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What is the value of a life?

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Billions have lived and died on this wonderous place called earth. What’s the value of one life? I’d like to bet our estimation of our own life is wrong. Some think they are precious and wonderful, such a great gift to the population. But there aren’t many of those. For the most part we all suck at being valuable. And, let’s be real, valuable is a subjective term when it’s applied to humans. After all, your mom wasn’t my mom (I can say this with a surety. My brothers and sisters don’t read my blog).

If you thought you’d find the answer to the question: “what is the value of one life” in this post. You’re mistaken. Fact is, I don’t know. God didn’t tell me. I doubt He’s told you. All I do know about it is that God considers us valuable enough to have sent His Son to die for us. What value we really are isn’t within our grasp of understanding.

But one issue plagues me about all this. We look at an ant and consider the good they do for the world. But consider what I said in that last sentence. “An Ant . . . they do”. I can’t seem to consider one ant without considering the vast horde of them. In the same way I consider the value of one life. Yet I must tell the truth. In considering myself I can’t seperate me from the vast horde of people. The very moment I consider myself I see the population of the world. Now ain’t that just curious and curious. Is a tree a single tree if it is found in a forest? Is there really such a thing as a single bacteria? When we consider a house, is there such a thing as a single nail?

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

August 1, 2010 at 11:06 am

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