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There is a village in a clearing surrounded by deep woods.  The people of the village live in security and go about peacefully and joyfully behind a high wall.  All day long they speak of good things to come and enjoy the fruit of their labors.  One day a simple man was walking the cat walk at the top of the wall.  A glint of light from the forest caught his eye and he stopped to focus.  He saw it again and knew in a heart beat that what he saw was the glint of sunlight off the tip of a spear.  As he watched he also saw the brilliant light of the sun shine briefly off a sword.  As he watched he also began to listen.  Putting his hand to his ears he could hear the whispers of men.  Though he couldn’t make out what they were saying, he understood the tone of their conversation.  War.  They were patiently waiting for an opportunity to attack his peaceful town.

He rushed down the steps and went to talk with one of the elders.  Reluctantly the elder followed him up the stairs to the place where he had seen and heard the trouble that was brewing.  After some time and effort the elder also heard the voices.  He looked sternly at the man and told him to tell no one.   He explained that he would confer with the other elders to see what best to do.  The man trusted the elder and remained at the wall. 

After a time, the elder returned with 5 others and instructed them on what the situation was.  With great effort, the other elders too heard the voices and some saw the metal glinting in the sun.  They huddled together with whispers and kept the man at distance.  At length, the elders turned on the wall and looked out over the citizens.  They took note of the peace and joy of their people and decided not to say anything about their new found knowledge. Then the first elder turned to the man and told him to go home and not to spread this information to anyone.

The man looked at the elder with astonishment.  But his gaze was returned by a skowl.  Obediently he turned and went to his house.  Days passed and the man became consumed by the danger he had seen.  He tossed the issue of the elders over and over.  On the 4th day he decided he could hold in his concern no longer.  He went out from his house and told the first person he saw about what had happened.  But he found no interest.  The person told him that the elders had warned everyone about the man.  The elders had been telling everyone to pay no attention to the man, for he had crossed over from sanity. 

Great sadness over took the man for a time.  Then the day came when the enemy began to appear in the clearing.  As the people realized what was happening panic ensued.  They bolted the gate and locked away their valuables.  But as they were preparing to defend their place, a portion of the wall was broken down and the enemy rushed in.  All the people were killed.  From fighting men to servants.  From mothers to babies.  The goods they had locked away were found.  The scrolls of their history were burned.  The town was utterly destroyed.  And but for this story, no one would even think of them.

Such is the state of today’s affairs.  There are some warning of impending doom.  But they are not heard.  We have a nation being led by lies and deception.  But we go about our affairs as though there’s nothing to fear.  We accept as “politically correct” the embrace of sin.  Homosexuals rule law.  Liars judge.  Divorce is just a breaking of a legal contract.  Babies are murdered in their mothers bodies.  The call to party is louder than ever.  Riches and gain are the moral desire.  Advertisment is the bible of the masses.  Church is a building.  Holiness is rarely considered as manditory.  Jesus loves everybody they say.  There is a popular notion that a loving God would not send people to hell.  Prayer is something we do when we’re in trouble.  Violence consumes our streets.  Horror is the joy of the cinema.  And we say and do nothing. 

Those who warn of the judgment of God are considered insane.  We live in a place where it is more important to “shut up” than to cry out.  We’re suppose to accept the ungodly as our leaders.  We allow the enemy of our nation to build monuments to their cause.  Our elected leader and his group who lead use lies and strip us of our freedom while they urge us to trust them. 

The judgment of God on America is sure and true.  We wanted our way and pushed His way to the back room.  The created is now telling the Creator that we don’t need Him or want to listen.  God once said that because we don’t listen to Him, He will not listen to us.  When you cry out to God is it that you might know His will?  Are you willing to lay down your life for Him?  You decide.  What I have written convicts me of my sins too.  But should a man remain silent because he too is guilty?  Will the vengeance of God be stemmed by a nation of complacency?  We all stand before Him on our own.  Do not think you can call yourself a friend of God and remain at peace with the world.  Turn to righteousness, holiness, and humble yourself before the Lord of Spirits.  He is calling and warning.  It is almost to late to respond.

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

August 5, 2010 at 11:12 am

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