time. And it was God who led me to the body of Christ. Had it not been for this alienation from those who call themselves the “church”, I might have become a mere member of a religious club. I thank God, then, for allowing the formation of understanding.

If you are a pastor of God’s flock remember the severe judgment to come. Consider how you and your fellow elders might create an atmosphere of urgency regarding what is Holy. Though it is true that, “Whosoever will may come”, He also leaves the door of His flock open to tares. He will not remove what is unholy from the presence of His people till that day when the Angels reap for Him. How then will you regain favor if you have been a planter of tares yourself?

I write this to remind those who tend and feed that they serve the Living God. His eyes are fixed on His people. And it is wise to remember the urgent and Holy calling. I had my shot and forgot such things. I have since paid the price for such laziness. There is no need to become a victim of social christianity. And let us not be overly innocent of a truth: There are many who call themselves pastors who have not become part of the Body of Christ themselves. The last word in this post is as urgent as the first: Renew.


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August 22, 2010 at 9:53 am

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