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The Great Test

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It is written that Jesus was set apart to suffer, die, and be received in Glory from the foundation of the world.  Many wonder what the meaning of life is.  God shows us in this “setting apart”.  Life in creation was purposed to test the hearts of the created.  Jesus performed His life on earth with perfection.  He now and forever retains the sit of Glory with God the Father.  He has promised that those who over come will be received by the Father. 

What was my birth?  It was the entrance into the same testing Jesus endured on our behalf.  It is not possible for any man to equal the testing of Jesus.  Nor can we hope to perform as He did.  It’s not expected from the Father that we will.  There is One.  That One is  Jesus!  But it puts us in mind that we are expected to over come sin and doubt.  From the view-point of God, life is a glorious opportunity to prove ourselves.  Accept the sacrifice of Jesus for the sins you commit and pursue God’s will for you.  Join the Lord Jesus in His worship of the Father and His ways.  God finds joy in the testing.  Seek His understanding in this matter and STAND.


Written by buttermilk80

August 6, 2010 at 12:12 pm

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